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Rent Motorcycle Harley Bali
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Bali Harley motorbike rental services can be the right choice for an exciting vacation.

Spending vacation time in Bali is almost everyone's dream. The reason is, this island has a lot of stunning natural, artificial, culinary tourist destinations.

Such as Kuta Beach, Legian, Seminyak, and so on. The best way to enjoy it all is to ride a motorbike. Because, you can be free from traffic jams, more flexible, and of course fun.

Bali Harley Motorbike Rental

But what about those of you who come from outside Bali? No need to worry!? Because in Bali motorbike rental is available at low prices. One of the best motorbike recommendations for getting around Kuta and its surroundings is to rent a Harley motorbike.

You are certainly familiar with the luxury and popularity. This MOGE is able to provide its own sensation when used for city tours. Guaranteed you will look cooler and the holidays will be more memorable.

You can imagine how nice it is to witness the beauty of the beach on this high class motorbike. However, where can you get good and affordable Harley Bali motorbike rental services? You can choose a service The gods rent motorbikes in Bali.

Get it too motorbike rental price terbaik kami dewa motor bali

Cheap Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rentals in Bali

Confused looking for cheap Harley Davidson motorbike rental in Bali? Take it easy, you can get a good Harley motorbike loan at an affordable price at our place. For those of you who don't know, we, Dewa Motor Bali Rental, are a company engaged in motorbike rental since 2015.

Cheap Harley motorbike rental in Bali

Until now, we have always maintained our commitment to provide the best service to customers in need Kuta motorbike rental, Legian, Seminyak, Bali Ngurah Rai Airport, Ubud and other areas. Even though it hasn't been long, we already have a lot of the newest fleets.

In fact, thanks to good relationships with customers, we have succeeded in becoming one of the motorbike rental service providers in the Kuta and Ubud areas. Our newest motorcycle collection is Harley Davidson in several other types. You can choose as you wish.

Supaya semakin yakin untuk meminjam motor di tempat kami, silahkan simak beberapa informasi terkait keuntungan, persyaratan, dan motorbike rental price Harley di Bali.

Exploring Bali in Style

Harley motorbike rental gives you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Bali with a different style. Not only about the destination, but also about the journey itself. Riding on a Harley motorbike will give you an unparalleled sense of freedom and adventure, while enjoying the beautiful panorama of Bali.

Harley Motorcycles: A Combination Between Beauty and Speed

Harley motorcycles are not only about style, they are also about amazing speed and performance. With the powerful engine beneath you, you can feel the thrill of speed as you explore Bali's stunning roads. From exotic beaches to serene countryside, Harley motorbikes will take you through incredible landscapes.

Unlimited Adventure
By renting a Harley motorbike in Bali, you have the freedom to explore this island without limits. You can set your own itinerary, stop at interesting places, and experience every corner of Bali in depth. There are no time limits or rigid routes – just pure, unpredictable adventure.

Comfort and Style
Harley motorbike rental in Bali is not only about amazing driving sensations, but also about comfort and style. You can explore Bali's best attractions in style without sacrificing comfort. Harley motorbikes equipped with modern facilities will ensure that your trip is comfortable and memorable.

Advantages of Motorbike Rental at Our Place

You may be able to find many Bali Harley motorbike rental services. However, it is not necessarily able to provide the benefits that we offer. Here are some of the benefits that you will get when you rent a Harley motorbike at our place.

1. Quick and easy ordering

Now is not the era where you have to bother coming to the rental location to place an order. At Dewa Motor Bali Rental you only need to contact our customer service via the contacts provided, namely telephone, WhatsApp, or email. No need to worry, we are ready to serve you 24 hours responsively.

Bali Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rental

Please state the type of Harley motorbike, length of loan, and time, then we will process it quickly. Don't forget to provide your identity according to your KTP. It's a good idea, you have booked a few days before the implementation time to anticipate the booming number of orders.

