Bali Tourism Destinations in Ubud, Guaranteed Not to Want to Go Home

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Bali Tour in Ubud

Ubud is one of the areas visited by many tourists while on vacation to Bali. Because, here there are various kinds of stunning destinations. In addition, the price of lodging and rental vehicles are relatively affordable. One of them is Dewa Motor Bali Rental.

Geographically, the area that is included in the Gianyar district is squeezed by mountains and full of rice fields and forests. Coming here is a solution for those of you who want to relax or let go of all fatigue. What are the Bali tours in Ubud?

Recommended Interesting Tourist Attractions in Ubud Bali

Below are some places interesting tours in Ubud Bali which is quite famous for its beauty. Not only in the form of natural tourism, but also several temples and castles which are full of local wisdom values. Coming home from here guaranteed you will miss to come back again.

1. Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Just come to Campuhan Ridge Walk. One of the interesting tourist attractions in Ubud Bali is only about 3,5 km from the city center. The good news is, there is no entrance ticket that you need to pay or it's free.

Arriving at the location you have to park the vehicle, then walk on a path of 1,5 m wide and about 2 km long. This is the place for tracking while enjoying the valley, green grass, and River which are on the right and left. The air is clearly so beautiful. The best time to visit Campuhan hills is when the sun rises or sets.

2. Elephant Cave

Goa Gajah 1024x684 - Bali Tourism Destinations in Ubud, Guaranteed Not to Come Home

The next Bali tour in Ubud that you can visit is Goa Gajah. If from the city center the distance is approximately 2,9 km. To enter it is required to pay a ticket for Rp 30 thousand / person. While the parking is IDR 5 thousand / car and IDR 2 thousand / motorbike.

Before entering Goa Gajah, you have to go down stairs surrounded by hundreds of years old trees. Then greeted by the sound of gurgling water from the statue's shower. Right and left of the cave entrance, there are 2 statues of guards so dashing.

While on the inside, you will see several alcoves that were once used as a place of meditation. Furthermore, at the western end stands the Ganesha statue and to the east there are three lingas.

3. Tegallalang Village

Who doesn't know this Bali tour in Ubud? Yes, the beauty of the village of Tegallalang is very popular and is a favorite destination for photographers. The travel time from the city center is only about 17 minutes by motor vehicle.

Here you don't need to pay an entrance ticket, but there is a parking fee of IDR 1.000 for those who bring a private vehicle. Tegallalang village tourism is the best and most beautiful terrace in Bali. As far as the eye can see, rice fields are laid out with terraces with neat terraced plots.

Then on the side spread coconut trees as a frame. You can stand on the rice fields to take instagrammable landscape photos.

4. MonkeyForest

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Are you an animal lover? If so, then you must come to Monkey Forest. One of the mainstays of Bali's tourist attractions in the Ubud area, it is only 2,3 km from the city center. You can reach it by various modes of transportation.

The entry ticket price is quite affordable, which is IDR 80 thousand for adults and IDR 60 thousand for children. As the name implies, in this protected forest area there are lots of monkeys that are not too aggressive.

You can have fun feeding them. The atmosphere is so guaranteed to make you feel at home for long. In addition, there is also Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal.

5. Mount Kawi

Gunung kawi 1024x682 - Bali Tourism Destinations in Ubud, Guaranteed Not to Come Home

Gunung Kawi here is not the name of a mountain, but one of the Bali tourist attractions in the Ubud area in the form of a cultural heritage. You only need to travel approximately 27 minutes from the city center. While the entry ticket price is Rp. 15 thousand / person.

The first time you set foot in this temple, you will instantly feel the beautiful atmosphere. The trees lined up so lushly coupled with the Pakerisan River whose water is so fresh. Before entering the main spot, you have to go down 315 stairs in the form of padas.

Furthermore, you can see two groups of temples separated by a river. In addition, there are also bathing pools and showers.

6. Taman Saraswati Temple

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It's not legal to come to Bali if you don't enjoy the Kecak dance performance. Therefore, you must come to Taman Saraswati Temple, which is located 2,8 km from the center of Ubud. The ticket price to watch it is IDR 80 thousand / person.

Those of you who are interested can come every day at 19.30 WITA, except for Fridays off. Seeing the liveliness of the dancers is guaranteed to invite admiration. They are so shrewd and animate his every move. Not only dance performances, around the stage there is a lotus pond whose flowers are so beautiful. It's a beautiful and perfect sight.

7. Puri Sare

Want to feel the sensation of a vacation in a magnificent palace? Puri Sare is the answer. This Bali tour in Ubud is 2,6 km from the city center. You can reach it by all kinds of modes of transportation. Meanwhile, to enter is not charged a penny alias free.

In the past, Puri Sare was the palace of the King of Ubud (Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati) which was used until the 1940s. Although it has been a long time, but the architectural form is still maintained its authenticity until now.

You will be amazed to see every side of the design which is so sturdy and thick with Balinese culture. Then at the front there is a pavilion which is often used as a place for art performances.

8. Coffee Tour

Almost everyone likes coffee. When you come to Ubud, you must visit a coffee tour which is quite popular. It is enough to travel for minutes from the city center to reach the location. While the entrance ticket price is IDR 100 thousand / person

Bali tourism in Ubud, which is packaged in the style of agro tourism, offers you the experience of processing coffee. Moreover, the type is civet coffee. You will be taken around by a guide to see the processing from coffee beans to ready-to-brewed powder.

The price paid for the entrance ticket is guaranteed to be worth it, because inside you can enjoy 8 types of superior coffee and tea flavors, plus snacks in the form of fried bananas, banana rai, jackfruit chips. Not only that, you also have to take pictures at the Kembang Kopi Stage. This is a wooden stage that is above a height and a background of coffee plantations and rice fields.

Those are some Bali tours in Ubud that can spoil your vacation this time. Which one will you visit first? Whatever the choice, don't forget to prepare everything well and carefully. Starting from the budget, transportation, personal needs, and so on.

As much as possible arrange so that the costs required are not too bloated. Get around it by renting a vehicle, for example. In addition, do not forget to always respect and comply with local cultural regulations. Have fun enjoying your holiday in Ubud with your beloved family and friends.

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