Holiday Tips to Bali with Babies to Stay Comfortable and Enjoyable

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Holiday Tips to Bali with Babies

Hi Mom, vacation tips to Bali with babies can be applied to make your vacation more exciting and comfortable.

Holidays with all family members are sure to be fun activities and are always eagerly awaited. Spending the days walking around enjoying the sights and panoramas of tourist attractions is always something that is coveted when holidays arrive.

However, what if you are on vacation with family members who are still babies? Will the vacation still be fun with all the hassles of taking care of the baby? For this reason, you must read the holiday tips to Bali with babies below. This must be done so that you can still enjoy the joy of the holidays while at the same time providing a traveling experience for your little one.

Tips and Tips for Holidays in Bali with Babies without the Hassle

Having a baby is not a reason to postpone let alone cancel your holiday routine. Precisely with a baby, family vacations will feel more complete and enjoyable.


You can also introduce and take him to new places besides your home and neighborhood. This can be a positive thing for the growth and development of the baby.

However, traveling with a young baby is not as easy as it might seem. Many people avoid this holiday because they feel that it will be a hassle to take care of things related to babies.

Examples include fussiness, not feeling at home, difficulty getting food that is suitable for him and so on. Therefore, you have to prepare many things for all eventualities. Here are some holiday tips in Bali with babies that you need to know.

1. Select Day Trip

The first tip for a vacation in Bali with a baby is to travel during the day. From whatever city you come from, try to leave when it's bright. Don't wait for the dark let alone leave at night. There are many reasons why you should go during the day rather than late at night or early in the morning.

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The first is that during the day your baby may be in a good condition or mood to travel. He had had enough sleep and was sufficiently prepared after his bath and breakfast. If you choose to travel at night, waking the baby will be more difficult and often cause him to become fussy.

The second reason is that most of the facilities operate during the day. If your little one feels tired during the trip, you can rest for a while at a restaurant or restaurant on the roadside. Babies' abilities are certainly different from adults. He will tire and get bored easily if he is in a monotonous situation, such as in a car for a long time.

If you travel by plane, still choose flight at noon. Don't choose flights too early like 4 or 5 in the morning. You will also find it difficult to wake the baby at these times.

The tip for a vacation to Bali with a baby that you must remember is to make sure you breastfeed your baby when the plane is about to take off. This will minimize the effect of changes in air pressure on the baby's hearing at that time. Many mothers forget it and this results in the baby being uncomfortable and fussy while on the plane.

2. Choose Baby Friendly Tourist Locations

When on vacation with a baby, you shouldn't be selfish in determining the tourist sites you want to visit. You have to consider the strength of your little one when you have to join in exploring tourist attractions.

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Babies don't have as strong a physique as adults. Therefore, holiday tips to Bali with babies should be baby-friendly tourist spots. The point is that it is not only appropriate and suitable for babies, just like a vehicle for games.

However, tourist attractions that do not require time and long journeys such as mountain climbing, hiking, or extreme tourism such as surfing. If you want to take him to the beach, look for a beach with lots of shelter and the waves are not too high. A little splashing around in the sea water is sure to be fun for babies.

3. Packing enough goods

The next tip for a vacation to Bali with a baby is to pack enough items needed during the holidays. You don't need to bring all the baby equipment like baby bouncers, mattresses and so on. It just won't work much and will only become a burden while traveling.

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Basically, the holiday tips this time are adjusted to the tourist attractions in Bali that you want to visit. If you plan to take a walk on the beach or a natural tourist spot, you should just bring a hipseat carrier.

The stroller will not be suitable for uneven roads, especially sandy ones. However, if your travel destination is in the form of buildings such as malls, museums and so on, bringing a stroller will likely help a lot.

4. Bring a Backpack Bag

Vacation activities will usually increase walking activities. The next tip for a vacation to Bali with a baby is to bring a backpack as a means of carrying goods.

You can include all your little one's needs such as diapers, tissues, biscuits, small toys and so on. You can leave clothes and other items at the inn. Carrying a backpack will be easier than a sling bag or tote bag. In addition, the capacity is bigger so it can load more stuff.

5. Prepare Food

As you know, Bali is indeed a popular tourist spot and tourist objects can be found in almost every place. Many restaurants and eateries are lined up on the side of the road that you can visit. However, not all of these places have food suitable for a baby.

Vacation to Bali Together

The next tip for a vacation to Bali with a baby is to prepare special baby food. You can bring certain non-perishable foods especially for him. Thus, you don't need to worry that your little one will feel hungry because there is no food according to his age.

6. Parental Cooperation

Vacation with family means doing activities together. In this case, taking care of the baby is not only the responsibility of the mother. Fathers also have to help so that mothers are not too tired and share the joy of going on vacation. Dad can help carry the baby and put him to sleep. Thus, holidays with babies will not feel heavy.

7. Spend less

Your goal on vacation is to have fun and teach the experience of traveling to babies. You must focus on this. Also pay attention not to shop too much or buy things.

You better focus on how to enjoy the attractions that are there. Shopping for souvenirs should only be done at the end of the holiday. This is so that you don't carry too much weight during the holidays.

Those are the holiday tips to Bali with babies that you should know. Don't make a baby an excuse to postpone your vacation. This holiday should be more beautiful and enjoyable because of the presence of a new member in the family. Don't forget to capture this happy moment with enough photos. Happy holidays

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