The Edge Bali Pool | Unique Swimming Pool on the Cliff

the edge bali pool

Luxury Pool the Edge Bali

Pool the Edge Bali is a swimming pool located in a 5-star luxury resort. The view from the top of the cliff really spoils the eyes of every tourist. What is the Edge Bali Pool like?

The Edge luxury resort is set on top of a limestone cliff. Its location which is at an altitude of 161,5 meters makes this hotel has a beautiful view.

Every guest can enjoy the stunning Indian Ocean panorama right from the room balcony.

The Edge Bali Pool

The most interesting facility is the pool that juts into the cliff with sea views. Just imagine, you are swimming while listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the breeze blowing.

The name of the swimming pool at the Edge resort is the Oneeighty°. This name means the view is infinite reaching 180°.

the edge bali swimming pool - The Edge Bali Pool | Unique Swimming Pool on the Cliff
Photo by Instagram @bli_tono_bali

Location of The Edge Bali Pool

Oneeighty° is located in Uluwatu, precisely on Jalan Pura Goa Lempeh, Banjar Dinas Kangin. The swimming pool of this luxury hotel is close to interesting tourist attractions such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana and Uluwatu Temple.

Wow, you can stay at the Edge Bali by enjoying the sensation of swimming at Oneeighty°, after that also explore tourist attractions close to the hotel.

Pool with Impressive Panorama

Oneeighty° swimming pool is very popular with visitors because it has amazing views.
This offshore view will be soothing to the eyes. Perfect for refreshing your mind from busy work.

Oneeighty° is designed in the form of a pool jutting into a 6 meter long cliff. The swimming pool is made of glass.

No need to worry because the glass used is super thick so it is guaranteed to be safe. You can swim without fear or worry about safety.

activities at oneeghty edge bali - The Edge Bali Pool | Unique Swimming Pool on the Cliff
Photo by Instagram @oneeightybali

Resort the Edge

Oneeighty° luxury swimming pool is one of the flagship facilities of the Edge resort. There is “the One” room which has a swimming pool, garden, private balcony and butler. In addition, there are 7 other rooms which also have a panoramic view of the sea.

Other facilities include a club complete with karaoke, bowling, cinema room, DJ booth and private lounge. There is also a gym and playing tennis.
However, of all the existing facilities, the infinity pool is the most attractive.

Fun Activities at the Edge Bali

Not only enjoying the amazing view, there are a series of activities that can be done at Oneeighty°.

First, you can eat with delicious menu choices ranging from light to heavy meals.

Second, you can swim with an amazing sensation, namely in a glass-walled swimming pool.

The view overlooking the sea is truly limitless. Every guest staying at The Edge Bali can swim for free.

Third, besides swimming, you can soak in the artificial lagoon under the swimming pool. The lagoon that was created was truly natural.

You can get instagramable photos there too. However, this place is limited. Maximum of 4 people bathing at the same time.

lagoon at edge bali - The Edge Bali Pool | Unique Swimming Pool on the Cliff
Photo by Instagram @oneeightybali

Should You Stay If You Want to Swim?

You can swim without having to stay at The Edge Bali. You can choose to buy VIP Admission or General Admission tickets.

For the VIP class, the fees charged include the balance to buy food, 6 hours of visits and other supporting facilities.

As for the general class, the entrance fee includes the balance to buy food, 4 hours of visit, and access to several facilities at the hotel that have been determined.

Rules in Oneeighty Pool

There are several rules that must be obeyed while in this pool, including:
1. Not allowed to bring food and drinks from outside
2. Not allowed to bring drones
3. No pre-wedding sessions except for the Edge guests
4. Visitors are advised to wear casual clothes or appropriate swimwear
5. It is forbidden to climb, sit or stand on the dividing wall of the swimming pool because it is dangerous

The swimming pool is really cool, really luxurious and elegant. So, if you plan to visit Bali, don't forget to visit the Edge pool.

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