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Bali Car Rental with Driver

Choosing a Bali car rental with a driver makes the trip more comfortable.

Want your vacation on the island of Bali to be more flexible? The answer is only one. Use a private vehicle so you can explore this island more freely. Especially if it's a group vacation like with family or close friends. Certainly, there will be more tourist attractions that you want to visit. The best solution is to rent a private vehicle.

If you don't understand the Bali area, you don't need to worry. You can rent a Bali car with a driver at a fantastic price and don't break the bank. The driver who knows the roads in the Bali area will find it easier to take you to your destination.

Dewa Motor Bali Rental is a rental service for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles in Bali. Here, we provide convenience for you travelers on the Island of the Gods to be able to freely enjoy the beauty of nature and natural panoramas.

For those of you who want more privacy, renting a car with a lock off system is the best alternative. However, you can also rent a car in Bali plus the driver we provide if you don't know the route in Bali by heart.

Advantages of Bali Car Rental Complete with Driver


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There are many reasons why tourists prefer to use local drivers rather than off key. Following are some of them:

1. First Vacation Experience to Bali

For those of you who are setting foot on the land of the gods for the first time, of course you want to really enjoy every moment you are here. You certainly don't want to miss or waste a lot of time just sleeping in a hotel or inn.

To facilitate mobilization in Bali, you need a vehicle. However, since this is your first experience in Bali, you may not really know the exact conditions of the roads. That's why it's important to rent a car in Bali with a local driver who knows the ins and outs of the streets on the island of Bali.

2. Not Memorizing Street Conditions

Meskipun sudah berulang kali datang ke Bali, anda mungkin belum begitu hafal dengan rute-rute perjalanan yang harus ditempuh untuk menuju tempat wisata tertentu.  Belum lagi ketika terjebak kemacetan, perjalanan mungkin akan lebih lama karena anda tidak hafal jalan tikus. Dalam keadaan seperti ini, sewa mobil Bali lengkap dengan supirnya adalah jawaban paling tepat.

The presence of experienced drivers on the streets of Bali will make your trip much easier. You will not be stuck in traffic jams, choose the wrong route, and other obstacles on the highway.

With the experience of drivers from transportation services, getting to tourist attractions that originally had to go around in circles can be done in a short way through rat streets.

3. Take a Complete Vacation

If you rent a car, your vacation on this island will be really fun. You don't have to bother waiting for public transportation, paying expensive taxi fares and many other savings.

When visiting a tourist spot, you are also not bothered by having to find your own parking space. Your vacation will be really exciting and fun.

4. Safer

During the rental period, the vehicle is the responsibility of the lessee. If you rent a Bali car with a driver, vehicle safety will be guaranteed. You can entrust the vehicle when it will be left for a walk in a tourist location. Drivers will help maintain the vehicle while you enjoy the sights.

Why Should You Rent a Car at Our Place?

Lots of car and motorcycle rental services in Bali. Each place offers attractive offers with different facilities from each other. However, why should you rent a car with our services, here are some reasons that will help you decide.

Among others are :

1. Good and Well Maintained Fleet

All rental vehicles at our place are always in good condition and well maintained. The engine always gets service and oil changes regularly. Chairs and interior are diligently cleaned after each rental.

Glass, tires, brakes and all other spare parts never forget to be cleaned and maintained regularly. You will feel the sensation of riding a privately owned vehicle.

2. Many Choices

Not just one or two units. We provide a wide selection of fleets from various brands. Automatic or manual models are available. You can choose a Bali car rental with a driver according to the type of vehicle you want or adjust it to the number of holiday participants.

3. Affordable Prices

Don't worry about the rental price at our place. We will not charge a rental fee that will break your pocket. With only IDR 350 thousand, you can rent a Bali car complete with the driver at the same time.

This cost is much cheaper than you have to alternate taxis every time you move to a tourist spot. Not to mention if you have to reach a tourist location that is quite far away, the taxi fare will definitely be very expensive.

4. Fast and Easy Process

You don't have to set foot on the island of Bali first to rent a Bali car with our driver. Make an order through this website or online to book a fleet. You can make an order a few days before departure so we can prepare the fleet.

Ordering online is the fastest and easiest way. In addition, you will also get the right fleet according to your needs which is ready to use when you arrive at the location. You don't have to walk around looking for services rental whose fleet is not necessarily there or available. This will greatly facilitate you.

5. Complete Letter

All vehicles in our rental service are in complete condition with the documents and are tax compliant. You don't need to worry about a raid or police check on the way. If you use the unlock system, just arm yourself with SIM A only. If you choose to rent a Bali car with a driver, you can rest and enjoy the trip in a calm and relaxed manner.

6. Experienced Driver

We provide several experienced drivers to accompany your tour. Not only reliable in driving a vehicle, they are also field workers who are fluent in rat-traveling in Bali. You can also use them as tour guides during the trip. Please ask anything you want to know about the island of Bali.

Dewa Motor Bali Rental merupakan jasa rental mobil dan motor paling tepat sebagai teman perjalanan anda di pulau Bali. Jangan ragu lagi untuk memilih kendaraan dari tempat kami. Baik menggunakan sistem lepas kunci atau sewa mobil Bali dengan driver, semua kami sediakan dengan lengkap khusus untuk anda. Hubungi kami jauh hari sebelum keberangkatan. Kami pastikan kendaraan terbaik untuk liburan anda.

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