Cheap Bali Honeymoon Tips – Check out the following tips

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Cheap Honeymoon Tips in Bali

Even if you have a mediocre budget, you and your partner can still enjoy Bali by applying cheap honeymoon tips in Bali. Let's see!

Honeymoon becomes something so special after marriage. Spending time in a romantic atmosphere with your partner, without being disturbed by anything or anyone. How many people are willing to drain their wallets in order to realize their honeymoon in their dream place.

One of the favorite places for honeymoon is Bali. This Island of the Gods does offer a lot of beauty that spoils couples. And now it looks like you want to go there too, huh.

Before really deciding, you should read these cheap honeymoon tips in Bali first. Not only is it useful for those with limited budgets, those of you who have prepared large funds also need to know. Wouldn't it be more profitable if you could have a romantic honeymoon, but still save money? The rest of the budget can later be diverted to other household needs.

To go around Bali, you can use services Bali Motorbike Rentals . Many advantages will be obtained.

Here are tips for a cheap honeymoon to Bali while still considering your comfort with your partner later. It would be better if you could apply all of them.

1. Define concept and budget clearly

Cheap Honeymoon Tips to Bali

Every couple certainly has the concept of a dream honeymoon. Whether it's a full romantic, a combination of romance with adventure or something else. After determining the concept, you can consider the needs of the honeymoon with the costs required.

Starting from transportation, lodging rentals, tourist attractions, food, and so on. Record everything in detail and clearly to cut costs that may not be too important or can be minimized. For example, personal shopping costs and souvenirs.

Remember, measure the desire with the ability of the budget you have. Don't force yourself, especially when it becomes a burden after the honeymoon. The journey of the household bidder is still long and requires a lot of costs in carrying it out.

2. Find out information that is valid and up to date

The next cheap honeymoon tip to Bali is to find as much local information as possible regarding the needs that you have arranged. Try to do it in advance so that it is more valid.

You can just look for villa prices or other info via the internet. However, make sure that it is up to date by checking the date. As much as possible not too far adrift. Because often villas or even tourist destinations experience price increases. Don't let the atmosphere of your honeymoon be ruined because of the fuss about costs.

3. Use the honeymoon package

Cheap Honeymoon Tips in Bali

These cheap honeymoon tips in Bali have been done quite a lot and are quite successful. Yes, you can use a honeymoon package by looking for a relatively affordable price. The advantage of using this package is that from the start you can confirm the costs needed.

In addition, many often offer discounts. You just have to be smart looking for promos. However, the drawback is that if you use this service, you may not be flexible in determining tourist destinations.

4. Plan the tourist destinations visited

Speaking of honeymoon in Bali, you definitely have to explore its tourist objects. Before leaving, it is important for you to plan which destinations to visit.

Considering the concept is a limited-cost honeymoon, then you should look for low-cost tours. No need to worry, there are lots of cheap Bali honeymoon tours with amazing views.

Your romance with your partner will still be perfect, even though the budget is limited. As a recommendation, you can visit Virgin Beach, Taman Ujung Karangasem, Gunung Payung Beach, Campuhan Hill, Ubud. This tour has an average entry ticket of under IDR 20,000, some are even free. Please select your favorite travel category and partner.

5. Consider the cost of transportation to Bali

cheap bali honeymoon tips 1

For those of you who are far from the province of Bali, you definitely need transportation that is not cheap. Therefore, you need to consider it carefully. Will it take land or air vehicles?

Then compare the prices. There's nothing wrong with looking for promos from travel agents. For those of you who decide to take a plane, choosing a night flight schedule will save more costs.

6. Choose a honeymoon villa at an affordable price

cheap bali honeymoon tips 3

Lodging is certainly an important part of the honeymoon and is included in the category of consuming a lot of money. Tips for cheap months in Bali related to this point are that you should choose a villa at an affordable price.

Such as Karana Villa, Balangan Pratama Villa, Noah Villa and Chapel, and many others. These villas set rates under 1 million and are close to tourist attractions.

That way, you can also save on transportation costs. Take it easy, even though the price is cheap, the facilities are quite complete. All offer spacious rooms and a private swimming pool that you can enjoy with your partner.

7. Rent a motorbike to go around Bali

Motorcycle Rental in Sanur

Bali has stunning views. Not only the tourist object, along the way you will be presented with a variety of natural beauty. Call it Temukus Village, Ubud's terraced rice fields, or others. Therefore, the best way to enjoy as well as tips for a cheap honeymoon in Bali.

Bisa dibayangkan, betapa romantisnya berkeliling Bali dengan cara berboncengan bersama pasangan. Bawa motor dengan laju pelan, bercanda, dan sesekali berhenti untuk menyantap jajanan di pinggir jalan. Selain itu, motorbike rental price juga lebih murah dibandingkan dengan jenis transportasi lainnya.

In Bali there are many motorbike rentals that you can rent. They usually provide the latest fleet with guaranteed quality, so you and your partner can still look cool at an affordable cost.

8. Have a simple but romantic meal

These are cheap honeymoon tips in Bali that are often forgotten. Most people still think that a romantic atmosphere during a honeymoon can only be done in a luxury hotel with dishes worth millions.

As a result, not a few people whose bills swelled after their honeymoon or even postponed it. In fact, actually romance depends on your own mindset.

Eating in a simple way as long as it is filled with a loving atmosphere, it will also be special. As a suggestion, maybe you can eat a plate together with your partner on the beach in Sanur while watching the orange sunset. Aren't moments like that more serene?

9. Shopping at Sukawati Market

Ubud Art Market

The last cheap honeymoon tip in Bali is shopping at Sukawati Market. When visiting the Island of the Gods, of course it's not enough if you don't buy various souvenirs or souvenirs souvenir.

If you usually buy at malls, then try to come to Sukawati Art Market, Tanah Lot Art Market, or Kumbasari Market. There are lots of Balinese souvenirs at affordable prices, some are even negotiable. Starting from clothes, fabrics, bags, key chains, and much more. Wow, you must be impatient to impress immediately, huh?

Those are some cheap honeymoon tips in Bali that you can try. So what are you waiting for? Immediately arrange the concept, budget and schedule with your partner to realize the dream of the most beautiful honeymoon on the Island of the Gods.

Even with a limited budget, as long as it's done with your beloved husband or wife, it's sure to be special. However, it is also important for you to prepare a reserve fund in anticipation of eventualities beyond planning. Hopefully the honeymoon event in Bali will be successful, okay?

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