Bike Rental Bali Airport: Free Pickup and Delivery Service

Rent scooter bali airport

Are you about to go to Bali to enjoy your holiday? Or, probably, have you been to Bali now? Well, it must be hard to use public transportation because you need to go to the bus halt. Then, why don’t you use our bike rental Bali airport service?

By having a bike rental, you do not need to spend much money or wait for transportation for a long time anymore. Different from a bus or a car, a bike is easy to ride anytime. You could ride your bike anywhere without worry about getting stuck in a traffic jam. Our bike rental near Bali airport service must be the best solution for you who want to see attractions in any place in Bali.

Why Use Our Bike Rental Bali Airport?

Bike rental near bali airport

Even though there are many bike rental services available, why better prefer our service? Because there are some benefits you could get from using our bike rental Bali airport. What are they? Let’s check it below!

1. Online system

Our service is available online via WhatsApp! You do not need to go or visit our place to order or book our bikes. You just need to text or call us. Easy, right? Soon, after your book has been processed well, we will deliver your request fast.

2. A 24-hours, non-stop service

Whether it is at the late-night, at the crack of the dawn, or noon, we perform and offer a 24-hours service. This must be the best solution for you who get an early or late arrival at the airport. We will deliver the bike you request at the airport or anywhere including the hotel, etc.

3. Qualified, well-maintained bikes

Our bike rental near Bali airport service offers clean, well-maintained bikes with a daily checking condition. We examine the machine and repair any damaged parts regularly as well as change diesel fuel. If by the chance your bike suddenly stops riding, you can contact us. We will give free delivery repair and services. Even so, it will not be happening since we guarantee all our bike conditions.

4. Trusted

Our bike service has been trusted by so many people for a long period. Our clients are even from abroad countries or regions. To get our service, you need to give your identity card, document, record, or other relevant guarantees. Do not be afraid of losing it. We will keep your document safe and will not misuse it.

5. Relative rental price

Our service provides the relative rental cost of all the bike rental services. Yet, our service is more competitive. You could check and compare our rental service with other services through the website. Moreover, we sometimes also offer a discount or promo for certain bike models. You could visit our website to up-to-date and get further information about it.

6. Clear information

Before handling over our bike, we will give you clear information and an explanation about how to ride a certain model (the booked one). We will also answer any questions related to ways to turn on and ride the bike. Plus, we will provide complete facilities for biking needs including the SNI standard helmet and raincoat, too for your safety.

7. Practical

It is more practical and affordable renting a bike rather than ordering Go-Jek or waiting for the public bus. It saves both your time and energy. With a public bus, it might take more than an hour to go to your destination but with a bike, it could be less. it is also less tiring riding a bike rather than standing in the aisle.

A Variety of Different Bike and Scooter Models in Our Bike Rental Service

Bike rental bali airport

Our bike rental Bali airport service offers several various bikes, scooters, and even motorbikes. Let’s take a look at further explanations about it in the following details below!

1. Scooter

We also offer rent scooter Bali airport service for you who would like to ride the scooter. Rather than any bike options, scooter, which is also known as Matic in Indonesia, is way much cheaper and easy to park. Plus, it is lighter so it must be comfortable for women. Plus, this type of bike is gearless so it will be good for you who cannot use gear to control the machine power. however, it runs slower than any type of bikes. Even though, it is safer and easier to ride.

Here are kinds of varied scooters available in our bike rental service:
• Yamaha Mio
• Yamaha Lexi
• Yamaha Fino
• Yamaha Nmax
• Yamaha Xride
• Honda Vario
• Honda PCX
• Honda Beat
• Honda Scoopy
• Piagio Vespa Primavera
• Piagio Vespa S
• And others

2. Bikes

If rent scooter Bali airport service is popular among women, bikes are well-known by both men and women. This kind of vehicle is suitable for both genders. Talking about bikes, there are many kinds of bikes you could rent in our shop. They are:
• Honda Blade
• Honda Supra X125
• Honda Sonic
• Honda Supra GTR
• Yamaha Jupiter MX
• And so on

Those bikes mentioned above have some benefits. They are easy to ride, lighter, and take little diesel oil and petroleum. It is also cheaper; the cost is not too far from scooter though.

3. Motorbike

Men tend to ride a motorbike. Well, this design is created for men, too. This type of vehicle is for racing. Therefore, of course, it runs pretty fast to 200 horsepower. For you who want to explore all destinations in Bali before going back to your country, let you consider motorbike.

It is not only fast but also comfortable for a long journey. Thus, this motorbike rental cost is a bit expensive rather than other bike choices.

Here are lists of varied motorbike available in our bike rental service:
• Benelli Motobi
• Kawasaki Ninja
• Kawasaki D tracker
• Yamaha Vixion
• Honda CBR
• Kawasaki W175
• Honda Megapro
• etc

Finally, from those bike rental Bali selections, what kind of bike model do you want to rent? Whatever it is, you will not be disappointed because all the bikes we offer to you are our best, guaranteed ones. Well, we will be waiting for your book and order soon!

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  1. Hi, coming to Bali 10th April. Would like a bike (automatic scooter) for a month rental. I land at 3pm on the 10th April into Denpasar…
    I’d like a full face helmet if you have one?
    What’s the cost of a scooter for a month please? And would you meet me at the airport?
    Many thanks

  2. Anoop Joshi

    Can I rent scooter from Bali airport? I land on 30Mar at 10.30pm. What is the cost for 20 days

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