Tired of Holidays at the Beach? Here are 8 Bali Offroad Tours for Adventurers

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Bali Offroad Tour

Interested in coming to Bali's off-road tourist spots? The following is a list of destinations for you that are a pity to miss.

For those of you who like extreme sports and adrenaline, you must be familiar with off-road activities. This activity refers to the activity through unusual roads or tracks with special vehicles.

The vehicles used are generally called '4×4 wheel drive' such as Jeeps, Land Rovers, motorcycles, bicycles, and so on. Offroad tracks consist of rocky, muddy, uphill, narrow lanes to sharp corners. No wonder this activity is very exciting and challenging, so it is suitable to do while on vacation.

If you want to spend vacation time in Bali and are looking for an exciting and out of the box tourist destination, this off-road activity can be an alternative. Well, here is the list Bali off-road tour a must visit.

List of Offroad Tourist Attractions in Bali

Outdoor activities such as off-road are usually carried out in hilly areas, mountains, forest areas, even special paths for off-road. For those of you who want to try extreme sports, there are many off-road Bali tourist attractions that can be visited. Of course, this tourist destination is perfect for tourists who like adventure. To reach these locations, you can use a motorbike. Just rent at Dewa Motor Bali Rental proven reliable.

1. Mount Agung

Mount Agung 1024x679 - Tired of Holidays at the Beach? Here are 8 Bali Offroad Tours for Adventurers

One of the most popular off-road tourist destinations in Bali is Mount Agung. Being one of the active mountains in Indonesia, Mount Agung offers extraordinary natural views and beautiful sunsets. You can explore offroad terrain with dirt bike. There are two routes that are usually taken to get to the top of Mount Agung.

The first route that can be taken is through the central point of Pura Pasar Agung which is located in the Selat sub-district. The condition of the road which is quite narrow makes this path quite thrilling, because to get to the top of Mount Agung, you have to pass through the edge of a cliff.

For the second track, it is through Besakhih Temple. You will be invited to drive as far as 25 km with road conditions that are quite difficult and complicated to pass. Therefore, hiring a companion service is needed so that you don't go the wrong way.

2. Taro Village, Ubud

Ubud is indeed quite popular with painting galleries or art performances. If you want an anti-mainstream vacation, driving with an ATV can be another option for off-road Bali tourism. ATV is a vehicle similar to a motorcycle with four wheels.

Tourists will be invited on an adventure to explore the beauty of Taro Village, Ubud by passing through steep natural trajectories, holes, to full of mud. Although crossing extreme terrain with challenging offroad sensations, you can also enjoy beautiful natural spots. Don't forget to bring a change of clothes, because there will be unexpected muddy trails.

3. Buleleng

Buleleng 1024x683 - Tired of Holidays at the Beach? Here are 8 Bali Offroad Tours for Adventurers

As one of Bali's off-road tourist sites with the most interesting paths, it seems that Buleleng is a must-visit for you. This location is often used for the national trail bike event, namely the Buleleng Smile Adventure Trail. This activity is part of an event conducted by motor cross lovers throughout Indonesia to explore the Buleleng area. Are you interested in trying this one track?

4. Salak Agro Village Trail

This Salak Agro Village Trail presents a fun and challenging off-road Bali tour using a Jeep. You will be invited to an adventure by exploring the other side of the beauty of the island of the Gods.

The off-road exploration path starts from Manggis Village by walking along hilly terrain which has a height of about 1.100 m above sea level. Furthermore, tourists will travel down the hill to explore the Salak Sibetan Agrotourism tourism. Here you can walk around the saak gardens while harvesting and tasting the salak fruit directly.

5. Mount Batur

Mount Batur 1024x683 - Tired of Holidays at the Beach? Here are 8 Bali Offroad Tours for Adventurers

No less exciting and challenging, you can try off-road Bali tours on Mount Batur. Although the off-road track of Mount Batur does not seem much different from the track on Mount Agung. Tourists will be challenged to explore the extreme path by passing the caldera of Mount Batur.

While adventuring with a trail bike, you will be presented with the beauty of the expanse of the Rinjani mountains, especially if you have the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise in the morning.

6. Salak Agro Jeep Sunrise

This off-road Bali tour can be your choice if you want to have an adventure exploring Sibetan village while enjoying the sunrise. By using a 4WD (four wheel drive) jeep through the hills and visiting and tasting the salak fruit in the Sibetan salak plantation area.

Your adventure will start from the foot of the hill to a height of about 1.200 m above sea level with a backdrop of green valleys and Mount Agung. From this height, tourists can enjoy stunning sunrise views from Mount Agung and the eastern tip of the island of Bali and even the silhouette of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, if the weather is good.

7. Kintamani

Kintamani 1024x683 - Tired of Holidays at the Beach? Here are 8 Bali Offroad Tours for Adventurers

The next list of Bali off-road tourist attractions that you can visit is Kintamani. Kintamani is one of the favorite tourist destinations for lovers extreme sports or offroad by presenting its stunning natural panorama.

This offroad location seems no less exciting with challenging tracks across mountainous areas and large rocks. For those of you who want to do simple outdoor activities, Kintamani is indeed the most suitable choice to try. In addition, you can also visit other tourist attractions that are around this offroad location.

8. Bali Jungle Jeep Adventure

bali junglejeep adventures 1024x683 - Tired of Beach Holidays? Here are 8 Bali Offroad Tours for Adventurers

Bali Jungle Jeep Adventure is one of Bali's off-road tours that offers a different way to enjoy the beauty and exotic side of Bali. Tourists will travel starting from the Jatiluwih rice fields. Then, proceed to the Angseri natural warm water bath, to adventure through the forest.

The trip was continued by visiting Lake Bratan, Lake Buyan, and ending at Ulundanu Temple located in Bedugul. Here you will get around using special vehicles, such as the 4×4 Jeep Cherokee, 4WD Land Rover, and 4×4 Hiline.

Those are some off-road Bali tours that you can try while on vacation on the island of the Gods. These tourist destinations can of course be an alternative if you are bored just on vacation to the beach or just watching art performances that are common when in Bali.

Off-road activities are indeed quite dangerous, but still do not dampen the desire of extreme sports lovers to enjoy these activities. Therefore, tourists who try should prepare all the equipment according to security procedures and special vehicles that are qualified. You can also contact a vehicle rental service or a companion during the trip.

This is very important to do because the off-road terrain is dangerous and may still be unfamiliar to some people who have just visited it. In addition, in order to ensure your safety during the trip exploring offroad tracks.

Be sure to follow the rules when going on this extreme journey. That way your vacation with your beloved family or friends will be more fun and memorable. Happy holidays!

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