Cheap motorbike rental in Ubud and a scooter rental service in Ubud

Cheap Motorcycle Rental Ubud

Cheap motorbike rental in Ubud is your alternative when settling and living in the Ubud area. Places to rent motorbikes in ubud ranging from backpacker motorbike rentals in ubud and ubud Nmax motorbike rentals.
You want to know what kind of place can be reached by cheap motorbike rental in Ubud  this? let's read!

Ubud scooter rental, Gianyar regency, Bali, cheap Ubud motorbike rental

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Cheap Motorcycle Rental in Ubud

“Cheap ubud motorbike rental when living and living in ubud area”

Ubud is one of the favorite cities that is a tourist destination on the island of Bali. To get around the surrounding area, you can use cheap motorbike rental services from Ubud or Ubud motorbike rental in bali. This is because the city consists of rice fields and forests, and is located in a highland area with winding roads. So it will be more effective if you walk around using engine just. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery that stretches with the breeze.

Not only domestic tourists only, even para foreign tourists also like Ubud as their healing place. Because Bali is more famous for its potential for beach tourism, so for tourists who want a new atmosphere, Ubud can be the right choice. Ubud with its cool air and away from the hot sun will make you feel calm and comfortable.

Ubud Bali - Cheap Ubud Motorcycle Rental And Scooter Rental Services In Ubud

A Brief History and Places to Visit

Ubud is located in Gianyar Regency, about 15 minutes from Gianyar City and 20 km north of Denpasar City. This area has an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, so the air is cooler than other areas in South Bali. The population in this area is approximately 9.800 people.

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The surrounding environment still seems sustainable and natural. So that this area is also often used as a source of inspiration for artists from within and outside the country.

In addition to the beauty of its green natural scenery, this area can be said as a cultural tourist spot. Because there are many historical cultural heritages from famous artists in the past.

For example, famous painters, namely I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, I Gusti Made Deblog, Anak Agung Gede Sobrat, I Gusti Ketut Kobot, Dewa Putu Bedil, Ida Bagus Made and many more.

This area of ​​Ubud has been known since the 8th century, when Hindu priests from Java came to Bali and meditated on the river in Campuhan.

Ubud name itself comes from the ancient Balinese language which means drug. After that, hundreds of years later, temples and temples were built, which are historical relics of the present day.

Cultural arts and religious ceremonies also developed along with the growth of the Ubud kingdom.

From there, foreign artists were attracted to come to Ubud. They are Rudolf Bonnet and Walter Spies who have contributed to making art and culture in Ubud popular to foreign countries.

In the 1960s, many foreign tourists visited to enjoy the culture as well as the potential for natural tourism in Ubud.

Places to Visit

Talking about tourism potential, of course you want to know what kind of place can be reached by cheap motorbike rental in Ubud  this? Here are some must-visit spots:

1. Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud

When making an itinerary to visit tourist attractions with cheap motorbike rentals in Ubud, the first place to stop is the Sacred Monkey Forest. As the name suggests, you will find adorable monkeys here. Not only that, this place is a protected forest that is preserved, so you also have to be careful and follow the existing regulations.

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T-junction to the monkey forest ubud

The location itself is on Monkey Forest Street, Padangtegal, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. To be able to reach this place with a cheap motorbike rental in Ubud, you only need about 5 minutes from downtown Ubud, because it is located in the south with a distance of only 2 km.

2. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

It's incomplete if you don't enjoy the view of the rice fields in Ubud. The next destination that should not be forgotten with a trip using a cheap motorbike rental in Ubud is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

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This tourist spot is the most popular among tourists. The surrounding scenery is terraced rice fields or terraces that are very neatly arranged. You can enjoy it while sitting in the cafe on the edge of the rice fields.

Tegal 1 - Cheap motorbike rental in Ubud and a scooter rental service in Ubud
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This tourist spot is on Jalan Raya Tegalalang, Gianyar Regency. The distance is about 10 km from the center of Ubud. You can get to this place using a cheap motorbike rental in Ubud with a travel time of 15-20 minutes.

