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Here are 7 hidden beaches in Bali. Let's discuss the amazing hidden Bali beaches on the island of Bali.

Talking about the beauty of Bali's beaches will definitely never end. How could it not be, this place has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists both from within the country and abroad.

Bali's beaches have incomparable beauty and beautiful beach views. Clean white sand with calm waves will always make you long to return to Bali.

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7 hidden beaches in Bali

Even though the island of Bali is famous for its beaches, not all beaches are famous in the eyes of tourists. Kuta, Sanur, Pandawa or Jimbaran beaches are beaches that are already popular among tourists.

It's not just the beach. Bali has many hidden beaches whose beauty is no less than the beaches that have gone viral before.

Even though not many tourists visit, that doesn't mean these beaches aren't beautiful. If you are curious, keep reading the following article.

1. Beginning Yeh Leh, Jembrana

Located in Jembrana district, Yeh Leh beach also borders the Tabanan area. This beach can be quite unique because it is a meeting between the river and the ocean. You will find unique rocks on the edge of the beach when you walk along it.

Yeh Leh Beach is not very well known in the eyes of the world because it is very far from the tourist center, but you need to know that the beautiful sunset view is very pleasing to the eye. This is the best spot for those of you who want to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Apart from that, Yeh Leh beach is also quite attractive with its challenging waves. Even though it is relatively large, the waves are quite safe for those of you who want to surf.

Many tourists also spend time fishing. So, even though it is hidden and not popular, Yeh Leh Beach is worth visiting among Bali's 7 Hidden Beaches.

2. Green Bowl Beach, Badung

Badung South Beach is also one of the quiet beaches and is one of Bali's 7 hidden beaches with super beautiful views in the form of coral rocks that decorate it.

Green Bowl has several caves where bats hang from the roofs of the caves. This animal actually uses caves as its habitat. The impression is indeed scary, but the presence of this night animal adds to the uniqueness of the cave in the Green Bowl.

This beach, which is located in Ungasan, South Kuta and still rarely visited, is like an upside-down bowl. The stretch of clean white sand and clear blue sea water add to the beauty of the beach by descending 300 steps first.

If you want to try surfing, the waves at Green Bowl Beach seem quite friendly. There are also many Instagrammable photo spots that can be a memento of your visit to Bali's 7 hidden beaches.

3. Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida

If you haven't made it to Raja Ampat, Papua, maybe you can stop by at Raja Ampat, Bali. Yes, that's right! Atuh Beach in Nusa Penida could be the twin of Raja Ampat, Papua.

This beach also has a group of cliffs that fill the beach structure. In fact, its nickname is not just Raja Ampat, but Raja Lima!

This beach, which is the 7 Hidden Beaches of Bali, is part of the Klungkung Regency area and is one of the hidden paradises in Bali. Atuh Beach offers a different charm.

The exotic atmosphere and panorama will captivate the eyes. Plus the towering high cliffs make this place irresistibly beautiful.

4. Melasti Beach, Badung

Often referred to as a competitor to Pandawa beach, Melasti beach is more hidden and doesn't have many visitors. However, the development and construction process continues as an effort to increase comfort for tourists when visiting here.

Melasti Beach has a beauty that is no less than other hidden beaches in Bali. You can find white sand with lots of amazing photo spots. The road to this beach is quite steep and rocky. It takes more effort to reach this beach, but it is not an obstacle to being able to enjoy the beauty of Melasti beach.

There are many activities that can be done on this beach which has a deadly sunset panorama, such as swimming and playing in the sand, snorkeling, and relaxing and enjoying a young coconut drink on the beach. The best peak is in the afternoon when the sun is about to set.

5. Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida is also one of Bali's 7 hidden beaches whose beauty is incomparable. Even though access is still somewhat difficult, this does not dampen the desire of tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of the beaches on this island.

The name Diamond Beach is taken from the word gem because this beach area is similar to a diamond or jewel. This beach has high cliffs made of sharp karst rocks and its shape resembles a jewel. This is the origin of the name diamond.

Diamond beach has views of white sand spread wide like a carpet. However, you can enjoy this view when you arrive at the beach. Access to the beach is still quite difficult and steep. Not a few tourists only enjoy this beach from the top of the cliff.

6. Soka Beach, Tabanan

Don't think that beaches with black sand will reduce their beauty. This does not happen at Soka beach which is located in Tabanan.

Even though it has black sand, the natural beauty of Soka beach is undeniable. This is the reason Soka beach is one of the best beaches of all time and is included in the 7 hidden beaches of Bali.

Soka Beach also has an extraordinarily charming and beautiful sunset panorama. This is one of the best spots on this black sand beach. With its green and expansive natural landscape, it adds to the exoticism of this beach located in Gilimanuk.

Various activities such as fishing, rafting, surfing, playing in the water, visiting local caves and hunting for Instagrammable photos. If you are lucky, you can also see several traditional ceremonies around the beach.

7. Cristal Bay Beach, Nusa Penida

Yes, another beach in the Nusa Penida area which has a very beautiful and exotic natural landscape. Crysral Bay Beach, as the name suggests, is a crystal, one of the most beautiful beaches of all time. The clarity of the water on this beach is crystal clear and is a source of clean water for local residents.

Crystal Bay Beach has a very enchanting marine park. The coral reefs are so beautiful sunfish which swim here and there.

Apart from that, this beach also has added value because of its very attractive sunset and sunrise panoramas, pampering your eyes with exquisite beauty.

Visiting the island of Bali cannot be separated from its beautiful beaches. Just one beach is not enough, tourists often make long journeys so they can enjoy the beauty of all Bali's beaches.

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Even though it is not as exposed as Kuta and Sanur beaches, Bali's 7 Hidden Beaches still have incomparable beauty. For those of you who are preparing to visit Bali, make sure not to miss the beaches above!

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