No Less Cool! These are 8 Bali Tours Near Kuta Beach

Bali Tourism Near Kuta Beach

Many Bali tourist attractions near Kuta Beach are the next destination after visiting Kuta Beach.

Who doesn't know Kuta Beach? This beach has become the icon of the Island of the Gods. Every tourist who comes to Bali must visit it. Not without reason, the combination of waves, soft white sand, and the orange color of the sunset is too good to miss. But this time, we will not discuss further about Kuta Beach, because maybe you already know everything about it.

Bali saves a lot of enchanting tours. It's not enough just to explore this popular beach. After returning from there, let's continue sightseeing to several places Bali tourism near Kuta Beach. Make your vacation even more perfect. Apart from that, this can also be an initiative for those of you who are tired of going to Kuta Beach. Yes, antimainstream holidays.

List of Tourist Attractions in Bali Near Kuta Beach

You must visit the tourist attractions in Bali near Kuta Beach below with your beloved family and friends. Starting from the category of natural tourism to man-made. All of them offer an unforgettable charm.

1. Kelan Beach

Bali tourism near Kuta beach, Kelan Beach

All of course agree that when it comes to beaches, the Kuta area of Bali is the winner. One of them is Kelan Beach. In contrast to Kuta Beach which is busy with visitors, this marine tourism is quieter. But the matter of beauty is no less stunning and free of entry fees. The distance from Kuta beach is about 6.4 km or 13 minutes of travel.

Kelan Beach has fairly calm waves. You are free to swim or just walk along the beach safely. The water is so clear and minimal trash. The best time to visit here is in the late afternoon, because you will be presented with a beautiful view of the sunset.

Not only that, it is located close to Ngurah Rai Airport, so you can clearly see the planes landing and taking off.

2. Wanasari Mangrove Ecotourism

The next tourist spot in Bali near Kuta Beach is the Wanasari Mangrove Ecotourism. If you are from Kuta Beach, it only takes about 7 minutes to arrive at the location.

Then you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 100,000 / group (1-10 people). You can do many exciting activities on this tour. Start by seeing the crab cultivation placed in the floating cages, then go around the mangrove forest area with a fishing boat.

After getting tired of exploring, recharge your energy by eating the culinary menu of swaying toll crabs sold by Kampoeng Crab. It tastes so delicious and is priced at an affordable price.

3. Sky Village

Want to feel the experience of traveling while learning Balinese culture? Just come to the tourist attraction near the newest Bali Kuta beach, namely Kampung Langit. The location is only 1.4 km from Kuta beach. Then, to enter this brand-new tour, you can choose a two-hour ticket for IDR 150,000/person or a five-hour ticket for IDR 175,000/person.

Kampung Langit is a tour that combines education, culture, and shopping in advanced technology packaging. You can learn various aspects about Bali, from language, handicrafts, culinary arts, musical instruments, to traditional children's games. Then in terms of culture, this tourist spot held two dance performances.

For those of you who like to collect photos instagrammable you will be spoiled with the graffiti along the aisle, then the sloka aisle which depicts human nature and the message of preserving nature. Apart from that, Balinese traditional clothing rental is also provided which you can rent to take pictures.

4. Ground Zero Monument

You are certainly familiar with this tourist attraction near Kuta Beach Bali. Yes, the Ground Zero Monument is a mandatory destination for every tourist who comes to the Island of the Gods. If you start from Kuta Beach, then the distance is about 2.5 km or 8 minutes of travel.

For those of you who may not know, the Ground Zero Monument or the Panca Benua Monument is a monument built to commemorate the Bali bombing tragedy. Feels so serene atmosphere when visiting here. You can see the names of the victims in the tragedy.

5. Dream Museum Zone

Cari wisata Bali dekat Pantai Kuta yang instagrammable? Dream Museum Zone jawabannya. Anda hana perlu melanjutkan perjalanan sekitar 3,2 km atau sekitar 6 menit. Tiketnya pun cukup terjangkau, yakni Rp 100 ribu/orang dan bisa dikunjungi setiap hari pada pukul 10:00 – 16:00 WITA.

Dream Museum Zone is truly a paradise for photography lovers. Here, you will be pampered with a 3D painting gallery, totaling 120 paintings. Each one offers its own unique and illusionary effect. Starting from the boat themed in Venice, the desert in Egypt, Indonesian temples, the Amazon jungle, parodies of the Monalisa painting, and many more.

6. Kuta Theatre

Kuta Theatre

Another Bali tour near Kuta beach that cannot be missed is the Kuta Theater. Perfect for those of you who are on vacation with children. The distance from Kuta Beach is very close, which is only 650 meters to the east. Then the entry ticket is IDR 150 thousand / person.

Kuta Theater offers a different concept of performance compared to others. Here you will be presented with a combination of theater and magic on a magnificent stage. The stories that are carried are always changing every day, mostly about Bali. While the duration is around 90 minutes and starts at 19:00 WITA.

7. 5GX Bali

Some of you may still be unfamiliar with this Bali tour near Kuta Beach. Yes, 5GX is still relatively new, but it is already quite busy with tourists. The location is about 1 km from Kuta Beach. Meanwhile, the ticket price is IDR 250,000/person.

5GX Bali is the best tourist destination for those of you who want to trigger adrenaline. In this game which is also often called Bali slingshot, you will be taken to fly as high as 50 meters super fast. No need to worry about security and safety, because the management checks regularly.

8. Kuta Art Market

Kuta Art Market

It's not complete traveling if you haven't closed it by shopping. The last list of Bali tours near Kuta Beach that you must visit is the Kuta Art Market. The travel time from Kuta Beach is about 8 minutes. While most of the stalls open at 08:00 WITA.

In this market you can hunt for various trinkets typical of the Island of the Gods. Such as bags, sandals, cloth, bracelets, paintings, wood crafts, and many more. Everything is sold at affordable prices and can be haggled, even though it is in a tourist area. Interestingly, you can not only be satisfied shopping, but also enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Those are some Bali tours near Kuta Beach that must be included in your visit list when you visit Kuta. Immediately arrange the schedule so that all destinations can be visited. A few tips, for those of you who want to vacation in Kuta with a bustling atmosphere and less likely to rain, then come from July to August.

However, the risk is that accommodation costs are slightly more expensive. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to pay less and not be too crowded, please take a vacation in April, September and October.

Selain soal waktu, alangkah baiknya jika anda menggunakan motor untuk berkeliling.  Anda bisa memilih Dewa Motor Bali Rental. Because apart from being cheaper and time efficient, it is also more appropriate to enjoy every enchanting corner of Bali. Hopefully useful, yes.

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