Palasari Catholic Church

Palasari Catholic Church

Palasari Catholic Church is one of many churches with a magnificent, impressive and very unique building. This church is a spiritual tourism center for domestic and foreign tourists in Bali. Curious about the uniqueness of this one church? This is some news to knows.

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History of the Palasari Catholic Church

Palasari Catholic Church was designed by a Dutch national named Brother Ign. AMD Vrieze, SVD. Its construction began in 1956. Meanwhile, the “ordination” of this Catholic church was carried out on December 13, 1958. Every inch of the building contains stories and a long history of how the Catholic religion spread in Bali.

This church had undergone rehabilitation because the condition of the building was inadequate. Rehabilitation began in August 1992, and was completed in 1994. Because of its uniqueness, the Palasari Catholic Church building is now a destination for visitors, whether they want to do spiritual tourism or who just come to look around.

Before entering the church area, people will pass through a very wide square. This square is located on the right or west side of the church. The atmosphere of a quiet and quiet environment can already be felt from crossing the road to the church. Feels very relaxed and calming to be in this church area.

Maria Palasari Cave, Palasari parishioners often call it Lourdes. Now, this church is named ‘Palinggih Ida Kaniaka Maria’, but the word ‘Lourdes’ cannot be lost from its name.

Local residents still often use the old name to refer to this church. It seems that the old name is more memorable and stuck in the hearts of the local people than the new name.

Palasari Catholic Church is the center of pilgrimage or spiritual tourism in Bali. One of them is famous for being the center of their tourist trips while they are here. This cannot be separated from the role of the community and government in introducing prospective pilgrims who are outside Bali.

For those of you who want to visit the Palasari Catholic Church, you can go to Jembrana district. This church is located in Banjar Palasari, Ekasari Village, Melaya District, Jembrana District, Bali. You can use a motorbike or car from Denpasar to go to this church. You can get a motorbike from a local rental company. Many options are offered by them and you are free to choose what motorbike to ride.

Because the location is located on the outskirts of the forest, the natural scenery adds to the beauty of the village where this church is located. The trip to the church will be enjoyable because you will be greeted by the natural beauty of Bali as far as the eye can see.

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Another advantage of this church is because of its location in a hill area. This is why the air and atmosphere around the church is cooler and more natural compared to other churches. Even if you are not Catholic, it seems you must visit to find out how magnificent and charming this church is.

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