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Discover the thrill of exploring Ubud, Bali, on two wheels with our rent motorbikes ubud

Rental Motorbike in Ubud

Hands up, if you miss going on vacation! Bali misses you too and hopes you will come again and greet the natives and nature. Of course, it sounds wonderful but how about COVID-19 there? Do not worry and rent a bike Ubud.

Indonesia, nowadays, has applied for new normal to restore the economic condition. You also can get the bike rental Nusa Penida.

Bali becomes the most potential place to conduct it through the tourism sector. rent motorbike ubud Bali makes your vacation more fun and impressive. Know more about it including the benefits that you get.

Are you ready to take your ride original?

Ubud is famous in three appealing tourist attractions like Pura Tirta Empul Tampak Siring and Sacred Money Forest Ubud. Lastly, you can find the most serenity heart and soul in Tegalalang terraced rice field. Find Ubud that locates about 30 minutes from Gianyar city and still include in this regency.

On the other hand, you can visit the city that has a height of 300 meters above sea level from Denpasar. Go north from the International Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar (Bali capital city). By the way, you just pass 20 km from Denpasar to Ubud city that has cooler air.

Here, you may like using scooter or motorbike for traveling there. Both kinds of vehicles are suitable for exploring Ubud with extreme roads. Indeed, some public transportation there is taxis, rent motorbike ubud, and a rental car.

Our best price for rent motorbike ubud

New Honda Vario 125ccIDR. 70.000
New Honda ScoopyIDR. 70.000
New Honda Genio IDR. 70.000
New Yamaha NMAX 155ccIDR. 150.000
More details and units please contact our whatsapp chat
rent bike ubud bali

It turns out bike rental is a more effective, efficient, and cheapest cost that using rent cars and taxis. Ubud bike rental provides good performance vehicles for narrow roads and so on. For more information, these are some other advantages of renting a motorcycle or scooter in Ubud:

1. Run nimbly, fast, and match for any road condition

Besides extremes, the roads in Ubud are not too wide, starting to damage, and difficult. Even, this city is popular with traffic jams because of many vehicles.

The existence of tourist objects also adds traffic jam. Of course, using a rent bike for reaching the destination is right. This two-wheel vehicle can run fast, nimbly, and others. It implies the motorbike can penetrate the traffic jam easily. Rent motorbike ubud

2. Access tourist spots quickly beyond the plan

By moving fast and nimbly, you will reach your tourist attraction faster than using a car or taxi. In other words, you get easiness to access tourist sites beyond your plan.

3. Appropriate for single or small group trips

Anyway, utilizing the facility or rental scooter Ubud or bike rent is not suitable for family or group. However, this service is extremely practical for you (single or double-traveler). This option keeps giving fun, effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, practice, and many more. The point is you who go on vacation in Ubud in a small group should take this facility.

4. Flexible in time and payment

Next, scooter rental in Ubud saves money so much and it gives numerous choices. You can select one of the popular bike brands in Indonesia. Usually, the rental service provides daily and weekly renting based on your necessary. Comparing with using a taxi or renting a car, this option is far cheaper or cheapest than both. You never waste time on the road anymore like a car and taxi.

How to Choose the Right Bike Rent that is cheap but keep Amazing in Ubud

Well, it is easy to find Ubud bike rental without spending much budget. By spending between IDR 65K and IDR 85K, you can rent scooter Matic for one day. Note! the price is just like a common illustration that may change anytime. Keep being careful in choosing the cheap rent bike in Ubud. Use 3 tips below to get good performances bike in the low budget:

Ubud bike rental
1. Make sure your scooter physic is in excellent condition

If you have found the bike rental you must check the physical condition first. Perhaps, you can do this step later on but it does not matter to conduct it now. Check it thoroughly such as can turn on properly, valid documents, and not violate the law.

2. Good reputable place rent motorbike ubud

Secondly, make sure that you get the right place for renting a bike like this (Dewa Motor Bali Rental). You may learn the reputation of the vendor to avoid bad service that will harm you.

3. Prices and conditions

Lastly, check the prices and the terms of the vehicle that you choose. Feel free to compare the price of the bike that you choose with other rentals. It prevents to get more too expensive price. Afterward, prepare the driving license copy, proof of flight or booking hotel, and ID card.

Advantages of using Ubud Scooter Rental

At this time, rental scooter Ubud recommends Dewa Motor Bali Rental for your business. Find the branch address in Ubud in Jl. Sandat, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571. Catch the reasons:

1. Easy to order

It serves the customers on the ordering process through the online system. It allows rent via WhatsApp or by phone. You may visit the office or after arriving at the airport. Contact the call center, make a deal, and wait for the office to send the scooter in minutes. The employee is willing to send it to the airport. Never worry because it frees service in 24 hours

2. Affordable cost and trendy bikes

It offers affordable price tags, excellent quality, the latest release, and a famous brand. You can choose the scooter from Yamaha and Honda. All rent motorbike ubud get regular service as the best treatment. It always uses the authorized dealers to treat the motorbike.

3. Credible and hospitality staff

Besides having good quality, the office in Ubud has a good staff. The employees always prioritize the best service and have high morale. They do it only for the customers and gain new tenders.

Whenever you visit or contact this rental bike, the customer service always ready to respond to your questions. It has often got some common questions like how to know the list prices, availabilities, and terms.

Then, it can answer about the calculation of the effectiveness. Other questions are about the flat tire, missing accessories, shipping cost, renting service. Lastly, the customer asks about the consequence of losing the motorbike.

Okay, Bali has allowed everyone for coming and enjoy nature and the attractions. It is time to take a breath of the fresh air of the Tegalalang rice field again. Play with the monkeys and other activities in Ubud.

Perfect your trip along with this rent motorbike ubud. Feel the reputation, quality, affordable price, and so on. Visit your favorite place faster without spending a high budget. Happy holiday!

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