Bali Exotic Marine Park

bali exotic marine park 1
bali exotic marine park

Bali Exotic Marine Park is a marine animal conservation organization in Denpasar. This institution presents animal interaction experiences in the largest dolphin lagoon in Indonesia.

Bali Exotic Marine Park prides itself as the region’s leading center for marine research and education. Curious? Come join our journey today! Let’s explore Bali with Dewa Rental Bali.

Bali Excotic Marine Park

Bali Exotic Marine Park contributes to the local economy through ethical wildlife tourism and actively saving Bali’s marine animals. Through interactive educational activities, Bali Exotic Marine Park aims to increase public awareness to combat environmental damage.

Spending holidays in Bali by traveling on the island of Bali is probably what most people plan. Yes, Bali’s various tours accompanied by the beauty of this island of the gods make the holiday a memory that will never be forgotten.

However, the many choices of Bali tourist destinations sometimes make tourists confused about where to go. So, if you need recommendations for Bali tourist destinations, one of the places you should visit is the Bali Exotic Marine Park.

You will have an extraordinary experience. From the moment you step into the water with the beautiful mammals called dolphins to the moment you come out, it’s truly an extraordinary adventure.

We started with the staff guiding us on where to swat and where not to, particularly the blowhole and top of the head.

We were then able to hold, stroke and even give simple commands to the dolphins, and give them fish to eat. Never once did we think that dolphins don’t enjoy the company of humans either.

They were taken care of very well, being a rescued dolphin, from fishing lines and hooks to boat injuries. We have photos taken by the staff and they are now a great reminder of the experience which we highly recommend.

This place has several pairs of dolphins and scheduled shows. You can check the packages that are available now through online sales. The facilities at the Exotic Bali Marine Park are complete and adequate. Starting from parking areas, toilets, nursing rooms, stroller rentals, gift shops, to restaurants.

If you have never met dolphins, this place will be a historical place. Enjoy getting to know and get closer to these aquatic mammals. You will realize that this animal may be smarter than most animals.

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Bali Exotic Marine Park location is quite easy to reach. The place is in Denpasar so it’s very fast to go by motorbike. You can rent a motorbike from the nearest rental company. The motorbike will make it easier for you to move during the holidays. your holiday will be even more exciting

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