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Rent W175 Bali

Rent W175 in Bali

Rent W175 in Bali Your Best Choice when Rental Kawasaki W175 Retro

Bali has lots of amazing photo spots that will amaze everyone's eyes. This is why many prospective brides and grooms take sacred pictures such as pre-wedding on this island of the gods.

Not a few of them are willing to reach deeper into their pockets to rent additional equipment and properties such as classic motorbikes for maximum photo results. One that is quite popular today is the W175 rental service in Bali.


This latest motorbike is increasingly in demand, so it is the target of many young people, both those who want to use it as a photo-taking tool or use it for a walk during the holidays.

Kawasaki W175 Rental Prices

Motor NamePictureHarga Sewa
Kawasaki W175 motor kawasaki w175 bali Daily: 175k
Weekly: 1050k
Monthly : 2750k

List Bali Motorbike Rental Prices

What Makes This Retro Kawasaki Interesting?

This motorbike is not even more than 2 years old, but the demand is very high. News got out that the factory that produced it, namely Kawasaki, was overwhelmed by the response and requests that were extraordinarily positive. Actually, what are the advantages of this motorbike? Here's the list.

1. Unique and Elegant Design

This motorcycle has a unique style that is more retro-modern. The driver may want to enjoy a classic impression but still present. Dominated by dark colors such as dark green, black and silver, this motorbike will make your appearance more elegant.

2. Sophisticated and Powerful Machines

It is no longer denied how stubborn Kawasaki motorcycle engines are. This Japanese company that produces motorbikes always prioritizes the quality of its vehicle engines. The Kawasaki W175 uses a SOHC engine with a capacity of 177cc and is capable of producing 9.6 kW of torque per 7500 rpm.

3. Suitable For Touring

Why do so many young people look at this new motorbike compared to their peers? If you look at it at a glance, this motorbike that carries the sporty retro segment is indeed very suitable when ridden for long trips or touring. The seating position which is designed to follow the shape of the body will make the rider not easily feel tired.

4. The price is affordable

For a class of classic retro motorbikes, the Kawasaki W175 is priced at a fairly competitive price. With four color choices, namely white, green, black and silver, the W175 is offered at a price range of IDR 30 million. Affordable enough right?

5. Can Be Modified

For those who like modified vehicles, the Kawasaki W175 is very capable of being tinkered with. This motorbike can be created in various forms according to the wishes of the owner, such as a model scramblers or cafe racer.

Reasons for Choosing this Retro Kawasaki

Don't think you won't find a place to rent W175 in Bali, okay? Of course there are several rental places that have completed their motorbike collections with this latest Kawasaki output.

What's more, reportedly, this type of Kawasaki W175 is also owned by Mr. Jokowi, the President of the Republic of Indonesia 7 tablets. Surely my friend is interested in trying it and there are lots of devotees.

You can also rent this type of retro Kawasaki with us when you arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport or motorbike rental at bali airport.

Chose Kawasaki Rental W175

Here are some reasons why many people use the W175 Bali motorbike rental service, namely:

1. Daily Vehicles for Tourists

This W175 vehicle is often rented by tourists as their vehicle every day. Used to go around the city and find all their needs while on vacation on the island of Bali. Apart from being easy to drive, the Kawasaki W175 is a vehicle that is quite energy efficient so it won't require a lot of fuel when used daily.

2. Additional Properties

Seeing the unique body design, it's not wrong if the Kawasaki W175 is used as a photo object. Many people rent this motorbike to use it as a complementary property for taking pictures such as pre-wedding, family photos, group photos, group photos of friends and so on.

Its classic but still modern shape makes this motorbike easy to apply in various photo themes.

3. Touring Vehicles

Apart from being used as a tool to beautify shooting, some people who rent a Bali W175 motorbike use it as a touring vehicle. With its specifications that are comfortable and also fuel efficient, this motorbike is not wrong if it is the target of tourists who want to take a walk around the island of Bali. The seat is comfortable and the body is light enough to make people feel at home sitting for a long time riding this handsome motorbike.

Why should you use the services of Dewa Motor?

Even though there are lots of rentals kawasaki W175 Bali, but only at our place you will get the best. Why is that?

1. New Units

It can be said that the type of two-wheeled vehicles we have is almost the 90% or the newest model. We want to always prioritize the interests and needs of friends for wanting to ride a new motorbike. That's why we always complete the collection of vehicle units with the latest. These new motorbikes are also very suitable for friends who need them as additional properties for photos, such as the Kawasaki W175 which has a classic and elegant shape.

2. Well Maintained Units

Every vehicle that we have is always in a state of well-maintained cleanliness of the body and also the engine. We always do regular service every month, replace spare parts such as wheels every 3 months and change engine oil every month. Thus, you will always be comfortable driving any of our vehicles and will not encounter any obstacles on the road.

3. Lots of stock

We are a vehicle rental service company that has been around for a long time. The stock of vehicles that we have is quite a lot and can meet the needs even when the holiday season arrives. We are also one of the most trusted Bali Kawasaki W175 rental services and never disappoint customers who come. So don't hesitate to come to us and find one of the vehicles that you like to accompany your vacation on this island.

4. Affordable Prices

Price will not be the main problem. We will help you fill your vacation sparingly by providing affordable vehicle rental prices. Instead of using a taxi or public transportation, isn't it more economical and practical if you use a rental vehicle? Likewise with photo properties, renting a W175 vehicle at our place is guaranteed not to make your financial budget swell.

5. Fast Process

You don't have to wait too long to get a rental vehicle. The process we need is quite short so it will save you time. After completing the necessary requirements, you can get the desired rental vehicle.

6. Easy Terms

We did not submit many conditions, just a few documents. We realize that you are in the mood for a vacation and have fun. That's why we won't burden you with difficult or complicated requirements.

7. Complete Facilities

We will ensure that you will get everything you need while on the trip. Helmets, raincoats, documents or complete vehicle documents are all available. So, friends, you don't need to worry anymore about traveling with a vehicle from us.

Either as an everyday vehicle or as an additional property for shooting, rental services for W175 in Bali are mushrooming day by day. This motorbike is indeed quite interesting for young people who want to look retro. Besides being comfortable to look at, this motorbike is also comfortable to ride. If you need a Kawasaki W175 motorbike, remember our place, because only we provide the best and cheapest W175 motorbikes.

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