2. Provide free shuttle service

You don't need to be confused about finding another vehicle to go to the Dewa Motor Bali Rental office. By ordering a Harley motorbike at our place, you will get a free pick-up service. Its coverage area includes Kuta, Seminyak, Ngurah Rai Airport, and Legian.

We will pick up at the time and place agreed upon when you place your order. Our hours of operation Monday to Friday are 08:00-20:00 WITA, while Saturday and Sunday are 08:00-16:00 WITA. On national holidays we still provide services. Because our company adheres to the principle that the customer is the king and the top priority.

3. The quality of the motor unit is guaranteed

We are committed to providing the best full service for customers. We achieve this by carrying out routine maintenance on all types of motorbikes, including Harley Davidson. Starting from changing the oil, heating, controlling the electrical system (battery), to checking tire and chain pressure.

Everything is done by professional mechanics in official and trusted workshops. Some of our workforce also understand very well about maintenance of Harley motorcycles, so you don't need to doubt about the quality of the motorbikes we provide.

In addition, we include security and safety equipment in the form of vehicle documents, helmets and raincoats for all motorcycle units. That way we guarantee you will feel comfortable when traveling around Bali by using a Harley motorbike from our rental.

4. Provides many types of Harley motorbikes

For the sake of customer satisfaction, we provide many types of Harley motorbikes. Some of them are Stret 500, Heritage Softail Classic, Dyna Switchback, Sportster Low 883, Sporter CB Custom, Roadking Classic. Please choose the type that suits your style and comfort. We are sure that your vacation will be even more memorable by riding this Harley motorbike.

How to Rent a Harley in Bali

The process of renting a Harley motorbike in Bali is very easy. You can contact the motorbike rental provider, choose the Harley model you want, and determine the date and duration of the rental. Our experienced team will assist you with this process, ensuring that you are ready to explore Bali in a unique style.

We don't want to burden you with overly complicated requirements. With a few documents you can bring your Harley Davidson motorbike around Bali. File submission is done when you come to our office to pick up the motorbike. Some of the requirements that you need to complete include:

1. Identity (KTP/Passport)

We need this identification card to clarify your identity and guarantee that you will not take any illegal actions against the Harley motorbike you rent. More than that, we have also collaborated with the Bali regional police and the Indonesian Motorbike Rental Association to prevent and take firm action against anyone who dares to steal a rental motorbike.

2. Have SIM C or International SIM

Every customer who wants to rent a Harley Davidson motorbike in Bali must have one SIM C for Indonesian citizens and International SIM for foreigners. We apply this to ensure your safety when traveling around Bali and our company's commitment to comply with government regulations.

3. Willing to be photographed as documentation

When taking a Harley motorbike, we ask you to voluntarily be photographed. The goal is as company documentation. We are happy to help make your dream vacation in Bali come true.

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Bali Motorbike Rental Prices

Do you hesitate to rent a Harley Bali motorbike because you are afraid that the price will be expensive? Now you can get rid of all those doubts by ordering it at our place. Because of the price daily motorbike rental or weekly motorbike rental  as well as the monthly that we offer is quite affordable and varied.

The complete range of types that we provide allows you to choose the type whose rental price fits your budget. When else can you rent a Harley motorbike at a friendly price if not at our place.

So what are you waiting for? Please contact us immediately to ask for more information and reservations. For those of you who are still unsure, you can see the testimonials or ratings given by hundreds of previous customers. Please see for yourself how cheap and good the service we provide. Remember, for Bali Harley motorbike rental, we are only the best choice.


In conclusion, renting a Harley in Bali is a fantastic way to explore the island with unparalleled style and freedom. From its natural beauty to its extraordinary driving sensation, Harley motorbikes will provide an unforgettable holiday experience in Bali. So, if you want to turn your vacation into a memorable adventure, consider renting a Harley motorbike and experiencing all that Bali has to offer in one-of-a-kind style.

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