The closest cheap motorbike rental in Bali at affordable prices

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The Nearest Cheap Motorcycle Rental

Are you looking for the nearest cheap motorbike rental in Bali? Getting around the Island of the Gods by riding a motorbike is indeed more fun. You can enjoy unlimited tourist destinations. Starting from tours in the areas of Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, and many more. Along the way there are also various unique and amazing things. It's no wonder that most tourists visiting Bali prefer motorbikes over other types of transportation.

Talking about motorbike rental, we are from Dewa Motor Bali Rental offer rental services to you. The area covered includes Kuta, Seminyak and its surroundings. Even though the rates are cheap, it does not reduce the quality of the service we provide. Since opening in 2015, we have always been committed to providing the best service in the form of a fleet of various brands and types.

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The closest cheap motorbike rental in Bali

Ingin sewa motor dengan harga terjangkau dan terdekat di Bali? Kami pilihan terbaiknya. Di Dewa Motor Bali Rental anda dapat memilih berbagai tipe armada terbaru dengan harga variatif dan banjir promo untuk merek tertentu.

Kisaran harga mulai dari Rp 40 ribu saja. Harga sewa motor ini sudah termasuk fasilitas 2 helm SNI dan jas hujan. Sementara sistem sewanya bisa harian, mingguan, dan bulanan. Selama apapun waktu yang anda butuhkan untuk berlibur di Bali, kami siap menyediakan rental unit motornya.

Besides being cheap, our location is also quite strategic, which is in the center of Kuta and Ubud. That way, for customers who are at Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport, around the Legian, Kuta and Seminyak areas, a free motorbike shuttle fee is applied. All you have to do is provide complete and detailed address information, then we, as the nearest cheap motorbike rental service, will immediately send it to that place.

How to Rent a Motorbike at Our Place

We are always committed to providing the best service for customers. Therefore, we implement a motorbike rental method that is easier and faster.

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Here are the steps to rent the nearest cheap motorbike at Dewa Motor Bali Rental:

1. Visit the Dewa Motor Bali Rental website

It's not the time for customers to come to the location to book a motorbike unit. Since you are still at home, you can already place an order, because everything is done online. We recommend that you order the day before arrival to anticipate the booming number of customers at our place, especially during holidays.

2. Determine the motorbike to be rented

Next, determine the brand of motorbike that will be rented. Our place provides a lot of the latest fleet. Some of the brands include Nmax, Vario, Vespa, Lexi, Mio, and many more. Everything is in good physical condition and the engine is normal, because we routinely carry out maintenance at authorized dealers. In addition, the motorbike documents are also complete, so you don't need to be afraid of getting a police ticket.

3. Fill in the order form or call the contact

We implement a system one click orders. After you are sure of the type of motorbike to be rented, please fill in the order form on the link provided on the website or contact directly. no need to worry, customer service We serve 24 hours on weekdays and holidays.

Motorcycle Rental Terms and Conditions

Do you hesitate to rent a motorbike for fear of complicated requirements? Now you can throw away those doubts. Because renting a motorbike at our place only requires a few documents that everyone who visits Bali definitely has. List of terms and conditions, namely:

1. Show identity card (KTP/Passport)

For mutual security and convenience, we ask you to show your KTP or passport. Clarity of identity guarantees and makes it easier for us if something unexpected happens while you are renting a motorbike.

2. Fill out the complete personal data form

As with other rental companies, at our place you also need to fill in a complete personal data form. Make sure that the information provided matches the identity card.

3. Have SIM C

Everyone who wants to rent a motorbike at our place must have a SIM C for Indonesian citizens and an International SIM for foreigners. This is a form of our obedience to government regulations and maintaining the credibility of the nearest cheap motorbike rental company. In addition, having SIM C will also make your trip in Bali safe and comfortable, without fear of being stopped by officers.

4. Willing to be photographed during the handover of the motorbike

We ask you to be willing to be photographed when the motorbike is handed over. The goal is as company documentation. We are happy to be part of your holiday in Bali.

Advantages of Motorbike Rental for Holidays in Bali

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Renting a motorbike for a vacation in Bali is indeed the best choice. Especially if you do reservation at our place. Because there are lots of benefits that you can get, including:

1. Avoid traffic jams

You certainly know that Bali is quite dense, especially in the areas of Seminyak, Ubud, Kuta and Canggu. Using a motorbike from our place will prevent you from boring traffic jams. Just skid, you can pass all the roads and soon arrive at your destination.

2. Flexible time and tourist destinations

Renting a motorbike to get around Bali will make you more flexible, moreover we provide 24 hour service. Whenever you can travel without having to adjust the time with traffic jams.

That way automatically the list of Bali tourist destinations that can be visited becomes more numerous. It's different if you have to take part in a limited time tour service. Not only that, you also don't have to worry about parking.

3. The atmosphere is more pleasant

Bali has quite amazing views. The best way to enjoy it is by motorbike. You can ride together with your partner or friend at a slow pace. Enjoy every panorama along the way. Using a motorbike also opens your access to tourist destinations with challenging terrain.

4. Costs are more efficient

When compared to other transportation, renting a motorbike at our place is much more economical. Why not, you don't need to spend money to pick up a bicycle to the Dewa Motor office. Then it can be compared, how much it costs if you have to take public transportation. Not to mention if there are locations that cannot be reached by public transportation.

5. Looks cooler

Traveling around Bali by motorbike has been a trend for tourists for a long time. No wonder this activity looks so cool. Especially if you rent at our place. All motorbikes are the latest output that makes you even cooler.

Don't waste any more time. Immediately place an order by contacting customer service or the link provided. Not sure yet? You can see real testimonials from customers who have rented motorbikes at our place. Then, prove to yourself the truth of our claim as the closest cheap motorbike rental in the Bali area. We are waiting for your reservation.

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