Why Choose Dewa Motor Bali Rental for Holidays in Bali?

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Why Choose Dewa Motor

Why choose god of motorbikes for your holiday on the island of Bali? If you are on vacation in Bali for two or four, it will be more fun to rent a motorbike. Riding a tandem while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery can certainly make our vacation even more memorable.

By using a motorbike, you don't need to line up waiting in long traffic jams that take up time. Alias you can definitely zig-zag through the city jams.

through city traffic jams

Dengan mengendarai motor dapat juga menyusuri jalanan sempit sehingga bisa cepat sampai di tempat tujuan Anda.  Banyak penyedia sewa motor di Bali yang menyiapkan motor-motor berkualitas dan baru yang mereka tawarkan. Namun, pasti anda bertanya kenapa memilih dewa motor?

Check Motor Condition
  1. Make sure the motor is really in good condition both outside and inside.
  2. Pay attention to the engine and the year output.
  3. Make sure the motorcycle tires and their overall condition.
  4. Do a test drive if you want to prove how the motorbike is used.

one service the best motorbike rental services and the satisfactory quality is Dewa Motor Bali Rental. You can make us your regular service for motorbike rental in Bali. Or also to meet transportation needs while in Bali.

Here are the reasons why you choose dewa motor bali rental to accompany your vacation in Bali:

1. Experienced in serving consumers

In choosing a motorbike rental service company in Kuta, you should pay attention to their experience serving customers. Well, Dewa Motor Bali Rental is very experienced in serving a lot of tourists and has more than 4 years in this service.

Experienced in serving customers

In those 4 years, it's rare to have bad complaints. You can see for yourself customer testimonials either on the website or via google reviews.

2. The newest motorbikes for rent

You need to know that Dewa Motor always renews his motorbikes. So, you can use motorbikes from famous brands such as Yamaha and Honda which are currently hits. The model is not outdated, so you are not ashamed to drive it wherever you go.

The latest motorbikes for rent

3. All motorbikes are well maintained and have complete documents

Apart from having the latest motorbikes from well-known brands, Dewa Motor Bali Rental as a motorbike rental service provider in Bali is diligent in taking care of his motorbikes. All the motorbikes have complete papers, you don't need to be afraid of being caught by the police while on the road. The machine is always maintained and brought to the official repair shop regularly.

4. The conditions are easy

Untuk rental motor di Kuta, Anda hanya perlu memberikan data diri, SIM C dan mau difoto sebagai dokumentasi. Persayaratan lengkapnya bisa langsung hubungi kontak yang tertera pada website, pastinya sangat mudah dipenuhi.

5. There is a free shuttle service

For those of you who are around Kuta, Seminyak, Ngurah Rai Airport and Legian there is a free shuttle service. So, you no longer need to look for another vehicle to get to the Dewa Motor Bali Rental office. All you need to do is contact our phone, WA, email, we will go straight to your address and deliver the motorbike.

6. Complete and satisfactory service

One more advantage of motorbike rental in Bali is that it has a complete service. When you rent a motorbike, you will get facilities such as raincoats and helmets to keep you safe on the road. You get friendly service and don't hesitate to ask us questions about motorbike rental in Kuta. We try to answer as best we can and always provide the best for all of you.

Booking Information

Tel : 6282236893369
Email : info@dewamotorbalirental.com
Street of Kubu Anyar no 19 Kuta Badung Bali 80361

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