Motorbike Rentals in Seminyak – Cheapest Motorbike Rental Services in Seminyak!

Motorcycle Rental in Seminyak

Motorcycle Rental in Seminyak

Are you planning a vacation in Bali? Holidays on the island of Bali sound so much fun with motorbike rentals in Seminyak. Interesting activities that can be done on this island are so varied. You can enjoy charming beach views, enjoy the beauty of dolphins on Bali Beach, enjoy the beauty of Balinese culture, and many other interesting things that you can do on the island of Bali.

One of the interesting tourist destinations on the island of Bali is Seminyak. Seminyak is the name of a village in Badung District, Bali. This place is famous for its beautiful beaches. You shouldn't miss this place when visiting Bali Island. To make your vacation more enjoyable, you can use motorbike rental services in Seminyak.

Motorbike Rental infographics in Seminyak
Motorbike Rental infographics in Seminyak

Customer Needs for Motorcycle Rental in Seminyak

Dewa-Contact-Bali-motor The need for motorbike rental in Seminyak by tourists is of course more and more. The large number of tourists visiting the island of Bali makes transportation needs in this area increasingly sought after.

Motorcycle rental is basically more effective than car rental in Bali.

You will be free from traffic jams. In addition, motorbike rental in Seminyak also provides more affordable prices.

This makes more and more tourists choose to rent motorbikes when on vacation in Bali, especially in the Seminyak area.

Harga sewa motor di Seminyak perharinya mulai dari IDR 40 thousand depending on the type of motorcycle unit.

Seminyak Bali Motorbike Rental
The Pleasure of Riding a Motorcycle on Jalan Seminyak

The price can fluctuate depending on when you rent it. When the holiday season arrives, usually the rental price will be much more expensive than normal days. In addition, each type of motorbike also has a different rental price. We provide a variety of motorcycles ranging from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Piaggio Vespa and various types of automatic and manual motorbikes.

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Kini, sudah banyak wisatawan yang plesiran di Seminyak menggunakan transportasi motor. Selain efektif, bepergian menggunakan motor memudahkan untuk berhenti di tempat-tempat yang ingin  dikunjungi. Anda tidak membutuhkan tempat parkir khusus untuk memarkirkan motor yang digunakan.

Motorcycle Rental Prices in Seminyak

Motor TypeMotorcyclePrice
Yamaha Mio GT yamaha mio gt 110cc motor bali rental Daily: 50k
Weekly: 300k
Monthly : 650k
Honda New Vario Esp honda vario esp 110cc motor Daily: 70k
Weekly: 400k
Monthly : 900k
Yamaha Nmax yamaha nmax 155cc rental motor bali Daily: 150k
Weekly: 900k
Monthly : 2,300k
Kawasaki W175 motor kawasaki w175 bali Daily: 175k
Weekly: 1,050k
Monthly : 2,750k
Vespa Primavera rent vespa primavera bali Daily: 175k
Weekly: 1,050k
Monthly : 2,750k
Xmax 250cc yamaha xmax 250cc motor bali rental Daily: 300k
Weekly: 1,700k
Monthly : 5,000k

For more details, follow Motorbike Rental Price List

A Brief History of Seminyak Traditional Village as a Tourism Center

The word Seminyak does sound quite unique. The name of one of the villages on the Island of the Gods is a tourist center for foreign and domestic tourists. If you do a search for the name Seminyak on the internet, you will get more than 10 million pages that talk about Seminyak. Isn't that amazing? Then, what is the brief history of the Seminyak Traditional Village?

seminyak beach
One of the Tourist Centers in Seminyak Beach

Desa adat Seminyak tidak terlepas dari nama Seminyak. Konon, nama Seminyak berasal dari nama Sami dan Nyak. Sami artinya semua dan Nyak artinya mau.  Dulunya, pertama kali membuka lahan, para penduduk tidak ada yang menantang dan membantah. Artinya, semua penduduk patuh dan taat kepada Raja.

Residents of Seminyak received the name Seminyak with various variations. Even so, Seminyak is increasingly popular and is increasingly recognized by people in Indonesia because of its cool marine tourism. The area of Seminyak itself is not too big, namely 2.65 square kilometers. The population is about 4000 inhabitants.

Seminyak village itself does have its own uniqueness. Therefore, a Seminyak Traditional Village was created which can be visited by tourists visiting the island of Bali. This traditional village is very thick with friendly people. Every tourist who comes will definitely feel at home to stay for long.

Seminyak and the Rapid Economy of Indigenous and Migrant Communities

The potential economic life of the Seminyak community with its tourism relies on the results of tourism-based economic activities. Local people make ends meet by running tourism and business businesses in this field. Many people make handicrafts to sell to tourists who come to the island of Bali.

Balinese handicrafts
A collection of the handiwork of local Balinese residents

Industrial activities in Bali are also increasing rapidly. The presence of micro, small and micro medium enterprises proves that the people of Seminyak have a fairly well-established economy. This tourism-based economic activity has finally become a livelihood for the indigenous people of Seminyak and migrant communities.

Welcoming the many tourists visiting Seminyak, several inns were opened. Not only that, the smart modern people of Seminyak also do motorbike rental business in Seminyak to be offered to tourists who visit the place.

The result was beyond expectations. Vehicle rental and lodging get great enthusiasm from tourists who come to Seminyak. Finally, this business can become an economic field for every Seminyak resident. The incomparable beauty of the beaches in Seminyak deserves to be a superior destination on the island of Bali, so that there are always many tourists who come to Seminyak.

Choice of Smart Traveling Transport Modes on the Island of Bali

Before having a vacation in Bali, you can make careful planning both in terms of accommodation and transportation. You can choose the best smart traveling mode of transport below.

1. Rent a Car

Many services are offered rent a car in bali at a fairly cheap price on the island of Bali. Some agents even offer it online. You can order it using whatsapp only.

rent a car in bali

2. Online transportation

Now, online transportation has indeed spread to various corners of Indonesia, including in Bali. If you are going alone, the smartest transportation option is to use online motorcycle taxis which are scattered in Bali.

ojek online bali

3. Motorcycle Rental

If you want to stay in Seminyak for a few days, you can use a motorbike rental service in Seminyak. Using a motorbike is perfect for backpackers to be able to explore many places in Seminyak Bali.

Rent a Motorbike in Semiyak

Various benefits can be obtained by choosing motorbike rental services in Seminyak, it will save time and money when traveling around Bali. In addition, you are more free to determine the tourist destinations to be visited.

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