Come on, check out the tips for renting a car before going on vacation

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Tips for Renting a Car

Let's pay attention to tips on renting a car so that the vacation is smooth and enjoyable.

Renting a car has become a necessity for many people. The reason is, this method is easier, economical and profitable. For example, for those of you with a large family who want to go on vacation, all you have to do is contact the rental service and you can all go with them.

So, in our opinion, of course, renting is much more economical than having to buy, right? After all, the need to use the car only at certain times. Then, when compared to taking public transportation, renting a car is more flexible in managing time and destinations. However, before deciding to choose a rental service, you should first read the tips for renting a car.

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Tips for Renting a Rental Car

There are several tips on renting a rental car that you need to pay attention to so you don't choose the wrong one. Because there are so many rental services, it can be confusing.

1. Compare the prices of each car rental

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Do not rush to choose a rental service. First compare the rental prices offered. Isn't it quite economical even though the difference in rates is not much different. Moreover, sometimes there are those who give discounts at certain times.

Car rental prices are currently quite varied. Ranges between IDR 150 thousand – IDR 450 thousand. Usually they provide rental types for per day, per month, even per year.

How to compare prices can be done by looking at their website. Usually the rates are listed there. If not, you can go to the place directly. However, in the current era, it seems a little questionable if a car rental service does not provide information that can be accessed online.

2. Make sure the price is according to the facilities

The next tip for renting a rental car is to be smart in measuring prices. Don't be easily lured by cheap or too skewed prices. However, also do not immediately agree to pay too high. Because, in the holiday season there are lots of people with fraud mode.

So how do you get the right price? It's easy, look at the facilities. It's questionable if someone offers a low cost to cover everything (rent, fuel, over time, insurance).

Likewise, if someone sells a high price even though the vehicle is an old type. Furthermore, to make it easier for you to see from their customer testimonials. Is it satisfactory or not.

3. Select the type of car as needed

Tips on renting a car are often not carried out correctly when renting a four-wheeled vehicle. Especially by those who don't know much about vehicle types. As a result, the journey becomes less comfortable.

After you are sure of choosing a rental service, see what types are provided and choose according to your needs. If you don't understand, don't be shy to ask for advice which is the most appropriate.

For example, for a road trip vacation with a large family, choose the Mitsubishi Xpander MPV, then to get through difficult terrain, rent an SUV, or if only for the city, choose a City Car type car.

4. Ask about the terms of the lease

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Each car rental service has different terms and conditions. Therefore, the next tips for renting a car are to read and be thorough. It's tedious having to read the terms at length, but it's not to be missed.

Not a few people feel cheated, especially about the price. When in fact this is due to lack of understanding of the applicable rental terms. In general, the conditions for renting a car include filling out forms, photocopies of ID cards, driver's licenses.

Especially for the average form can be filled online. But once again, carefully read the terms set by the rental service of your choice.

5. Ask for additional terms

Not only the terms of being able to rent, various things including additional provisions need to be questioned. Start with questions car rental off the key or rent a car with driver. If there is an off key option, it means you can rent without using a driver from the rental party. Don't forget to ask about the price difference between these two options.

Next, understand well about insurance claims. Ask the type, benefits, coverage of protection, and how much sum insured will get. This needs to be done, because the sentences written in the insurance agreement often lead to misinterpretation.

And no less important is knowing the cost of over time car rental. Many people new to car rental think that the rate paid covers everything. Over time means you use the vehicle beyond the agreed time. Each rental has different rules regarding the amount of this fee. Usually, if the overtime is only 1 hour, no additional fee will be charged.

6. Check the condition of the car

You can do some of the car rental tips above online, but for this you have to come directly to the location. You certainly do not want the costs incurred to be in vain, because it turns out that the vehicle is not as promised. Especially if you have to endure unwanted things while on a trip.

Some of the components that you need to check include whether the body is scratched or not, the condition of the tires, brakes, and engine feasibility. Among the easy ways to check, use a volt meter to see the alternator and battery.

Then, try to start the machine. If within a few minutes of shortness of breath, it means that the car engine is not in good condition. Meanwhile for tires, make sure that the condition of the flower carving is still good or at least 70 percent.

Good rental services usually always carry out periodic service to official repair shops. When checking, make sure that both parties know the condition of the car. If necessary, take a photo of the condition of the car before leaving.

Because, if there is damage while on the trip it will be your responsibility as the renter. You will certainly lose out if you have to pay for a disability that was not actually caused by your fault.

7. Booking in advance

Good rental services are usually flooded with customers, especially in season holiday. Don't lose your slot because you don't move fast. After going through all the tips for renting a car above, go ahead booking the car you need.

Prepare all the requirements. Ask how much DP must be paid. You just have to wait for the appointed day to come. Another advantage of booking since long ago is to avoid soaring prices during the holidays. Planning budget also becomes clearer.

How much for accommodation, meals or other. But remember, don't be careless booking at any place rental services. Make sure that they are credible and track record-its good.

8. Save the contact of the rental party

The last tip for renting a car is to ask for the contact number of the rental party who can be contacted at any time. It's better if there's not just one line, for example a WhatsApp number, a normal telephone, and a social media messenger. The goal is to anticipate various things that are not desirable. For example, when there is damage on the road, you can immediately ask the rental party.

These tips for renting a car are here to help you from the possibility of making the wrong choice, or being scammed by irresponsible persons. In essence, you have to use the best rental services in order to get a quality fleet. If you are still unsure because you just rented, ask for help from relatives or friends to carry out the tips above. Hopefully useful, yes.

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