Unique Hotels in Bali, 9 Coolest, Make You Forget Home

2. Firefly Eco Lodge

Unique Hotel in Bali

Unique hotels in Bali can be an option to stay to make your vacation even more memorable.

Talking about the island of Bali does not only discuss its natural beauty. The island of Bali is also full of uniqueness that can be found here and there. This beauty and uniqueness makes the island of Bali one of the most favorite tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists.

One that contributes to the uniqueness of this island is the buildings that rarely or never exist elsewhere. Like hotels for example. You can find many unique hotels in Bali in remote areas. Although not all of them reflect Balinese culture, these hotels are very cool, unique, exotic and different from usual.

Rekomendasi Hotel  yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Visiting the island of Bali means you have to be prepared to experience an unforgettable vacation with motorbike rental in bali. Especially if you stay at these unique Bali hotels. It sure feels reluctant to go back home. These hotels are designed in such a way with different shapes, structures, models and out of the box. Maybe even never thought of building such a dwelling.

Here are some cool and attractive hotels in Bali with unique designs and decorations. Among others are :

1. Alien Bubble Hotel

Alien Bubble Hotel Bali Unique Hotel

Alien Bubble Hotel is a unique hotel in Bali with a bubble balloon concept. This hotel is located in Uluwatu Bali. It is only about 10 meters from the beach. Here, you will actually stay inside a transparent bubble balloon.

At nightfall, you can lie down while looking at the sky with the stars directly without any obstacles. Bubble hotels are gaining popularity recently, but not all hotels use bubbles like this one here.

2. Firefly Eco Lodge

Firefly Eco Lodge

Located in the middle of the rice fields in Gianyar district, Firefly Eco Lodge offers a natural feel to its visitors. This hotel is deliberately built between green areas in order to get a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the open air. When night falls, if you are lucky you will be accompanied by small fireflies flying around the room.

In addition to the natural design of the building, all the food served at this place also uses organic ingredients. Materials obtained directly from farmers and breeders around such as vegetables, fruit, goat's milk and so on.

3. NewEarth Haven Eco Dome

NewEarth Haven Eco Dome

This unique hotel in Bali presents a dome concept built in the middle of the Tegalalang rice fields, Gianyar. All materials are made of bamboo and wood. New Earth Haven Eco Dome gives you the comfort of living amidst the peace of rice plants. The design reminds us of country houses that blend with the natural surroundings.

You don't need to worry, even though it has a natural concept, this hotel does not leave its visitors' need for technology. Electricity and internet network are still available here. In fact, you can find a working space in the area under the dome if you suddenly run into sudden work matters.

4. Hideout Lightroom

Hideout Lightroom

With cool air at the foot of Mount Agung, Hideout lightroom is one of the unique hotels in Bali with a cool concept. This hotel is perfect for those of you who are too bored with the density and noise of big cities. Made from bamboo, wood and other natural materials, Hideout Lightroom presents a calm, natural and peaceful atmosphere when you spend the night in this place.

The beds in Hideout are enormous. In addition, there is a relaxing room and a kitchen that you can use to prepare breakfast. You can also bathe and sunbathe outdoors because there is a large bathtub beside the room. All areas are completely open. You will feel completely at one with the natural surroundings.

5. Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel Unique Bali

Have you ever felt sleeping accompanied by a herd of wild animals? Yup, that's the concept of the Mara River Safari Logde. This unique hotel in Bali presents a safari atmosphere like a trip in the African desert. Zebras, rhinos and elephants roaming around the hotel are a cool and thrilling sight.

Mara River Safari Lodge is perfect for a place to stay with children. Because apart from having a comfortable hotel, you can also do educational tours and learn about protected animals. This hotel is located in the Gianyar area of Bali. The location is quite close to many other tourist attractions.

6. Villa Laksmana Hideaway II

Villa Laksmana Hideaway II

Villa Laksamana Hideaway is a place to stay that is clean, neat, beautiful and cool. Usually women will like to live in this place. The swimming pool is quite large and available right in front of the room. Whenever you want to swim, you can immediately jump into the pool. This unique hotel in Bali carries a white, clean and charming concept. Sheets, curtains, wall paint to the roof shades of white. You will definitely feel at home and will not want to leave here soon.

7. Secret Wooden House in Bali 1

Unique Bali Secret Wooden House Hotel

Despite its name Secret Wooden House in Bali 1, the location of this unique hotel in Bali is not remote. It is located in the center of the crowd, namely the Kuta area. But even so, this one hotel is able to offer peace and comfort for anyone who stays there.

Entering this hotel area seems to bring you to the atmosphere of Bali in ancient times. The rooms are in the form of cottages surrounded by trees such as bananas, coconuts and other ornamental trees. All the furniture in it uses recycled wood. What a unique and classic work of art!

8. Sandat Glamping Tents

Villa Laksmana Hideaway II

If earlier there was a hotel with a bubble balloon concept, now there are more unique hotels in Bali with a tent concept. Maybe this will remind you of your childhood experience when you joined scout extracurricular activities. Yes, the hotel offers a camping theme wrapped in luxury amenities.

Sandat Glamping Tents is a hotel with a roof tent. However, you can still enjoy all the complete, classy and luxurious facilities. This is the main attraction. The swimming pool is very wide with views around that are no less interesting.

9. Sapuli in Bali

Sapulidi Bali Bali Unique Hotel

Waking up in the morning with a view of a fish pond or rice fields? You can feel this kind of atmosphere if you stay at Sapulidi Bali. This natural hotel in Bali presents views of the surrounding nature with a panoramic view that soothes the eyes. Each room is built separately with the main materials of wood and bamboo.

Sapulidi Bali is located in the Gianyar area. The surrounding location is still filled with green areas that stretch. This hotel is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings.

This list of unique hotels in Bali is only part of the other unique hotels. If you are tired of the crowds, maybe staying and being alone in these hotels will be an alternative vacation. The atmosphere and panoramas that are presented are indeed different from the others. The atmosphere is very suitable for those who want to stay in a quiet room while enjoying the peace of nature around.

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