Gunung Kawi Temple Bali

gunung kawi temple
gunung kawi temple
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Gunung Kawi Temple is one of a protected and preserved ancient sites in Bali. This temple does not look like a temple in general because of its unusual shape. That said, this temple is where the previous king was buried. Its historical value is thick and interesting to study.

The Beauty of Gunung Kawi Temple Bali

Gunung Kawi Temple Bali is split into two parts where the Pakerisan River is as dividing line. Here, you will find 315 steps on the bank river. The atmosphere of tree groves around and the gurgling water add to its beauty and solemnity of this protected temple.

You can go to the temple by renting a motorcycle in Dewa Sewa Motor Bali.

The Parikesan river channel separates two enshrinement groups. The first temple is located in west and faces east, there are four temples. While the second, located in east and facing west, there are five temples.
There is a bathing pool and shower in the west temple complex.

The sight of beautifully sculpted rock walls on the cliffs is not an ordinary sight. This is rarely found anywhere else. Everyone was amazed at the beauty of how these cliff carvings were made. It cannot be compared with other temples.

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The History of Temple

There are several stories that accompany story about Gunung Kawi Temple. One of them is the story of Kebo Iwa. This figure has extraordinary strength which is said to be able to build temples by carving cliffs using his nails overnight. Wow, it feels so extreme.

One of the other uniqueness of Gunung Kawi temples is their arch-shaped position. Apparently, this arch was made to protect the sculpture from possible erosion. In some temples, there are rooms called monasteries.

Some sources say that this monastery was used as a gathering place for priests or royal figures. There is also a mention that some priests meditate in the rooms inside the temple.

This place is a perfect one for tourists who love history and stories from the past. Exploring the temples in the east and west one by one is the main attraction in this place. Feel the beauty of sculptures on the cliffs which seems impossible for ordinary people to do.

For those who want to visit here, you can use a motorbike or a rental car. The location is not so far from the city of Denpasar, which is about 40 km or can be reached by 1 hour’s drive. If you depart from Gianyar, the distance is only about 21 km or half an hour’s journey by motorbike.

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