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Innova Bali car rental

Want to rent an Innova Bali car? Here is the most recommended place.

Dewa Motor Bali Rental merupakan tempat sewa mobil termurah di Bali. Kami menyediakan penyewaan berbagai kendaraan seperti Swift car rental, Innova, Agya, and so on. We always prioritize service quality and fleet quality.

Bali Innova Car Rental

One of our best fleets here is the Kijang Innova. This vehicle is perfect to accompany you and your family around the island of Bali. Our Innova Bali car rental is the cheapest with various additional facilities such as free airport shuttle.

There are many types of vehicles for rent on the island of Bali and its surroundings, but not all vehicles are suitable as travel companions. There are certain cars that are ideal to be used as tourist vehicles while in Bali. One of them is Innova.

Advantages of Innova Cars

Many tourists rent Innova Bali cars to accompany their holidays due to the following factors, namely:

1. Elegant and Exclusive Model

The Kijang Innova is one of the most popular and best-selling family cars owned by families in Indonesia. This car has an elegant and exclusive body shape.

The exterior design is so luxurious and shows elegance that anyone who drives it will feel proud. Apart from that, the Innova car is indeed one of the most famous cars and not everyone can have it.

This car is considered luxurious because of its price and physical appearance that supports this luxury. If you rent an Innova Bali car, your vacation will be more enjoyable.

innova car rental

2. Large Capacity

Rental mobil innova Bali memang salah satu solusi terbaik jika anda liburan ke pulau Bali bersama 5 atau 6 orang lain bersama-sama. Mobil ini memiliki ukuran interior yang cukup besar dan bisa menampung 7 – 8 orang secara bersamaan.

This car is slightly longer than its peers in its class. Therefore, a sitting position will be more comfortable because the legs will move more easily.

With a large capacity, of course you can carry a little more stuff. You can shop quite a lot for souvenirs to take home. No need to worry because the trunk space of this car is also large enough to store your groceries.

3. Powerful Engine

Talking about engine performance, of course there is no need to doubt the ability of this Japanese manufacturer brand. The Toyota Kijang Innova is one of the mainstay products from the Toyota car factory because of its powerful engine.

This car engine has a capacity of 1500cc so it is powerful enough for you to take you around the island of Bali. You can step on the gas wherever you want without worrying about crashing or other problems.

4. Save Fuel

Toyota is one of the famous car brands that is the most economical among other car brands. It's no wonder that the Bali Innova car rental is the best-selling and most sought-after.

Explore or walk anywhere you like on the island. Visit remote tourist spots that you have never even visited. This car will be your loyal travel companion without spending a lot of fuel.

5. Quiet Performance

One of the things I like most about the Innova car is that it's performance and quiet demeanor. Even though it goes through rocky roads, high speed conditions or not, its performance is always calm or calm.

It's rare for passengers to experience motion sickness when riding an Innova car. That's why this car is perfect for vacations with families with small children.

The Best Innova Bali Car Rental Place

Innova Bali car rental

Holidays in Bali are most comfortable if you can drive with a private vehicle. You are free to go wherever you like without having to be limited to means of transportation. Especially if you go in groups with friends or with a large family.

Innova Bali car rental seems to be the best and wisest solution. But where can you rent a quality Innova car and the cheapest price? The answer is only at Dewa Motor Bali Rental.

Why should you rent a vehicle at our place? The following are the advantages that we have compared to other places, namely:

1. High Flying Hours

Our Bali innova car rental services are very experienced in this field. We have been operating for approximately 5 years and have succeeded in becoming one of the best car rental services in Bali.

So far we have never received any complaints or complaints regarding the quality of the fleet or the services provided. As an experienced car rental service, we always serve professionally and try our best to satisfy customers.

2. Quality Fleet

We always try to meet customer expectations to get a quality, good and well-maintained rental car. We consider this as a necessity in meeting customer needs.

Quality Bali innova car rental, prime fleet, complete papers are only at our place. Every fleet in our place is always in good condition and does not experience any shortage.

The machine is serviced regularly every month, oil always replaced every time a certain kilometer is reached, the interior and exterior are clean because they are always washed every time they are rented out. Therefore, you don't need to worry about driving our fleet.

3. Easy and Fast Terms

We understand how much you want an easy and fun holiday. Getting entangled in administrative matters when renting a car can be a problem and this shouldn't need to arise. Therefore, we implement terms and a car rental system that is easy and fast.

You can book through an online site to shorten administrative matters. This method will also make it easier for you to find the ideal car to go on vacation because usually there is still quite a lot of stock compared to renting on site.

4. Competitive Price

Don't worry about the price of an innova Bali car rental at our place! Here, we apply the most competitive and affordable prices for you and your family. You can be more relieved to enjoy the trip without being burdened by vehicle rental costs.

5. Lots of Additional Facilities

We will also provide a free airport shuttle service for the car you rent. Thus, there is no need to bother going to our place to pick up the fleet.

In order to enjoy this service, you are advised to make an online order either through the website or by calling the telephone number provided a few days in advance.


Don't choose the wrong place for an innova Bali car rental, friend! Make sure you choose our place because of the guaranteed quality of service and fleet. To ensure fleet availability, please make an online order either via WhatsApp or this website.

Holidays in Bali are indeed most comfortable by driving a private Innova car. Holidays become more comfortable, enjoyable and free to go wherever you want.

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