3. Tirta Empul Temple Looks Siring

Well, if you are interested in enjoying the unique historical heritage in the form of temples, then you can continue the journey with a cheap motorbike rental in Ubud to Tirta Empul Temple. This tourist spot is a sacred place but is favored by many tourists, because there is a holy water pool equipped with a shower.

This holy water is believed to cure certain diseases. Not only local people can feel the benefits of the holy water, but tourists can too. Only by paying the entrance ticket of 15 thousand rupiah, you will get an unforgettable experience here.

This place, which is located on Jalan Tirta Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency, is also adjacent to the Tampaksiring Presidential Palace. From Sawah Tegalalang, you only need to drive with a cheap motorbike rental in Ubud to the Northeast. It takes about 10 minutes to cover a distance of 7 km.

Transportation Facilities in Ubud

One of the things that are often worried by tourists when they want to travel outside the region is the means of transportation. Because choosing the right means of transportation can help you to reach tourist objects effectively and efficiently. For those of you who have arrived in Ubud, there are several means of transportation that can be chosen. Namely a taxi, rent a car or rent a motorbike. Of all these means of transportation, motorbike rental is considered the most reasonable alternative.

Why a motorbike? This is of course seen from the point of view of practicality and cost. Rent a motorbike is much cheaper than having to take a taxi every day or rent a car. You can rent a motorbike daily or weekly, according to your needs. Although it is not suitable for tours in the form of family, community, or office groups, this means of transportation is very useful for those of you who vacation in small numbers.

In addition, considering the road conditions in Ubud which are not that wide and the infrastructure is starting to deteriorate, the selection of cheap motorbike rental in Ubud is indeed the most appropriate. Just imagine, almost all the main roads in Ubud are narrow. Next you will find a more difficult road to get to tourist attractions in the highlands. Renting a car or using a taxi will feel more like a waste of time.

Not to mention the congestion that is everywhere, especially the central area or downtown Ubud. This congestion will get worse during high season. Many tourists who will come, then they also complain about the unavoidable congestion problem. So, you must be smart in choosing the means of transportation when visiting here. The motorbike is the perfect solution because it can keep driving in bad road conditions or traffic jams.

Motorbike Rental Prices in Ubud

honda scoopy 110cc bali motorbike rental - Cheap motorbike rental in Ubud and a place for scooter rental services in Ubud
honda vario esp 110cc motorbike rental in Bali - Cheap motorbike rental in Ubud and a place for scooter rental services in Ubud
motorbike rental vario 125 bali - Cheap motorbike rental in Ubud and a place for scooter rental services in Ubud
Bali 150cc vario motorbike rental - Cheap motorbike rental in Ubud and a scooter rental service in Ubud

Prices above for motorbike rental in Ubud (ready stock)
  • Scoopy Honda price per day: IDR. 70.000
  • Vario Honda Esp price per day: IDR. 65.000
  • Honda Vario 125 cc price per day: IDR. 75.000
  • Honda Vario 150 cc price per day: IDR. 85.000

For prices & other types you can check the link Motorcycle Rental Prices in Bali and for other types free delivery Ubud and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Motorcycle Rental in Ubud

Based on the description above, the best way to support your mobility in Ubud is to rent a motorbike. The benefit of renting this motorbike is to make it easier for you to access tourist locations that are difficult to reach by car. On the other hand, using a motorbike will certainly arrive faster than other forms of transportation, because motorbikes move swiftly.

Then, is it easy to find motorbike rental services in Ubud? The answer is of course yes. Finding a cheap motorbike rental service provider in Ubud is not difficult. This is because Ubud is one of the many popular tourist destinations among tourists. So finding a motorbike rental service is easy. You can even find them online, as offered by Dewa Motor Bali Rental.

