How to Rent a Motorbike Bali Rental

Motorcycle Rental in Bali, Denpasar, Kuta, Airport and Ubud

  1. Calculation 1 Day Flexible starting from 00:00 to 12 at night or 1×24 hours
    Example: Ms. Clara rented our unit from July 5 starting from 1 pm Bali time until July 8 at 8 am Bali time, then – 
    Ms. Clara counted as renting for 3 days.
  2. Free Delivery or free of additional fees for the specified area.
  3. If Helmets & Accessories If the motorbike is lost or exchanged, a charge will be applied; Helmet : IDR 100,000,- 
    For accessories please contact our customer service.
  4. Leaking tires after the first day of rental or handover, punctured tires are no longer our responsibility.
  5. We recommend finding the nearest repair shop when the tire punctures or breaks down (Damage or problem costs are charged – 
    to tenants
  6. Tenants are responsible if there is damage to the motor unit or loss of the motor unit, each spare part replacement price will-
    determined according to the price in force at the authorized dealer, this aims to avoid overprice charges.
  7. The lessee is fully responsible for all forms of loss of the motorbike unit and if legal problems arise due to
    errors / negligence in the use of the motorbike during the rental period.

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