Medewi Beach Bali

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Medewi Beach Bali is one of hundreds of beautiful beaches in Bali. Even though it doesn’t have white sand like others, this beach is still the top one, especially for surfing lovers. Are you intrigued by this beautiful beach which located on the south side of Bali? This is some information you should know.

Holiday Activities at Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is located in Jembrana Regency, precisely in Pekutatan sub-district and Medewi village. This beach is indeed located quite far from the capital Denpasar, which is about 72 km away. Even so, this beach is still worth visiting when you travel to Bali. You can rent a motorcycle to go to the beach.

To go to Medewi beach, you can use a motorbike which can be rented from the nearest rental company. For you to know, the trip to Medewi beach is only about 2 hours from Denpasar. The road conditions are quite good and easy to pass.

There are some of the activities that can be done when you visit Medewi beach.

1. Surfing

Medewi Beach is indeed one of the beaches which is located quite far from other more popular beaches such as Kuta, Sanur and so on. For the most part, tourists who come to this beach aim to enjoy the waves by surfing.

The waves on the south coast of Bali, especially in this area, are known to be quite challenging. It is perfect for surfing sports. This sport requires high waves to be able to stimulate adrenaline. The high and rolling waves will make the tourists even more excited.

2. Enjoy Fresh Air

Even though this beach is located quite far from the center of the crowd, it does not make this tourist spot empty of visitors. Precisely tourists who want to enjoy a relaxing and quiet holiday must visit Medewi Beach.

Tourists can enjoy a calm and serene atmosphere with the sea breeze that blows. Because it is far from the center of the crowd, the air around the beach is still very fresh, clean and not polluted much.

3. The Deadly Beautiful Sunset

One of the most beautiful attractions of Medewi Beach is its exotic sunset, not inferior to sunsets on other Bali beaches. Unfortunately, the beach is full of rocks and pebbles so it is not suitable for a walk on the beach.

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Not all beaches in Bali have white sand, like Medewi Beach. However, Medewi Beach is no less attractive than the other white sand beach. This place remains a tourist destination that you can include in your visit list.

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