List of Instagramable Hotels in Bali Cheap, Unique and Comfortable

8. Ibis Bali Legian Street

Cheap Instagramable Hotels in Bali

Come on, choose a list of cheap instagramable hotels in Bali below.

Besides being popular because of its tourist attractions, Bali actually has a myriad of entertainment that can please the heart. Unfortunately, many people think that a vacation to Bali requires a lot of money. Food prices are expensive, hotel rent is also expensive, everything is expensive.

Eits, don't get me wrong, buddy! This opinion is not entirely correct. There are many things you can do to have a frugal vacation and not break the bank. One way is to rent a cheap hotel. You can find lots of cheap instagramable hotels in Bali, close to tourist attractions but still clean and comfortable.

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List of Instagramable and Cheap Hotels in Bali

The hotel is one of the means that determines the comfort of a vacation. Even though the rent is expensive, if the inn is dirty, hard to reach and the service is not friendly, it will definitely leave an unpleasant impression.

In Bali, you can find various kinds of hotels that are needed. Some are expensive of course with a high level of comfort. But there are also those that are cheap but still livable.

Why does it have to be instagramable? Because one of the tourist goals is to leave beautiful memories through photos or pictures. Therefore, as much as possible everyone must look for beautiful spots to take pictures. Hotels are no exception.

Here are some hotels in Bali that are instagramable and cheap and comfortable which are recommended.

1. The Alchemist Bungalows and Restaurant

This hotel, which is located in Jimbaran Kuta Bali, carries a bohemian concept. Living here doesn't feel like in Indonesia. You will feel a slightly different atmosphere from other hotels. Every corner can be used as an instagramable photo corner. Guaranteed you will definitely feel at home and at home in this place.

The Alchemist Bungalows and Restaurant is very close to Balangan beach. Balangan Beach is not as well known as Kuta Beach. However, its beauty is no less amazing than other popular Bali beaches.

2. Bliss Surfer

With a rental price of no more than IDR 400,000 per night, you can already stay at one of these instagramable and cheap hotels in Bali. Bliss Surfer is designed with a catchy style and reflects the style of young people.

You can find a combination of bright colors in various corners of the room. Furniture is chosen with matching models and motifs to create a relaxed impression. Bliss Surfer is located in the Legian area with additional facilities such as a spa and family room. The most appropriate choice for holidays with family.

3. MaxOne Hotels

Located in an area most visited by tourists, MaxOne Hotels Bukit Jimbaran is an inexpensive accommodation with quite complete facilities. This place is designated as one of the instagramable cheap hotels in Bali because the rental prices are very affordable.

You can enjoy amazing views from Jimbaran hills such as sunsets, wide sea, city lights and so on. There is also a swimming pool to relax on the hotel rooftop. All designs and spatial arrangements seem to be good angles for taking pictures.

4. Summerhome Ummasari Boutique Hotel

Blue is the dominant color at Summerhome Ummasari Boutique Hotel. The color symbolizes natural serenity. This location uses a maritime concept where you can get serenity like being by the sea.

In addition, the interior design is laid out in such a way that looks like a house so that it doesn't look foreign to visitors. Armed with a rental fee of around IDR 400,000 per night, you can already enjoy the attractive corners of the hotel.

Every decoration of this place is very interesting to take pictures. This cheap, instagramable hotel in Bali is located in the Petitenget Seminyak area of Bali.

5. Cara Cara Inn

Cara Cara Inn is one of the instagramable cheap hotels in Bali which is located in the Kuta area. This inn has a boutique hostel concept, namely hotels and hostels with a boutique theme. If you have an accommodation budget that is not too big, this place will be the most appropriate choice.

As you know, cheap hotels are rare in the Kuta area. Apart from offering low prices, Cara Cara Inn is also very attractive and comfortable.

Every corner of the hotel is created in such a way that it looks very unique and out of the box. It is perfect for those of you who like to hunt for interesting photo spots to share on Instagram.

6. Fame Hotel Sunset Road

Another instagramable hotel in Bali is cheap but very interesting to stay at. Fame Hotel Sunset Road is also located in the Kuta area. This place carries a hippie theme with the application of beautiful colors around the hotel.

You can see various kinds of images from the culture of the 90s to the present that are displayed in various angles. Make sure you fully charge the camera battery because here you won't run out of interesting photo spots.

7. Home @ 36 Condotel

Apart from places to stay, you will also be treated to shopping places as well as the beach in plain sight. Home @ 36 Condotel is located at Discovery Shopping Mall Kuta. This hotel is one of the intragramable hotels in Bali that is cheap, efficient and charming. The interior concept of the hotel is quite interesting with gifts color cheerful sunny.

Plus the sea view that can be enjoyed directly from the hotel area, further adds to the attractiveness of this one hotel. You don't need to worry about the price problem. With only IDR 400,000, you can enjoy the comfort of the Home @ 36 Condotel room.

8. Ibis Bali Legian Street

This hotel is located in a very strategic location, namely Kuta Beach and Legian. With only IDR 350,000 in capital, you can sleep soundly with a soft mattress at Ibis Bali Legian Street.

The concept is quite interesting, which is more towards a modern interior. The most amazing thing about this cheap instagramable hotel in Bali is the rooftop swimming pool. You can enjoy a very extraordinary view. A very appropriate location to be taken as a memory that you have visited Bali.

9. Kutus stronghold

The name does not really reflect the name of a hotel. But who would have thought that Kubu Kutus is one of the lists of instagrammable cheap hotels in Bali that are worth a visit. Kubu Kutus is located in the Canggu area of Bali.

Only with a fund of IDR 250,000, you can enjoy beautiful views from inside the room. Each room at Kubu Kutus has a direct view of the swimming pool. In addition, this place is close to a black sand beach which is very rare in Bali. For sure, Kubu Kutus will be the place for the most captivating photos.

Those are some lists of cheap instagramable hotels in Bali that you must know. All of these hotels offer quite affordable prices and won't make your wallet thin. Photos are the most important thing in a vacation. The photos taken during the holidays will be unforgettable memories. So, be smart about finding photo spots!

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