Canggu Beach Tourism: Enjoying the Sunset and the Charming Waves

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Coming to the tourist attractions of Canggu Beach does not disappoint. Canggu Beach has stunning sunset views and charming waves.

Canggu Beach Tourism

It's not wrong if the island of Bali is identified with the beach tourism area. In almost every place, we can find beautiful and enchanting beaches. One of them is the Canggu beach tourism object.
Not like Kuta or Sanur beaches which are already worldwide. This beach has its own charm. A charm that can captivate and bind people who love the atmosphere of the sea and the beach.

Location and Route to Canggu Beach Area

Canggu Beach is located in the Canggu Village area, North Kuta District, Badung Regency which is one of the centers of the area tourism in Bali. This beach is not as famous as Kuta, Sanur and Tanah Lot.

However, based on research from CNN in 2013, Canggu beach tourism is included in the 100 most beautiful and attractive beaches. It is recorded that this tourist object ranks number 39 of all beaches in the world.

This tourist object is actually not too far from Kuta Beach. You only have to drive 20 minutes north.

If you travel by private vehicle, the following is the route you must take, namely:

  • Ngurah Rai Airport
  • Ngurah Rai Airport Road
  • Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai
  • Sunset Road Street
  • Mertanadi Street
  • Kerobokan Highway
  • Jl. Semer
  • New Highway
  • Canggu Highway
  • Batu Bolong Beach Route
  • Canggu Beach

Activities at Canggu Beach

There are many things you can do at this Canggu beach resort. It's not just walking on the sand or sunbathing.

The following are some holiday activities that can be done there, namely:

1. Enjoying the Sunset

If you are fascinated by the sunset on Kuta beach, then the sunset on Canggu Beach will amaze you even more. The beauty of the sunset on Bali's beaches is unmatched. Make sure to fully charge your cellphone and camera batteries because you will get hundreds of beautiful spots here.

2. Surfing

Canggu beach tourist object

The Canggu beach tourism area has made history by being the venue for the world-class ISC or International Surfing Championship event.

This proves that the waves in this sea are quite large. That way it is suitable for use as a place for surfing sports. You can surf happily to your heart's content by taking advantage of the waves.

3. Explore the Beach

Taking a walk on the beach while enjoying every atmosphere is indeed the most appropriate choice. Enjoying the cool and fresh air, sitting under the lush trees, or watching the waves crashing.

All of these are activities that you really miss when you are tired at work. Canggu beach tourism is the most appropriate place for this holiday activity.

4. Swim

You can also swim at the edge of Canggu Beach without worry. Even though the waves are quite big, they are still within safe limits for swimming on the beach. It's just that you have to pay extra attention if you want to release the children to swim.

5. Horse Riding

If maybe too tired to walk around on foot, you can take a walk on the coast using a horse.

You can rent horses for rent around the beach. Doing horse riding is an activity that is quite challenging in this tourist spot.

6. Relax at a restaurant around the beach

The Canggu beach tourism area is an advanced tourist area with lots of development. You can sit in the restaurants along the beach while enjoying the dishes served and the scenery around.

While enjoying the view of the beach, you will also simultaneously enjoy views of the rice fields. This activity is a favorite of tourists both from within the country and abroad.

Tips for Traveling to Canggu Beach

So that the trip to Canggu beach resorts is much more enjoyable, you should follow these tips.

1. Plan ahead of time

Holidays to Bali are indeed more interesting if done spontaneously, but for those of you who have never been here before, it's better if you have a vacation with a plan.

Because of the many tourist attractions on this island, it will even confuse you when you get there. However, if from the start you have decided to visit Canggu Beach, then this will be better.

2. Bring enough goods

No need to carry excessive items or clothes. Canggu Beach Tourism is quite hot. Therefore, just bring a few pieces of shirts and shorts.

3. Respect Local Culture

On the island of Bali, you will find lots of offerings on the side of the road. Especially in places like the beach, temple and such, there will surely be some people doing the praying.

In this case, you must respect by not stepping on, playing with and doing anything bad to the offerings. You must respect the culture upheld by the local community.

4. Shop enough

In order not to bother carrying luggage, you should avoid buying goods or souvenirs excessively.

Buy a few pieces of clothing or souvenir knick-knacks that can be given to family or friends. Carrying too many things can burden yourself.

5. Rent a Vehicle

If you are traveling to Bali with several family members, the best step is to rent a private vehicle. This is intended so that comfort during the holidays is more awake. Especially if you want to visit Canggu beach tourism and explore other tourist attractions, rental mobil private is the wisest choice.

Other Tourist Attractions around Canggu Beach

After you are satisfied exploring Canggu Beach, you can continue your journey to several other nearby locations.

Lots Canggu tourist attractions other things that you can go to and the location is quite close to this tourist object. The following include:

1. Berawa Beach

The location is in one line with Canggu Beach and Batu Belig. The beauty of the sunset and the excitement of the waves are the main attraction of Berawa beach.

2. Kayu Putih Beach

This tourist destination is also located close to Canggu Beach. This place is very beautiful and photogenic to be used as photography material.

3. Batu Bolong Beach

The most interesting thing about Batu Bolong Beach is the cluster of coral which has a 30 meter long hole. This hole is the main advantage of Batu Bolong beach.

4. Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach is also a beach with high waves which is a favorite of surfers.

5. Seseh Beach

This beach also has black sand with a bonus view of the green rice fields. The location is quite close to Canggu beach and easy to reach by private car

Holidays at the tourist attractions of Canggu beach are quite capable of promising pleasure. The crashing waves are quite loud as if calling to be explored via a surfboard. Even though this beach has black sand, it doesn't make you bored or bored.

There's always new fun that can make us laugh and smile happily. The island of Bali is always calling when the holidays arrive. Waving the stairs for us to approach and as if to say are you ready for next week's vacation?


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