Rent Benelli In Bali – The Solution To Explore The Island Of The Gods By Motorcycle

Rent Benelli in Bali

Rent Benelli in Bali

“The Solution to Explore the Island of the Gods with Benelli Rentals in Bali”

The island of Bali is always full of charm to explore every beauty. Almost in all corners, you can find tourist attractions.

However, what can you do if you come to this island with a group in one vehicle and can't go anywhere without the group.

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Isn't it not good if you visit this island once but can't enjoy all the tourist attractions because of limited vehicles? That's why we are here for you guys. You can explore all the natural attractions of this island of the gods by using Benelli rental services in Bali.

Benelli Rental Prices in Bali

Motor TypePicturePrice
Benelli Motobi 200cc EvoBenelli Motobi 200cc Rental 1 - Rent Benelli In Bali - The Solution To Explore The Island Of The Gods By MotorcycleDaily : 200k
Weekly : 1.200k
Monthly : 3000k

Price list Bali motorbike rental

Benelli Motorcycle Advantages

This motorbike may be a bit foreign to Indonesian ears because the Benelli brand is not a popular brand like other motorbikes. Benelli is a motorcycle brand from Italy that has been established in the automotive world. However, this Italian motorcycle marketing is not as intensive as the motorcycles from Japan. Though the quality is not inferior to Japanese motorcycles.

Benelli Rentals in Bali - Benelli Rentals in Bali - The Solution to Explore the Island of the Gods by Motorcycle

For more details, here are some of the advantages of Benelli motorbikes such as one of the motorbikes that you can get on our Bali Benelli motorbike rental. Among others are:

1. International Quality

There is no denying the superior quality of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. In fact, the quality exceeds the motors from countries in Asia. With such a qualified quality, you don't need to worry about the condition of this motorbike.

The standard used is no longer the standard for Indonesian motorcycles, but has entered international standards. All of these vehicle equipment and parts use high quality raw materials and manufacturing processes. Benelli motors are motorcycles that are designed with advanced technology and are also energy efficient.

2. Elegant Design

Italy is famous for its work and artistic value which is quite high. This also applies to all products produced by this country including benelli motorcycles. This Motor Factory markets two types of vehicles in Indonesia, namely the automatic type and the sport type.

These two types are indeed the prima donna of vehicles in Indonesia. Benelli produces many models of these two types and we can be sure that each model has a distinctive and elegant design. A design that reflects a distinctive Italian aroma that is full of artistic value.

3. Suitable for touring

Several benelli rentals in Bali state that one of the advantages of this motorbike is its tough performance for long trips. That is why this motorbike is a very perfect type of motorbike when used to surround the island of Bali.

Buddy will not easily feel tired because the seat is soft and designed according to body posture will make you more comfortable.

Alternative Ways to Explore the Island of Bali

As previously mentioned, you don't need to be discouraged if not all tourist sites can be visited when visiting the island of Bali with a group. Of course only certain pre-approved places will be approached.

You may have to temporarily separate from the group if you want to explore this island. There are several ways that can be done, namely:

1. Walking

Walking can be done if you just want to visit nearby locations. Don't get me wrong, even though many tourists walk in cities on the island of Bali, it doesn't mean that all tourist sites are easy to reach.

Even between one place and another place adrift quite a distance. Maybe you will give up first because you are tired before reaching other tourist locations. Very uncomfortable isn't it?

2. Rent a Car

The second way is car rental. This method can be done, but it will take a large budget. It could be that you have to cut your money reserves to buy souvenirs because you have to pay for the cost of renting a car. It's uncomfortable, isn't it?

3. Rent a motorbike

This method is probably the most ideal solution. Renting a motorbike is the most reasonable way and is quite affordable materially. There are lots of motorbike rental places here. But the best thing for renting benelli in Bali is our place. Not an ordinary motorbike rental place, we rent it out benelli motorcycle manufactured from Italy.

Why Should You Rent a Benelli in Bali?

There are many reasons you can consider why you should choose a Benelli rental service in Bali, especially at our place. Following are some of them:

1. Prestigious Motorcycle

As is known, Benelli is one of the brands produced by a well-known country, namely Italy. Like it or not, riding this prestigious motorcycle will make you even more proud.

Renelli Benelli in Bali 2 1024x683 - Rent Benelli In Bali - The Solution To Explore The Island Of The Gods By Motorbike

Not many people have this one motorbike. Not all motorbike rentals in Bali rent Benelli motorbikes. Therefore, it is very fun to ride a motorbike that is unique among popular motorbikes.

2. Durable Motor

Benelli has a motor specification that is quite tough and can be used for long and long trips. For those of you who rent a motorbike in Bali, of course you don't want to spend too much time resting because the engine is easy to overheat or overheat.

It's very inconvenient to make a long trip around the island of Bali if the vehicle doesn't support it, right?

3. Affordable Price

Our Bali Benelli motorbike rental service is one of the rental services at a very affordable price. You don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on renting a vehicle, you only need to pay IDR 200.000 per day and you can take the prestigious motorbike for a walk on the island of Bali.

4. Fast Process and Easy Terms

It doesn't take too long to be able to rent a Benelli motorbike at our place. As long as you meet the requirements we need, on the same day you can take the motorbike around and explore every tourist spot on this island of the gods. All the requirements needed can be asked at Dewa Motor Bali Rental's customer service

5. Complete Letters

We ensure that every vehicle we own is equipped with valid and complete documents such as vehicle registration and taxes. You don't need to feel restless if you meet a line of traffic police on duty in the middle of the road to check the completeness of the vehicle.

6. Complete Facilities

Not only the motorbike, my friend will also be equipped with various necessary facilities such as helmets and raincoats. Make sure to always wear the helmet that we provide so that you are always safe when you are on a trip.

If you experience a problem during your trip, we will provide a customer service number if you need help. So, my friend can always feel comfortable and calm.

Where else can you get the best benelli rental in Bali if not at us? Contact us immediately and make sure to choose the right and reliable vehicle that will accompany your trip on this island. Take advantage of every precious second buddy by enjoying every tourist location that can be found throughout the island. Happy holidays.

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