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Kuta bike rental

Numerous rent bike Kuta Bali services are available in each corner of the city. One of them is the Dewa Motor Bali Rental that provides a lot of motorbikes in famous brands. It as well as uses the latest launching of the vehicles pretty the tenants feel comfortable.

Rent bike kuta

Kuta bike rental has been operating since 2015 provides various kinds of bikes both scooter and manual. Do not worry each bike has official and complete documents (letters). Besides that, the condition is always clean and deserves to ride.

Rent Bike Kuta Bali

Dewa Motor Bali Rental does not only rent various popular bikes for domestic and international tourists. But, it completes them with documents, two helms in SNI standard, and a raincoat. For your information, SNI is the abbreviation of “Standard Nasional Indonesia” or the National Standards of Indonesia.

By renting one of the bikes, you can take around Kuta, Bali up to 24 hours. Truthfully, you can rent it daily, weekly, monthly, and a minimum day of 3 days.

Our bike rental provides cheap cost only IDR40K per day but it applies for the minimum of 3 days rental. What makes this rental agent special? You have known some of the above but we will explain all so you are truly trust to use our service:

• This Kuta bike rental offers affordable prices with famous motorbikes. You can rent Yamaha, Honda, Vespa, Benelli, and Kawasaki. They not only have complete documents but also types both manual and scooter.

It never lacks motor units although we have numerous customers. New motor units like Honda New Vario or New Scoopy are available many for you.

• Utilize it for booking online where the customer service is always ready to serve in 24hours. By following these instructions to rent, you can take around Kuta.

• On the other hand, we can take the motorcycle into the the International Airport of Ngurah Rai, Bali. Thus, you can directly bring the motor from the airport to your lodging and other tourist attractions. It makes you money-saving because you do not need to look for a taxi or other transportation anymore.

• Our rent bike provides a shuttle service, discount/ promotion, and extra service for the customers.

• Demonstrate your proof of identity hotel bookings and plane tickets. You can send it by an image if you book online.

• You can change or add your identification (ID Card) with a passport.

• The tenant has a SIM C or a driving license special for motorbike. If you have an international driving license is better.

• Willingness to take a picture as documentation in Dewa Motor Bali Rental.

Catch Numerous Advantages

Kuta bike rental

This rental scooter Kuta has the kinds of booking system that ease your travel during staying in Bali. You may book it online via WhatsApp so we are ready to welcome you at the airport.  We have a shuttle system for our customers that come from the airport. It includes the International Ngurah Rai Airport, Kuta, and Legian. Catch plenty of advantages such as below:

1. We just need about 5 minutes to deliver your motorbike from our office to your airport and it frees. On the contrary, you quite return it at the airport when you have finished rent it.

2. Booking over-the-counter avoids miscommunication that may happen when booking online.

3. All motorbikes are in premium condition, clean, and get privileged treatment from the right dealers. You will like the appearance and the performance of the machine. It includes the best service from our bike rental where we also receive all complaints and handle it immediately. Once more, the use of motorcycles is always less than 10 years from the launch.

4. It assists to save time without buying time. You can continue your trip directly and feel calmer because you do need to think about transportation.

5. You keep getting complete facilities to support your convenience and safety during the ride with our bike. It consists of a mask, raincoat until helmets in SNI. On the other hand, you may get discounts with various requirements.

6. Lastly, it does not give difficult requirements to meet although you use it to go around Bali. The most important thing you have an official and appropriate driving license. Usually, it asks for completing personal data form and show a plane ticket if you come by plane. Besides, you must have a SIM C or the driving license for motorbike, you must let our staff take your photo as company documentation.

How to Rent Bike in Dewa Motor Bali Rental?

Rental scooter kuta

Well, you have known the easiness of the rental scooter Kuta system that also serves non-scooter motorbikes. The following is how to rent out motorbike both online and over-the-counter:

• Our rent bike staff calculates your 1 Flexible Day within 1×24 hours. It starts from 00:00 up to midnight. For example, you rent our unit from April 28 at 1 pm Bali time. Then, it returns on May 1 at 10 am Bali time. So, we calculate it as 3 days renting.

• The rent payment includes the unit delivery and there are no additional fees for specific areas that we have specified.

• If you swap or lost Motorcycle Helmets & Accessories you have to charge it where the helmet: IDR 100K. In the meantime, you can contact our customer service for the accessories.

• We do not in charge of the tire leaks after the first day of handover or rental. In spite of it, we recommend visiting the nearest repair shop when breaking down or leaking tire. By the way, the costs of the problem or damage are the tenant’s responsibility.

• We authorize to determine the cost of each replacement part that is based on the authorized dealer to avoid an overprice charge. It is also fully responsible for all unit loss and can bring to the law as the form of error or omissions.


Why do you should rent a bike from Dewa Motor Bali Rental? Online booking is the fastest system in the world. So, you can rent it using your WhatsApp number from your country before leaving. It provides the best motorbike kinds and conditions with 1 x 24 hours of customer service.

You get the real prices although you do not see the bike directly. The staff has good service standards and high working ethos. Just do it! Thank you for reading!


Dewa Motor Bali Rental | Rent Bike Kuta

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