Most Instagrammable spots Bali

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This Most Instagrammable spots Bali is well known throughout the world as a beautiful and complete destination. From natural attractions whose beauty you may not find in other areas.

Until cultural tourism which of course only exists in this area. You can use all of this to be your preferred vacation destination.

Find the Most Instagrammable spots in Bali

Bali is a tourist destination which are so close with the name of Indonesia, especially for foreign tourists. It feels like the beauty of Bali’s beaches, which are well-known everywhere, can’t be compared. Bali is indeed famous for its beaches, but not only that. Many other places are also worth visiting.

For those of you hunters for instagramable tourist spots, here are some places that you can make references to.

1. Campuhan Hill

Campuhan hill is one of the best places to see the sunrise in Bali. To find the beauty of the sunrise from here, you have to come in the morning after dawn. Or if you don’t have time, you can still walk, cycle or jog to enjoy the beauty of this Campuhan hill.

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2. Lake Buyan Wanagiri

The lake which was opened as a Bali tour is not an ordinary lake. On this lake, you can take pictures with a variety of unique spots, such as a platform that looks like a Titanic ship and a swing hanging from a big tree. You can also enjoy fresh air at Lake Buyan Wanagiri because of its location close to the forest.

3. Ubud Traditional Market

It’s not complete if you visit Bali tourism, but don’t get the right souvenir. Therefore, take the time to visit the Ubud Traditional Market to buy a variety of handicrafts from rattan. After that, use the craft when taking pictures. Guaranteed all your photos will be much more unique and instagramable.

4. Sharma Springs Bamboo

You can stay at Sharma Springs bamboo while enjoying the beauty of the river and forest. The bonus is, of course, unique and instagramable photo spots because all the properties on this Bali tour are made with all-bamboo materials.

5. Jasari Beach

Jasri Beach is also one of the beaches that must be visited. On this beach, tourists can not only be satisfied taking photos and enjoying the beauty of the beach, but can also eat chocolate with satisfaction. The reason is, on this beach there is a Chocolate Factory which is ready to become a paradise for chocolate connoisseurs.

Also on Jasri Beach, you can spend romantic time with your partner because this beach is equipped with a large swing that directly faces the beach. So, it is certain that a romantic atmosphere will be created as well as perfect for capturing moments with your partner.

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6. Tanah Lot Temple

Bali tourist attractions that must be visited next are Tanah Lot Temple. Tanah Lot Temple is unique, namely there is a temple on a rock on the seafront. Tanah Lot Temple consists of two temples which are temples to worship the god of the sea and are often used for traditional events by the Balinese.

People who usually carry out traditional processions will go there when the sea water recedes. Because during high tide, around the temple will be surrounded by sea water and the temple cannot be visited. One thing that is unique about this temple is that there are several tame sea snakes which according to local residents are the guardians of Tanah Lot Temple.

Those are some of the most instagrammable spots in Bali that you can schedule to visit. Bali cannot be separated from the words beautiful, beautiful and charming. That’s why this place is a reference for people who are hunting for instagrammable photos.

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