Dewa Motor Bali Rental Even though it's in the Kuta area, you can find Dewa's motorbike rental branches up to Ubud Jl. Sandat, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571. Here are some reasons why you should choose to rent a motorbike at Dewa Motor Bali Rental: 

  1. The ordering process can be done quickly through the online system. So, you don't have to bother coming to the rental place. Just contact by phone or WhatsApp course, you will get the desired motor. The motorbike rental price will also be stated clearly, so there is nothing to hide.
  2. After you order via phone or WhatsApp, the motorbike will be sent directly to Ubud. Even the delivery service is open up to 24 hours.
  3. Dewa Motor Bali Rental has proven its quality, because the motorbikes that are rented are the latest releases and are always well maintained with regular service at authorized Yamaha and Honda dealers.
  4. Having staff who have high morale and prioritize the best service for customers.
  5. The prices are affordable and able to compete with other services in Bali, especially Ubud.

Tips for Choosing Cheap Motorcycle Rental Services in Ubud

Before renting a motorbike, there are several things you need to pay attention to so that your vacation goes smoothly. Like this tips her :

  • Learn the Reputation of Motorcycle Rental Service Providers. If you want to rent a motorbike, choose the right vendor and learn about their reputation. Do not let you be harmed by the service provider.
  • Check the Price and Terms Submitted. Next is to check all the motorbike rental prices. If necessary, compare with other service providers. Is the price too expensive or not. In addition, you also need to prepare what conditions are needed. Usually, cheap motorbike rental service providers in Ubud will ask you to leave your ID card and submit a photocopy of your driver's license, proof of hotel booking or flight tickets.
  • Check the Physical Condition of the Motor.The most important thing in motorbike rental is to check the overall physical condition of the motorbike. Make sure the motor can run properly, has all the complete accessories that do not violate the law, and the documents are still valid.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Rental in Ubud

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding motorbike rental issues from Dewa Motor Bali Rental:

1.How to find out the list of motorbike rental prices, terms, and availability?

For the price issue, you can see the list on the page Scooter Rentals us above or contact directly via WhatsApp. You will get complete information regarding prices, promos, motorbike availability, and the conditions that must be met as a motorbike renter

2. How to calculate the effective length of the lease?

The rental period is calculated per day from 00:00 to 24:00 or 24 hours. So, for example, Susi rented a motorbike from November 21 at 2 pm Bali time, then returned it on November 24 at 9 am. The rental period is still counted as 3 days.

3. If I am in Ubud and want to rent at Dewa Motor Bali Rental, is it still serviced? So how much is the shipping cost?

Dewa Motor Bali Rental serves motorbike rental from Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak, to Nusa Dua. There are no additional shipping costs for these areas, aka free.

4. What if there are accessories missing and suddenly the motorcycle tire leaks?

If the helmet is missing, it will be charged 150 thousand, while other accessories can contact customer service to adjust the cost. Then, if the motorcycle tire leaks when it is in the hands of the tenant, then the tenant is responsible for repairing it.

5. What if the rented motorbike is lost?

The tenant is fully responsible for the motorbike that has been lost and all legal provisions that arise as a result of errors or omissions during the rental period.

Ubud Motorcycle Rental Conclusion

Renting a motorbike in Ubud is very necessary, considering the road conditions and the environment are more suitable for motorbikes. Because if you rent a taxi or car and are in a traffic jam, then you will only spend time on the road. In addition, the movement by car is less free and tends to require more space when walking.

Another reason will also be very easy for you honeymoon travelers who stay in Ubud and are looking for cheap means of transportation. Read also The 10 best hotels in ubud our recommendation.

You will also find backpacker motorbike rentals in Ubud and monthly Nmax Ubud motorbike rentals. You can also find cheap motorbike rental places in Ubud easily.

If you can't find a suitable one in Ubud, just use it Dewa Motor Bali Rental This will not incur additional costs for motor delivery. You will get all the convenience and peace of mind while on vacation in Ubud.

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