Why Should You Rent a Motorcycle in Bali While On Vacation? Here's the Reason

Why Should You Rent a Motorcycle in Bali

Why Should You Rent a Motorcycle in Bali

Why Should You Rent a Motorcycle in Bali while on vacation?

Rent a motorbike in Bali can be a mainstay for everyone, especially those who are on vacation alone or with a partner. For some people, motorbikes are more fun to get around and enjoy the atmosphere of tourist attractions.

If you are in Bali and want to rent a motorbike in Kuta, you don't have to be confused about choosing a service Dewa Motor Bali Rental. All the motorbikes are of high quality and you can choose as you like.

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Using a motorbike to explore the beauty of Bali is the cheapest and best way to spend vacation time. After getting a motorbike rental vehicle in Kuta, you also have to obey traffic rules. Don't let your trip be hindered because you have violated traffic. These are the important things you should pay attention to when riding a motorbike in Bali!


Remember, you must wear a helmet! Maybe indeed you will see a lot of people driving without a helmet. But, do not imitate. Apart from violating traffic rules, it can also threaten your head when something like an accident happens. But there are some exceptions, for example in small villages or during traditional Balinese ceremonies wearing batik.

Pay attention to the average speed

The average speed on the main road is about 60-70 km / h and on the road is about 40 km / h. Most automatic motorcycles can reach 80 km / h. Don't drive 70 km/h on the main road because Bali is very crowded. Just ride the motorbike at normal speed. Don't be too fast, it would be nice to relax to have a look around the city. Make the best use of motorbike rental vehicles in Bali.


You need a SIM (Driving license) when you want to rent a motorbike. Make sure you have and carry a valid SIM. As for Caucasians or foreign tourists, they must ensure that they have an international SIM before going to Indonesia. Usually this license is valid for one year.


Use the horn well

When you're waiting for a traffic light, it's common for people behind you to start honking their horns. That is a sign that the light has turned green. You also need to honk the horn when you want to pass a car or motorbike in front of you. In this case, you are simply giving a warning that you want to pass and the vehicle in front of you must move sideways to make way. So you can pass it easily.


When you approach a corner in a small alley, you have to honk your horn as well. In this way, you will know whether or not another motorbike is approaching the same corner of the aisle, so there is no incident. Also sound the horn when you want to cross to give an explanation to several other vehicles.

Pay attention to the lighting

You must pay attention to the lighting, see if the motorbike in front of you turns on the right or left lights, especially when turning. Likewise, when you want to turn right and left, you have to turn on the lighting or flashing lights from the vehicle motorbike rental in Kuta.

This is also the reason Why choose to rent a motorbike at our company Dewa Motor Bali?

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Don't use alcohol

If you don't want to be dangerous, then don't drink alcohol while driving. When they find out you are using alcohol or illegal drugs, the Police may stop you. That's because the effects of using alcohol and illegal drugs can threaten the driver and the people around him.

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