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Rental Scooter Labuan Bajo is one of the right ways to enjoy and get around in the City of Labuan Bajo. Take advantage of this facility if you want to try a different experience and get more excitement. By using rental scooter Labuan Bajo, a vacation around Flores will be more fun than ever.

Rent motorbikes in Labuan Bajo
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Price Rent Motorbike Labuan Bajo
    • New Beat 2022 – 2023 80k/day
    • New Vario 125 2022 – 2023 100k/day
    • New Lexi 125 2022 – 2023 125k/day
    • New Nmax 155 2022 – 2023 175k/day

Why Should You Rent a Scooter in Labuan Bajo?

Flores Island is very safe and beautiful to explore from the west end to the east end. The availability of refueling to resting places is also widely available along the Flores route. You don't need to worry about driving at night on Lintas Flores because the people are friendly and the environment is safe. They are ready to provide help when you need it. You will be treated to beautiful scenery along the Flores Cross, especially if you travel from morning to evening. Labuan Bajo is located on the western tip of the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Currently it is a favorite destination for foreign and foreign tourists. Its natural beauty is no longer in doubt. You can find various marine biota, exotic landscapes and diverse cultures in Flores. Many of the tourists visiting Labuan Bajo are worried about the limited facilities. But now, all kinds of needs related to tourism are complete enough to support the advancement of tourism. Hotels, restaurants and other tourist needs have become widely available. One of them is motorbike rental which is the main facility for tourists. On average, both domestic and foreign tourists choose to use a rented vehicle to save on accommodation costs. Motorcycle rental is the best choice.
To choose the right rent motorbike for Labuan Bajo, you must pay attention to the following things.

1. Ease of Requirements

The first thing you need to check is the convenience of the terms and conditions for borrowing a motorbike. Not a few companies that provide difficult requirements to be able to rent their vehicles. However, many also provide conveniences such as online booking, easy guarantees and so on. Your goal in coming to Labuan Bajo is to have a vacation and have fun, of course you don't want to be complicated by things like this. Therefore, choose a rental service carefully and it will be even better if you choose the right place before leaving for Labuan Bajo.

2. Vehicle Availability

The second thing that must be considered is the availability of the motorbike, including its condition. Make sure you check the vehicle first before taking it out of the rental service. The condition of the motorbike that is not good will affect the comfort of your vacation trip. Thin tires, unhealthy motorbike engines and many other things that can be a nuisance during a trip. That's why it's important to find a rental place that rents out well-maintained motorbikes.
3. Additional Facilities
This next thing is also quite important to know. Pay attention to what facilities will be provided by the rental service. Helmets, raincoats and additional insurance should be your consideration. Read Also: Traveling to Labuan Bajo will probably be your closest vacation plan. Therefore, make sure you plan well all the things you want to do there. Don't forget to also specify the type of transportation you choose so that your vacation is easier and more exciting. Dewa Motor is the best rent motorbike Labuan Bajo for you

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