Cheap Price Motorcycle Rental Services in Bali

Motorcycle Rental Services

Motorcycle Rental Services | Cheap Prices in Bali – One way to enjoy every charm of Bali tourism destinations in a relaxed manner, namely by riding a motorbike. Especially for those of you who are travelers at heart, through this activity a vacation in Bali will be much more memorable and satisfying.

By riding a motorbike, at least you will be free to arrange the time of your visit. Avoid traffic jams. Can take shortcuts freely. And explore every niche of the road to the tourist destination area. So you can memorize the path traversed. Meet too list of tourist entrance tickets in Bali at this link.

To be able to ride a motorbike in Bali, you can take advantage of the abundance of cheap motorbike rental services in Bali. Cheap but does not mean low quality. But with a satisfactory capacity. According to your taste.

Cheap Price Motorcycle Rental Services in Bali

Along with the times, motorbike rental services in Bali are now also relying on technological sophistication. Where you can make transactions for ordering vehicles, especially motorbikes via the internet, online. Simply by using the gadget (smartphone) you have, you can determine and choose what motorbike to ride while on vacation in Bali.

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One of the online motorbike rental services in Bali, is Motor Bali Rental, which spontaneously dares to be different. Be the right solution for cheap motorbike rental in Bali.

1. Motor Condition

Even though we offer motorbike rentals at low prices, we still prioritize customer satisfaction. Where Dewa Motor Bali Rental provides various variants of motorcycle brands which are new releases and have complete vehicle documents.

Guaranteed and maintained regularly. In addition, you can also check the motorbike first before renting it. Even after the rental, we also often do a check up on the primacy of the motorbike.

2. Shuttle Service

In addition, we also provide plus-plus rental services, where Dewa Motor Bali rental officers are happy to serve free customer shuttles. As for the shuttle area, we mean the areas of Kuta, Ubud, Legian, Seminyak, and Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport.

Here you can simply contact the Dewa Motor Bali rental customer service as the contact person available on the official website. Quickly, we will deliver your order motorbike. Or pick you up at a predetermined location.

3. Rental Facilities

In addition to promising a free shuttle service, we also provide other rental facilities. Where every customer who makes a motorbike rental transaction at Dewa Motor Bali Rental, we will provide complete facilities in the form of two helmets and a raincoat. a traveler's vehicle that is very suitable for young couples.

Especially for those of you who like to tour.

Motorcycle Price Specifications

There are two leading brands on offer at Bali motorbike rental, namely Honda and Yamaha. The brief specifications of the type and price are as follows:

  • Mio GT. Daily rental price only Rp.50.000. While weekly Rp. 300.000.
  • Mio M3, priced Rp. 60.000/day and Rp. 350.000/week.
  • Mio Vino, priced for rent only Rp. 60.000/day and Rp. 350.000/week.
  • NMAX is appreciated Rp. 150.000/day and Rp. 850.000/week.
  • XMAX is charged Rp. 350.000/day and Rp. 2.000.000/week.
  • Vario is priced at Rp. 55.000/day and Rp. 300.000/week
  • All New Scoopy, Rp. 75.000/day and Rp. 450.000/week.
  • Scoopy, Rp.70.000/day and Rp. 400.000/week.
  • Vario FI, priced at Rp. 65.000/day and Rp.375.000/week.
  • All New Beat, priced at Rp. 65.000/day and Rp. 375.000/week.
  • Beat, priced at Rp. 60.000/day and Rp. 350.000/week.
  • Vario 125, priced at Rp. 75.000/day and Rp. 450.000/week.
  • All New Vario, priced at Rp. 90.000/day and Rp.550.000/week.
  • PCX, priced at Rp. 150.000/day and Rp. 900.000/week.

Related how to order and terms you can directly visit us. The right solution for cheap motorbike rentals in Bali.

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