Vacation and Adventure in Nature! Here are 8 Ecotourism Recommendations in Bali that You Must Visit

Penglipuran Village

Ecotourism in Bali

Now more and more tourists are interested in coming to ecotourism attractions in Bali because they get peace and comfort.

The natural beauty of Bali is never-ending to be explored. This is the biggest attraction for local tourists as well as for visiting. Not only beach tourism, ecotourism is also an attractive prima donna to visit as an alternative vacation spot.

Ecotourism is a means for tourists to be able to learn and enjoy nature, to local culture and history. In addition, this tourist destination can provide a positive impact on the local culture and environment, as well as increase the community's economy.

If you have a plan to spend your vacation in Bali, it seems that ecotourism destinations can be the best choice. Well, here are some of the best ecotourism destinations in Bali that can be a recommendation to spend time with your beloved family and friends.

List of Ecotourism Attractions in Bali

Indonesia is one of the countries that has developed the concept of a tourist attraction in the form of ecotourism that is able to attract the attention of the world, especially in Bali. Now ecotourism attractions in Bali have grown rapidly and are in great demand by tourists. Here are the 8 best ecotourism recommendations that must be included in the vacation list. Because the destination is still quiet, you can take advantage of motorbike rental services Dewa Motor Bali Rental to accompany the trip.

1. Mangrove Crab Village

Kampoeng Crab Ecotourism Bali 2 1024x683 - Vacation and Adventure in Nature! Here are 8 Ecotourism Recommendations in Bali that You Must Visit

Kampoeng Crab Mangrove is one of the ecotourism attractions in Bali, located on Jalan By Pass No.1, Tuban. Tourists will be invited to tour the Mangrove forest, plant mangrove tree seedlings, release crab seeds into the wild, and enjoy delicious culinary delights.

There is also a restaurant that serves processed seafood, such as fish and crab with a delicious and appetizing taste. One tourist destination can be the right choice to spend time with family.

2. Sibetan Village

Located in Karangasem Regency, Sibetan Village is one of the ecotourism areas in Bali which is very interesting for tourists to visit. This village is also known as the center of Balinese salak cultivation which is an icon of Karangasem Regency.

Not only presenting Balinese salak agro-tourism, Sibetan Village also has enchanting natural beauty. You can do interesting activities here such as camping, offroad, yoga and various other outbound activities.

Tourists can enjoy a panoramic view from the top of the hills with a backdrop of the harbor of Teluk Amuk, the southern sea of ​​Karangasem, and the surrounding green hills that refresh the eyes and mind.

3. Tofu Mangrove Wanasari

The next recommended ecotourism area in Bali is Tahura Mangrove Wanasari. Here you can explore the mangrove forest on a wooden bridge that extends between the mangrove trees.

This wooden bridge is located about 2 km from the viewing tower which brings tourists to enjoy the beauty of the mangrove forest from a height. In addition, tourists can also get around the mangrove forest by canoe. You can also visit a crab farm or go to a mangrove forest restaurant to just unwind while tasting typical culinary delights with delicious flavors.

The location of the Wanasari Mangrove Tahura is quite easy to reach, which is located in Tuban, Badung, Bali or about 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Surely this mangrove forest attraction will provide an exciting and fun holiday experience.

4. Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village 1024x683 - Vacation and Adventure in Nature! Here are 8 Ecotourism Recommendations in Bali that You Must Visit

Tenganan Village is an ecotourism development destination in Bali which is located in the eastern part of Bali with a wealth of unique culture and traditions. This village has a uniqueness in the form of residents who are still traditional and awake.

In addition, it also has Gringsing woven cloth, as well as Pandan war which is an attraction for foreign and local tourists. Tenganan Village itself is located in Manggis District, Karangasem, Bali.

You will feel like visiting an old village with a strong traditional impression. This village can be the right choice for those of you who want a quiet vacation and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Panglipuran Village

Penglipuran Village 1024x683 - Vacation and Adventure in Nature! Here are 8 Ecotourism Recommendations in Bali that You Must Visit

One of the ecotourism development destinations in Bali that must be visited is Panglipuran village. Panglipuran Village is very famous for its uniqueness and characteristics. Its unique feature is that it has a traditional house architecture and is neatly arranged from the end to the downstream of the village.

This village even got the title as the cleanest village in the world. No wonder many tourists from various parts of the world are interested in visiting this village. In addition, tourists can visit the bamboo forest to be a very instagramable photo spot. Fun is not it?

6. Pelaga Village

Known for its agro-tourism, Pelaga Village can be a must-visit tourist location when on vacation with family. Here, tourists can interact with farmers directly in cultivating their plantations, such as seeding, planting, caring, and picking.

You can find various kinds of plants, from flowers, vegetables to fruits that are cultivated in this village. In addition, Pelaga Village is known as a center for high-quality Balinese production and has penetrated foreign markets.

In order to attract tourist visits every year, Pelaga Village cooperates with the government and related agencies to hold an Agricultural Culture Festival. This activity is held around July every year.

Beautiful and natural natural scenery combined with fresh mountain air is also another factor for tourists to visit. You can also do exciting trekking activities in the Mangu peak area or visit the Tukad Bangkung bridge. Interesting isn't it?

7. Pemuteran Village

If you are visiting West Bali National Park, it might not hurt to stop by Pemuteran village. The location is in Buleleng Regency. The village, which is one of the ecotourism areas in Bali, has enchanting natural beauty.

This area is suitable for natural tourism areas and marine tourism in West Bali. Pemuteran Village offers sunset views with an exotic white sand beach background. Here tourists enjoy the charm of the underwater. This place is a popular diving and snorkeling spot in Bali.

Tired of spending time on the beach? You can visit hilly attractions in this village. Bukit Batu Kursi is one of the most popular spots to enjoy the beauty of the village from a height. Tourists also have to be willing to go down thousands of stairs to be able to see the view of Pemuteran Bay from a height.

8. Tegalalang Village

Tegalalang Village 1024x683 - Vacation and Adventure in Nature! Here are 8 Ecotourism Recommendations in Bali that You Must Visit

Tegalalang is an ecotourism village recommendation in Bali that should not be missed. This village offers a unique view of the local people's rice fields.

Local residents use the subak system and water temples as irrigation systems. This system allows water to flow from upstream to downstream smoothly, and works well for pest control. Tegalalang village can be reached from the city of Gianyar for approximately 40 minutes via Jalan Bakbakan-Petak Kaja.

Those are some tourist destinations in the form of: ecotourism in Bali which is worth visiting during the holidays. The tourist location seems to be a consideration for you if you want to spend time quality time with beloved family. Not only having fun enjoying nature, tourists are also given education, learning about local culture and traditions. Very interesting isn't it?

We recommend that you prepare a mature plan, budget and accommodation calculations right before going on vacation. With careful preparation, the holidays are even more exciting and fun. Hopefully it's useful!

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