How to Rent a Bali Rental Motorcycle

Motorbike Rental in Bali, Denpasar, Kuta, Airport and Ubud

  1. 1 Day Calculation Flexible starting from 00:00 to 12 pm or 1×24 hours
    Example: Mbak Clara rented our unit from 5 July starting from 1 pm Bali time to 8 July at 8 am Bali time, so – 
    Mbak Clara is counted as renting for 3 days.
  2. Free Delivery or free of additional fees for the specified area.
  3. If Helmets & Accessories Lost or swapped motorbikes will be charged; Helmet : IDR 100,000,- 
    For accessories, please contact our customer service.
  4. Leaky Tires after the first day of rental or handover, punctured tires are no longer our responsibility.
  5. We recommend finding the nearest repair shop when a tire is leaking or breaking down (damage or trouble fees are charged – 
    to the tenant
  6. The tenant is responsible if there is damage to the motor unit or loss of the motor unit, each replacement price for spare parts will be
    determined according to the prevailing prices at authorized dealers, this aims to avoid overprice charges.
  7. The Tenant is Fully Responsible for all forms of loss of the motor unit and if legal problems arise as a result of
    errors / omissions in the use of the motorbike during the rental period.

ERADICATE MOTOR THEFT SYNDICATES: Dewa Motor Bali Rental cooperates with the Bali Regional Police, the Indonesian Motorcycle Rental Association and the Bali Motorcycle Rental Association. We WILL IMMEDIATELY take firm action and prosecute any person who is indicated by a syndicate or has been linked to a blacklist, pawnbroker, embezzlement, to DPO rental associations throughout Indonesia.

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