Royal Enfield Bali Rental – Royal Enfield Rental Prices in Bali 2019

Royal Enfield Bali Rentals

Let's Rent & Rent Royal Enfield Bali!

Royal Enfield is a classic type of motorcycle that is becoming a trend by many people today. Its classic and legendary appearance makes anyone feel comfortable when using it.

Royal Enfield Bali Rental With Professional And Satisfactory Service

Royal Enfield Rentals in Bali - Royal Enfield Bali Rentals - Royal Enfield Rentals Prices in Bali 2019

We are a royal enfield Bali rental service that you can choose to fulfill your dream of traveling around the Island of the Gods using a classic classic style motorbike. Why Choose Dewa Motor Bali Rental For Holidays in Bali? Because we are the only ones who rent out Royal Enfield with reliable and tough engine performance when used in various fields on the island of Bali.

Rmental Royal Enfield Bali

Royal Enfield Bali Rentals will provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to have an extraordinary experience on vacation using this cool motorbike. Motorcycles are available in prime condition and well maintained and equipped with complete papers and cool helmets.

Royal Enfield Rental in Bali - Royal Enfield Bali Rental - Royal Enfield Rental Prices in Bali 2019
Travel In Bedugul Bali


If you do a Royal Enfield Bali Rental at our place, you will get many benefits. We all know that this island, known as the Island of the Gods, provides a variety of interesting and unique places to explore. The easiest way to explore is to travel by motorbike.

Royal Enfield Bali Rentals - Royal Enfield Bali Rentals - Royal Enfield Rental Prices in Bali 2019

Royal Enfield Motorcycle is known as the best choice because it will provide an extraordinary experience for you. This classic motorbike is no less cool with other popular big motorbikes this year.

The comfort and classic sensation provided will make every customer who rents this motorbike get a more memorable vacation in Bali. This big motorbike has a soft suspension with a very tough engine performance.

If you are interested in using this classic motorbike, you can contact the Royal Enfield Bali motorbike rental service.

Royal Enfield Bali Rental Prices

Motor TypePicturePrice
Royal Enfield Classic 350 ccRoyal Enfield Classic 350 cc Rental - Royal Enfield Bali Rental - Royal Enfield Rental Prices in Bali 20198 Hours : 300k
Daily : 550k
Weekly : 3500k
Royal Enfield Classic 500 ccFor Rent Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc - Rent Royal Enfield Bali - Rent Royal Enfield In Bali 20198 Hours : 450k
Daily : 700k
Weekly : 4700k
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 ccRent Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc - Rent Royal Enfield Bali - Rent Royal Enfield In Bali 20198 Hours : 450k
Daily : 700k
Weekly : 4700k

What are the advantages of Royal Enfield Motorcycles?

There are many advantages that can be obtained from the Royal Enfield motorcycle. Here are some of them:

1. Luxury design

The Royal Enfield motorcycle has a luxurious design. The appearance of this motorbike is very distinctive combined with charming colors that are typical of the colors of the armed forces. The luxurious design makes the appearance of this motorbike even cooler. Anyone would feel more confident when using this bike.

Royal Enfield Luxury Body - Royal Enfield Bali Rentals - Royal Enfield Rental Prices In Bali 2019

There is a headlamp that is identical to the appearance of a large motorbike. Not only the headlamp is mounted dashingly on this motorbike, but this motorbike is apparently also wrapped in a long shock cover and blends with the headlamp. A classic impression is also obtained from the gas tank with a tear drop type with a different serial number on each motorbike.

2. Reliable engine performance

Not only cool, this big classic motorbike also has a capable engine performance that is not inferior to other big motorbikes. The engine used has a capacity of 346 cc with one cylinder. To cool the engine, Royal Enfield utilizes the surrounding air.

Royal Enfield Machines - Royal Enfield Bali Rentals - Royal Enfield Rental Prices In Bali 2019

This classic motorcycle engine can produce power reaching 19 horsepower and maximum torque reaching 4000 rpm. There is something that makes this bike more comfortable to use. What else if not the presence of a telescopic suspension at the front and dual shocks at the rear. Anyway, this reliable engine performance is suitable for traveling around Bali!

4. Cool features

What are the cool features of the motorbike? Royal Enfield? Yep, this big motorbike apparently has a unique feature in the form of ABS technology that provides driving safety. This buried technology is apparently also equipped with a motor disc with a Dual Channel ABS design.

Ventilated disc single piston calliper - Royal Enfield Bali Rentals - Royal Enfield Rental Prices in Bali 2019

Not to mention the Double Piston Caliper feature that has been added to the front wheels. At the rear has also been installed Ventilated disc single piston caliper. The existence of these features will certainly make your driving time safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

With various advantages possessed by Royal Enfield motorbikes, vacation trips will be more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Reasons for choosing Rmental Royal Enfield Bali

If you are confused about finding a trusted Royal Enfield motorbike rental in Bali, you can choose our services. Many foreign and domestic tourists are attracted to use Royal Enfield. Although the price for renting a Royal Enfield motorbike is more expensive than a duck or automatic motorbike, it doesn't stop fans of classic motorbikes.

Royal Enfield Bali Motorcycle Rental - Royal Enfield Bali Rental - Royal Enfield Bali Rental Prices 2019

Contact us immediately. Our services provide various kinds of convenience for every rental. Not only providing friendly service, take a look at some of the advantages of our big motorbike rental service below.

1. Easy rental process

The first advantage we have is that the rental process is very easy. You can consult with our customer service first before deciding to rent a Royal Enfield motorbike. The quality of this motorbike is also very guaranteed, ask what you want to know through our customer service.

2. Guaranteed machine quality

We ensure that the motorbikes we rent are of guaranteed quality and in prime condition. You don't have to worry if this motorbike will break down on the road because we have carried out routine maintenance every month.

3. Complete letter

To drive on vacation, you need complete documents. When you rent a Royal Enfield motorbike at our place, we will bring you complete documents that will make your driving time comfortable. Motorbikes can be taken around Bali with a predetermined rental time.

4. Many Color Options

Royal Enfield motorcycles do have quite a variety of colors. You can choose the color you like in our motorbike rental service. We have provided all the colors of the motorbikes to make every renter able to choose their favorite color. Impressive isn't it?

5. Affordable Rental Prices

Renting a Royal Enfield motorbike is said to be expensive. However, we provide a cheaper motorbike rental price for you. Do a consultation first via phone or whatsapp to get information on motorbike rental prices.

6. Helmet and raincoat facilities

Our royal enfield rental in Bali provides complete facilities ranging from helmets and raincoats, you don't need to pay extra for this facility. Whether the weather is hot or rainy, you can keep driving to enjoy every corner of the beauty of the island of the Gods.

7. Can rent online

You can rent a Royal Enfield motorbike long before your vacation in Bali. Just contact our customer service and inform the desired rental time. After arriving in Bali, you can immediately make payments and bring the Royal Enfield motorbike that has been ordered.

Royal Enfield Bali rental services accept motorbike rentals according to your needs. Make sure to use the Royal Enfield Bali rental services to enjoy a high-quality big motorbike. Let's contact us right now!

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