Twin Hill Bangli

twin hill bangli
twin hill bangli

Twin Hill Bangli is a tourism potential spot which is quite promising, especially for those of you who are hunters for instagramable location. How not, the beauty of these two twin hills is very adequate to be explored. Looking at the two hills from a distance will make your eyes fascinated.

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The Beauty of The Two Hills Bangli

Not only Badung Regency and Denpasar City are tourist destinations in Bali. No less than other cities, such as Bangli Regency, which is synonymous with cool air and has attractive tourist destinations. This city also has dozens of interesting destinations.

One of the tourist objects that you can find in this city is Guliang Hill or commonly called Twin Hill Bangli. This place is quite representative to visit. Basically, it is a two-hills which are located close together so that it looks like two twin hills.

This tourist object is located in Banjar Guliang Kawan, Bunutin Village, Bangli Regency, or to be precise in the hilly area on the border of Bangli and Gianyar Regencies. The Twin Hills area has beautiful panoramic views of the hills, so it is very suitable for use by tourists as a place to unwind from crowd activities.

Many tourists state that this is an alternative tourist destination which is currently a tourist destination. This was not only expressed by local people, but also foreign tourists during their holiday in Bali. Twin Hill Bangli is currently one of the tourist attractions that is busy being visited by tourists

Twins Hills or twin hills are Bukit Batu Madeg and Bukit Jati which are located close together, as if a pair of twin hills appear. When in the twin hills, tourists can enjoy the natural scenery of the countryside with rice fields and residential areas and the blue ocean on the south side.

The Best Spot for Vacation

If the weather is clear in the sky, you can see Nusa Penida Island which stretches from east to west. You can get this view if you stand on these twin hills. Recently, the twin hills have become a hotbed for selfies by young people. They compete to take the best picture or video. No doubt, these young people call the twin hills the selfie hill.

In this place there are also facilities in the form of a simple platform in the shape of a ship’s stern and directly facing the sea view. This facility can be utilized by tourists who come to relax while enjoying the natural beauty of the countryside from the height of the Twins Hills.

Apart from taking selfies and relaxing, there are several suitable tourist activities to do in the Twin Hills area. One of them is camping and hiking.This is because the hilly area has the right location for camping.

Afterall, enjoying a vacation is all about choosing the right tourist location. When you visit Twin hill Bangli, it guaranteed there will be no regrets. In fact, you will dream of coming back to this place. There is no place in Bali that leaves you feeling regret for visiting it.

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