Amed Beach Bali, Paradise Spot for Divers

amed beach bali

Amed Beach Bali is known to have an amazing underwater beauty on the island of Bali which is able to captivate the hearts of visitors. A hidden paradise which is the best destination for Diving and Snorkeling lovers. Curious by this attractive beach? This is all you need to know.

Amed Beach Bali’s Attractiveness

When you want to have a vacation in Karangsem Bali, it is highly recommended to stop by Amed Beach. This beach has an attraction that attracts many tourists to visit this place. You can even feel the privilege of the beach while you are there and cannot be found in other destinations.

To go to this place, you can rent a motorcycle Bali.

Heaven for Snorkeling and Diving Hobbyists

One of the attractions in Amed Beach Bali is the snorkeling and diving area which you can’t find anywhere else. You will see lots of divers in this place, because of its underwater beauty which causes this place to be frequently visited by foreign and local tourists.

You can find various kinds of coral reefs and several other marine ecosystems easily under the sea of this beach. Very exotic fish swimming freely like welcoming divers is the main attraction when diving.

1. Black Sand

Unlike the beaches in Bali in general, which have white sand, Amed Beach Bali has brownish black sand. One of the highlights of this sand is the texture is so soft when you start to set foot on it.

2. Place to See the Sunrise

If you’re looking for a place to see the sunrise, Amed Beach could be one of the best destinations to do it. Many say that the position of this beach is very good when you see the sunrise which is so enchanting.

3. Salt Farmers View

In the coastal area here you will find lots of active salt farmers. You can observe how the farmers start processing seawater until they get salt to sell.

4. Has Many Traditional Stalls

Not only is natural charm presented at this one tourist destination, but you can easily find various kinds of stalls with local wisdom that offer a variety of appetizing menus. The traditional menu served is definitely no less delicious than other western menus.

5. Have Easy Access to Inns or Hotels

Many tourists visit the beach area because it is very easy to find lodging for them to spend the night. In fact, inns or hotels in the coastal area are very comfortable and also cheap.

If you want to visit Amed Beach Bali, just turn your wheel to Karangasem Regency, Amed Village to be precise. You can use several ways to get to this tourist destination.

If you bring your own vehicle, Ngurah Rai International Airport can be used as a benchmark. Just step on your car pedal to Bali Mandara Toll Road which takes 2 hours. Then follow the road until you get to Benoa

6. Harbor which will help you get to Bali Safari.

Later you will find Jalan Candi Dasa which will lead to the beach location. You just need to follow a straight path and find the beach easily. Park the car in the available area and head straight to the entrance ticket payment.

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While on this charming beach, of course you can do various kinds of activities freely there. In addition, Amed Beach Bali is kept very clean making the visitors very comfortable in this place.

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