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Are you looking for a rental bike Bali? Dewa Motor is the place for cheap rent bike in Bali, Indonesia.

As usual, having a vacation to Bali becomes something interesting. Many people plan to spend their holidays in Bali. Enjoying the sunset on a warm afternoon, visiting art galleries or historic heritage sites, eating Balinese food are pleasures that you can enjoy on this island.

Unfortunately, all the pleasures can only really be felt if you have your vehicle. You are free to go anywhere without limits. The solution is looking for a cheap rental bike Bali. Dewa Motor is a place that provides rental scooter Bali and other motorcycle types at very cheap and affordable prices.

Rental Bike Bali

Looking for a motorcycle rental in Bali is quite easy. You can find it along the road or in public places there. That is why you can do this when you have reached the island. However, if your vacation to Bali is still in a plan, you better search for motorcycle rentals before you get there. You can book online according to the arrival date in Bali. Thus, your vacation will be easier because the motocycle is ready to use.

Here, we introduce you to one of the best rental bikes Bali. We are from Dewa Motor Bali Rental who will provide motorcycle rental services for the Bali area. Here are some reasons why you should choose us. Please note.

rental bike bali

1. Professional Service

We are an excellent rental, professionally for every service, make your holiday in Bali as a great experience. Our staff is friendly and open. They are people who are on time, disciplined, and give priority to your satisfaction.

We always serve professionally and focus on customer-oriented. When you booked via online, the bike will be delivered perfectly on time. You can feel the professionalism in all our services.

2. Experienced

The experience will be a benchmark of the motorcycle rental service merits. In this case, you have to explore more about rental scooter Bali you will choose. Many ways you can do to find out the experience of service rental services. An example is the customer testimonial.

We are a rental service that has long enough experience in motorcycle rental services in Bali. On top of that, our rental has several regular customers who are always loyal to use our services. To be honest, we rarely receive complaints regarding our services or vehicles.

3. New and Well-maintained Vehicle

Our bikes are the latest motorcycle models from every vehicle brand. We have various motorcycle models from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and others. These motors are always in their best condition and are always well maintained.

We always do light service, oil change, and spare parts that may be needed. With good motorcycle conditions, you can travel comfortably and safely without worry. These bikes will take you wherever you go without fuss.

We provide two types of motorcycles in general, namely scooter type and sport type. We are also the most complete rental motorcycle in Bali. You can choose the type of bike that you are most good at. Thus, you will not experience difficulties during the trip.

4. Complete Motorbike Documents

Indonesia is a country of law where you must comply with all regulations. This also includes all regulations on the highway. Our motorbike is equipped with official vehicle documents. You don’t need to worry while driving on the road. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license wherever you go. The police can inspect at any time. Just obey all traffic signs, and your trip will be safe.

5. Easy hire bike terms

We set easy requirements for those of you who want to rent a motorbike. Just fill in your identity correctly according to your ID card or passport and show your driver’s license. You must also be willing to be photographed as one of our documentation requirements. In order not to spend a lot of your time on administrative matters, You can fill in your identity online when booking.

6. Cheap Motorbike Rental

We provide cheap rent bike Bali and affordable prices for motorcycle rental services. By using our motorcycle, you will make a lot of savings than spending your money. You can save this money or use it for other purposes while you are in Bali.

How do We Work for You?

cheap rent bike bali

You don’t have to wait to arrive on this island to be able to place an order. This is the way if you want to place an order several days in advance.

1. Online Booking

Place an order online through our website. We accept payments with various international payment methods. You don’t need to worry about this.

2. We Deliver the Bike

You don’t have to come to our place to get a bike. Just let us know where you are staying and our staff will bring the motorbike there. This service is free for you.  We provide some places where you can wait for your motorbike pickup.

3. Enjoy Your Visits

Enjoy all the fun you can feel. Unite yourself fully with all the entertainment you can get here. Our motorbike will accompany you on every trip wherever you go.

Dewa Motor Bali Rental is a faithful friend waiting for your arrival on the island of Bali, and the only rental bike Bali provides excellent service, new vehicles, and affordable prices. See you at Bali in the coming holidays!


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    Hi I’m looking to rent a scooter today for 6 days. What a scooter do you have and how much per day?

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