Vespa Rental in Bali – Make Your Vacation More Memorable!

Vespa Rentals in Bali

Vespa Rentals in Bali

Are you planning a vacation on the Island of the Gods? The Island of the Gods always sounds exciting to everyone, plus a vespa rental in Bali makes it even more memorable. This island, whose beauty is well-known throughout the world, does have a truly enchanting natural beauty.

To explore Bali more deeply, you can use Vespa Rental services in Bali with Vespa rental prices the best we have to offer.

Often tourists who visit Bali feel dissatisfied during their vacation. This is due to the lack of transportation so that all the tourist oceans in Bali cannot be enjoyed properly. So, we offer to use a vespa rental in Bali which can make your vacation more satisfying.

Advantages of Vespa Modern

Why should choose vespa? Vespa became a vehicle that is quite ancient. Apart from all that, the Vespa has indeed been legendary since birth. Now, modern vespa comes with a smaller design and makes vespa look younger. The sporty design it carries makes this vehicle more attractive to young people.

Bali Vespa Motorcycle Rental - Vespa Rental in Bali - Make Your Vacation More Memorable!

Modern Vespa

The modern Vespa comes with technology that gives it great safety. This technology is called I-Get teknologi technology. Its safe suspension and disc brakes on the front wheels make this vehicle safe to carry everywhere.

On the brakes, LED lights have also been installed which make it more dynamic and charming.

Vespa Iget Technology - Vespa Rental in Bali - Make Your Vacation More Memorable!

We, a vespa rental service in Bali, give you the opportunity to try a modern vespa, with a sporty and dynamic design that will make traveling around Bali more enjoyable.

This sporty Vespa had appeared in the 60's to 70's. But in the 2019 era, this legendary Vespa has appeared with a more elegant appearance. Vespa appears with a new aura by combining the old Vespa style with a sporty and trendy atmosphere.

Thanks to this new style, this vespa looks more fun. The wheel design of this vespa is even bigger than the vespa in the 70s. That's why this vespa becomes more comfortable to drive.

Unique style of vespa

The unique style of the vespa has also been equipped with a handle for passengers. The rear view mirror is also more effective and makes it easier for every driver to use it. The emergence of big motorbikes which in fact are cool did not dampen the interest of many people to have this modern Vespa motorbike.

Rent a Vespa in Bali - Rent a Vespa in Bali - Make Your Vacation More Memorable!

The Vespa has emerged with a prominent urban style, the charisma of this vehicle is unquestionable. The design that brought success brought the legendary to be the leader of the motorcycle segment with the small body. The small and agile model certainly creates a very agile transportation in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Type and Vespa Rental Prices in Bali

Vespa Bali motorbike rental not only provides several types of vespas with each of the best specifications. Here are some types of vespas that we rent for all of our potential customers.

1. Vespa S 125k/24 Hours

Vespa S is the best type of Vespa with a 125 cc engine. The quality is very solid, you can use this vespa to get around Bali comfortably and safely. The daily price you can pay to rent a Vespa S is also affordable.


2. Vespa Primavera 150k/24 Hours

In addition to the S vespa, we also rent out the Primavera vespa with a bigger performance of 150 cc. You can drive a vespa primavera easily and safely to surround tourism on the island of Bali. The colors are very bright and varied making the appearance of this vespa even more beautiful.

rent a vespa primavera bali 300x200 - Rent a Vespa in Bali - Make Your Vacation More Memorable!

3. Vespa Sprint 150k/24 Hours

This is the type of vespa that is most in demand in our Bali vespa motorbike rental. This Vespa has a very comfortable suspension and is suitable for traveling alone with a partner. The engine performance reaches 150 cc and makes this vespa even more energetic.

rent vespa sprint bali 300x226 - Rent Vespa in Bali - Make Your Vacation More Memorable!

4. Vespa GTS 175k/24 Hours

This Vespa has a rental price that is quite expensive. If you can rent another vespa at a price of 150 thousand per day, but you need to pay 250 thousand rupiah for this type of vespa.

rent vespa gts bali 300x225 - Rent Vespa in Bali - Make Your Vacation More Memorable!

Which type of vespa do you like the most? you can choose the type of vespa according to your needs. To get really good quality Vespa products, Vespa rental services in Bali are a smart choice.

Facilities Received in Vespa Motorcycle Rental in Bali

There are several interesting facilities that are obtained when using the Vespa rental services that we offer. Here are some of the facilities that you will get.

1. Free Shuttle

We provide shuttle facilities for those of you who want to use our Vespa rental services. All the vespas that we have prepared are full injection iget vespas so they are fuel efficient

2. Standard Helmet

As a tourist, it is impossible for you to bring a helmet from home to Bali. We have provided 2 standard helmets for safe riding in Bali.

3. Free Raincoat

Weather in Bali is unpredictable. We have prepared a raincoat if you ever need it.

4. Pertamax 2 liters

When renting our vehicle, we have provided free 2 liters of Pertamax for you. If you want to get a full tank, you can request us

Make your holiday in Bali even more memorable by using a vespa rental in Bali at our place. No need to bother taking angkot or transiting from bus to bus, you can enjoy your vacation more comfortably.

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