Rent a Car in Bali Without a SIM Cheap Well Maintained Fleet

Rent a car in Bali without a SIM

Want to rent a car in Bali without a SIM? We are the most appropriate solution.

No one wants to feel the holidays in a state of worry and anxiety. Everyone definitely wants to be as free and calm as possible in enjoying their vacation. This is one of the consequences if you drive a car without a license.

Perasaan kurang nyaman karena khawatir akan terkena razia pihak berwajib atau kendala lainnya. Tapi, perasaan tak enak ini tak akan anda rasakan jika menyewanya dari tempat kami. Dewa motor Bali Rental akan memberikan kenyamanan dan keamanan berkendara selama liburan meskipun anda tidak membawa SIM.

Rent a Car in Bali Without a SIM

According to regulations set by the Government, driving a vehicle must have a SIM (Driving License). Whether it's two wheels or four wheels.

rent a car in bali without a driver's license

No one is allowed to ride a motorbike without carrying a SIM C. Likewise, it is not allowed to drive a car without carrying a SIM A. Even foreign tourists are required to have an international driver's license if they want to drive safely from police raids.

Even so, this does not rule out the possibility for you to rent a car in Bali without a SIM. There are good ways or alternatives to overcome this problem, including:

1. Invite Colleagues or Family

At our place, car rental in Bali without a SIM can be done with certain conditions. We do not require tenants to drive their own car. You can ask colleagues or family in a group who have SIM A.

For example, if you are on vacation with all family members, the loan can be made using the wife's name. The driver is a husband who has SIM A.

2. Using Driver Services

We provide driver services that will serve you for a trip on the island of Bali. Even if you rent a car in Bali without a driver's license, you will definitely not experience worry and anxiety about being raided by the police. You can be more relaxed and comfortable enjoying your trip and vacation on this island of the Gods.

Advantages of Car Rental with Driver

Many people are hesitant to use driver services during holiday trips. One reason is that they feel uncomfortable with the presence of strangers.

However, if you want to rent a car in Bali without a SIM at our place, at least one person in your group must have a SIM. If not, then the best solution is to use the driver we provide.

No need to worry about the presence of our drivers. We have reliable people in their fields. The following are the advantages of the driver we have, namely:

1. Friendly and Fun

The best solution for renting a car in Bali without a driver's license is to use a driver. Our drivers are friendly, kind, smiling and fun people. Of course, this will make you stay comfortable on vacation.

2. Professional

Our chauffeurs are also people who work professionally. Able to distinguish between work and personal matters. They will work well in driving your vehicle.

The driver will drive the vehicle as best he can. In addition, obey the traffic rules. They work professionally, stay out of trouble and won't break any rules. Therefore, you can feel relieved and comfortable while traveling.

3. Experienced

When it comes to driving on the streets of Bali, the most important thing is experience or flying hours. Drivers know rat streets or roads that are not affected by traffic jams.

By using our driver service, you are guaranteed not to get stuck in traffic jams. They will take you quickly to tourist destinations via village roads or bypass roads.

4. Mastering the World of Tourism

Our driver can also act as a tour guide. Along with flying hours taking customers to various tourist attractions, our drivers are knowledgeable in tourism.

5. Maintain Privacy

Our drivers are people who value and respect the privacy of others. They will not be curious or curious about your affairs and conversations with your family or entourage while on the trip.

Unless asked to join the conversation. We make sure our driver will not interfere in your conversation.

The advantages of renting a car at Dewa Motor Bali Rental

Car rental in Bali without a SIM is safe

Dewa Motor Bali Rental is one of the best car rental services on the island of Bali. We have been in the rental business for a long time. Why should you choose us? Here's why.

1. Easy and Fast Process

Renting a car in Bali without a SIM can be done easily and quickly at our place. As long as you can show one of the group members who has a driver's license and is fit to drive, we will process your loan without any hassle.

This way, both you and we will both feel safe and comfortable. You are comfortable on the trip and we are also comfortable releasing the fleet for you.

2. Best and Quality Fleet

We provide selected and best fleets in each class. Ranging from small to large capacity vehicles, we have specially prepared for each vehicle brand and certain types of vehicles for you.

We make sure you get car the best and maintained quality so that it will not experience any problems on the highway.

3. Professional and Experienced Staff

Apart from drivers, we also have other staff who are friendly and serve professionally. Marketing staff, admin staff, pick-up and delivery staff and many more are ready to serve you as well as possible. Therefore, you will definitely not be disappointed with our services.

4. Cheap and Affordable Prices

Our main advantage is that we offer the best prices. The cheapest price list that you won't be able to find anywhere else with the best quality at our place. We ensure that only here you will get the cheapest and most affordable car rental prices.

In conclusion, don't delay! Even if you rent a car in Bali without a SIM, you can still enjoy the best vacation. You can enjoy this holiday to the fullest and not be bothered by anxiety.

Immediately contact us and specify the date when you will come on vacation to this tourist paradise. Our number is always active to receive your orders and bookings. Happy holidays!

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