5 Bali Tourist Attractions That Can Be Visited By Motorcycle

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5 Bali Tourist Attractions

5 Objek Wisata Bali yang Bisa Dikunjungi Dengan Sepeda Motor – Datang ke Bali akan lebih berkesan bila datang ke tempat-tempat yang belum pernah dikunjungi sebelumnya. Atau berkunjung ke tempat yang masih jarang dikunjungi oleh para wisatawan.

Because of course it will make you happier and happier, there won't be much noise to the ears. Traveling around Bali by car is less exciting because it can only pass through major roads.

Therefore, on your vacation this year, it's better to just rent a motorbike in Kuta so you can enjoy all the trips more. There are many services motorbike rental in Bali, just choose which motorbike is right for you and the best quality of service. So, here are 5 places that must be visited by motorcycle.

These are 5 Bali Tourism Objects That Can Be Visited By Motorcycle

You have nothing to lose if you come to these places with a quality rented motorbike from Dewa motor bali rental, because this is the reason why should you rent a motorbike in Bali while on vacation

Bali Trick Art Gallery, Seminyak

If you are a lover of painting, you can come to the Bali Art Tricks Gallery. There you will feel the atmosphere of the Roman era and prehistoric times complete with dinosaurs. Anyway, you will be transported to an extraordinary past. All the paintings on display were created by professional 3D painters and assisted with advanced technology.

Bali Gellery Trick Art, Seminyak ini merupakan salah satu dari 5 Objek Wisata Bali. In addition, you can also witness a stunning sunset view. If you want to go there, come by using a motorbike rental vehicle in Kuta on Road 789 Seminyak Bali. The ticket price is a bit expensive, namely IDR 100,000, but the experience you get will be very memorable.


Visit the Panglipuran Traditional Village in Bali

Want to feel the serene atmosphere on this most beautiful island in Indonesia? just visit Penglipuran Traditional Village in Bali Regency which is not far from Kintamani. You can explore this village by renting a motorbike in Bali. There you will be presented with the cool air of this unique village.

This village was designed by local residents by dividing it into 3 main places. Among them are Utama Mandala (Temple), Nista Mandala (Funeral) and Madya Mandala (place to live & do activities).

There is a division of the area to make this village look neat and pleasing to the eye. While the architecture still uses the original Balinese building. In this village it is even cooler because of the existence of a bamboo forest as a storage reserve for water and raw materials for the handicrafts of local villagers.

Uluwatu Beach

You already know GWK or Garuda Wisnu Kencana, right? Well, not far from that place there is an amazing beach called Balangan Beach, Uluwatu. After arriving at this beach using a motorbike rental in Kuta, go up to the coral hill.

Then enjoy the view of the open sea accompanied by gradations of blue from light to dark blue. Anyway, you are guaranteed to be satisfied when you can visit this beach!

Alas Kedaton in Tabanan

Maybe your reason for going to Bali is to cool off from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city atmosphere and tiring activities? So, the solution came to Alas Kedaton. This place is a forest that was deliberately maintained by its founder Mpu Kuturan in 1760. Actually this area is an integral part of the Alas Kedaton Temple. You can listen to the distinctive sound of bird singing and the sounds of other animals.

With a motorbike rental vehicle in Bali, you will feel happy because you will see small hills covered with rice fields. In addition, there is also a view of water flowing from a small river whose function is to irrigate the rice fields. The peaceful atmosphere will not be forgotten in your mind.

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