Ambengan-Wasserfall Bali

Ambengan-Wasserfall Bali
Ambengan-Wasserfall Bali
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Ambengan waterfall is a solution when you feels tired of having holidays in Bali beaches. This waterfall has its own uniqueness you can use an excuse to spend time with family. You can only feels this beauty when visiting Bali island. You can rent a motorcycle in Dewa Bali.

The Attractiveness of Waterfall

To know, Ambengan waterfall is a tourist attraction with uniqueness like no other. This tourist spot has a garden whch is neatly arranged and beautiful. Although not created completely natural, but this beautiful garden is very pleasing to the eye.

This mini garden will welcome you as soon as you enter the Ambengan waterfall area. There is also a pond completed with views of beautiful fish. Overall, the Ambengan waterfall is fully managed by the villagers of Lembong.

The path to the waterfall is prepared in two alternatives, namely the smooth road and the ladder road. No need to worry about fatigue because the journey is quite easy. After traveling for about 200 meters, you will be greeted by a beautiful multi-level stretch of waterfall.

One of the uniqueness of the Ambengan waterfall is its position which is different from waterfalls in general. If generally waterfalls are formed from perpendicular cliff fractures, the Ambengan waterfall is on flat ground with a slope of up to 75 degrees. This is what makes the waterfall appear terraced.

Ambengan Waterfall has crystal clear water. The water flows between the rocks gathers in a large pool with a depth of approximately 1 meter. Here, you can soak and relax enjoying the clear, cool and refreshing water.

The air around the location of the waterfall is still very fresh and beautiful. The weather is cold and cool to make tourists reluctant to leave. For sure, You will feel the same way if you visit this place.

How to get to Ambengan Waterfall

Ambengan Waterfall is popularly known as Lembong Waterfall because it is located in Lembong Village, Sukasa District, Buleleng Regency. This area has not been managed specifically as a tourist attraction. For this reason, the entry ticket is quite affordable and even the nominal can be as sincere as that.

For those of you who are curious to visit this place, you can take the route to Bedugul. The distance is only 15 km and this can be reached by riding a motorbike. Overall, the distance between Ambengan Waterfall and Denpasar is 65 km.

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