9 Night Attractions in Bali You Must Know

Jimbaran beach, Bali
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Here are 9 of the most favorite night spots in Bali. Many tourists vacation there to enjoy the night on the Island of the Gods. Let's see what it is.

Most of the tourists who come to Bali really take advantage of their visiting time here. In fact, if possible, 24 hours will be fully spent enjoying all the beauty and excitement of this Island of the Gods.

The island of Bali is indeed the best destination for those of you who want to travel either day or night. The cities in this place are almost all alive all day long. Every now and then you have to try tourist attractions that are even more interesting at night.

What are they? Let's continue to refer to the following information. To surround Bali, you can Rent a motorbike at Dewa Rental.

Night Attractions That Must Be Visited

The beauty of Bali is endless, be it day or night. Almost every corner of this place is interesting and unique. Even at night, Bali is awake and even more challenging to explore.

The following are some tourist sites that you can visit when you want to enjoy the air and atmosphere of the night in Bali. Among others are :

1. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

GWK is one of Bali's tourism icons which is always packed with visitors both day and night. GWK is a cultural park with statues of figures from legendary folklore.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue

GWK Cultural Park has 23 floors with a height reaching 88 meters from the ground. From the top of GWK, you can see and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Bali at night. The sparkling lights add to the beauty of this island.

If you don't want to climb to the top, you can sit and relax around GWK. Many vendors sell food as friends to relax. You will be amazed to see the view of the GWK statue looks so beautiful and beautiful at night.

2. Jimbaran Beach

One of the beaches in southern Bali which is also interesting to visit at night is Jimbaran beach. In fact, there is an interesting term in this place, namely a romantic dinner on the edge of Jimbaran. Many restaurants are lined up offering seafood to be enjoyed on a romantic evening.

You should come before dusk because the sunset view on this beach is really beautiful. There are also many inns around Jimbaran beach, so you don't need to worry if you stay overnight here.

3. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is also one of the most visited beaches at night. This tourist spot is highly recommended both during the day and at night. Its beauty seems timeless. Many times come to this beach, you will always miss its beauty.

This beach, which is quite close to the city center, takes less than 2 hours if you depart from Ngurah Rai Airport. The location is very strategic because it is close to many centers and other tourist attractions.

Almost the same as Jimbaran beach, if you go to Kuta beach, you should really come before maghrib. You will get the most beautiful sunset view ever. In the evening, you can relax and enjoy the beach air at night.

4. Bali Art Centre

Bali Art Center is a cultural center as a container or place for the development of traditional Balinese culture. This place was built in the 1700s by the original son of Balinese architecture, Ida Bagus Tugur.

Bali Art Center Night Tour Places in Bali

As a center for preserving Balinese culture, BAC always presents traditional art performances with the aim of introducing Balinese culture to tourists. Various art shows, art exhibitions to local craft exhibitions are often held in this place.

One of the tourist attractions at night in Bali, you can enjoy a variety of artistic performances such as traditional dances, painting, sculpture, gold and silver crafts to batik crafts that are no less exciting to enjoy.

5. Uluwatu Temple

Do not think that the temple is only used as a place of worship. Uluwatu Temple presents an epic and impressive art performance. A show that's too bad if you miss.

The Kecak dance is a very famous traditional Balinese dance and this dance is often performed at night. Kecak dance is an energetic dance played by several adult men. This dance is often known as the fire dance or cak dance because the performers sit in a circle while shouting the words "cak cak cak"

The Kecak dance performance that is shown at night looks very exciting. You will feel sedated by all the dance moves and feel the enthusiasm of the dancers. This is why the Kecak dance performance is always crowded with visitors even though the performance is at night.

6. KM 0 Bali

One of the best places for a night tour is Bali's Zero point. Km 0 Bali is located in the Puputan Badung field, Denpasar with the icon of a Catur Muka statue. This place is right in front of the Denpasar Mayor's office.

The beauty of this place that you can see at night is the fountain that glows with colors. Initially, KM 0 Bali only had a Catur Muka statue with a pond. But getting here, the construction of KM 0 Bali is also getting restoration.

In addition to the fountain, dance performances or various ogoh-ogoh are often held. However, this show only occurs during the dredging. Another activity you can do is exercise or relax enjoying the cool air at night.

7. Kreneng Market

Kreneng Market is one of the most popular traditional markets in Bali and the unique thing about this market is that it is open 24 hours. You can find many things ranging from Balinese souvenirs, travel souvenirs to daily needs.

Kreneng Market

Apart from hunting for goods, you will definitely try to enjoy Balinese culinary delights. It's not complete if you visit Bali without enjoying the traditional snacks of this place. And Pasar Kreneng is the right place to find all your culinary desires.

8. Bali Zoo Park

When else can you feel the sensation of having dinner in the middle of the forest if not at Bali Zoo Park? Yes, the management of this park has indeed prepared a special package for dinner in the forest area.

This dinner is no ordinary dinner. You will see some of the zoo's resident animals such as elephants. Feel the thrill of having dinner while feeding elephants and enjoying dance performances. This is truly the most exciting vacation package ever.

9. Nightlife Places

There are lots of nightlife spots that you can find in Bali. Nearly dozens of clubs lined up as if calling you to come. Starting from club upscale to mid-range clubs for those of you on a minimal budget.

Nightlife in Bali, especially in nightclubs, is indeed exciting and challenging. Various performances to provide entertainment and fun for the visitors.
Those are some night tour locations that you can visit while on vacation in Bali.

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Never spend time sleeping or daydreaming at the inn. Bali is too beautiful for you to miss without doing anything. So, are you ready to have fun in Bali?

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