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Bike rental seminyak

Bike rental Seminyak offers a fun traveling that is different from the general. You can explore Seminyak until the corners without getting traffic jam. Besides that, using a bike renting service helps to reach the destination quickly.

Luckily, Bali has plenty of bike renting and Dewa Motor Bali Rental is one of them. It is the most trustworthy motorbike rental Seminyak up to now. Many advantages come from this rental spot that you do not allow wasting this opportunity. Scroll down for the next information!

Catchy Bike Rental Seminyak

Seminyak, Bali is the most perfect place for traveling by motorbike. A lot of tourist attractions are waiting for your exploration quickly.

Everything you need to know is available there including why do you must choose Dewa Motor Bali Rental? Well, these are the reasons:

1. Book from home

Dewa Motor Bali Rental gives an easiness to rent where the renter can book from their home. It does not matter they live in the United States, United Kingdom, or Russia. This bike rental offers online booking both via WhatsApp and website.

2. Fast processing without hiding price

Online booking makes you get your lovely bike faster than offline. You do not need to wait for arriving at Bali but quit from your room or office. Once more, booking via WhatsApp is free and you keep getting the real cost for rent or without hiding prices.

3. Good performance and appearance

The customers do not need to doubt the quality of the motorbike. It uses famous brands from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Vespa, until Benelli. This Seminyak scooter rental always pays attention to the cleanliness and the performance. Honda and Yamaha’s dealers are many in Bali so it is not difficult to treat the vehicles.

4. Bring it wherever you want

Due to our office is in Kuta and Ubud, it keeps having a large area to rent. It implies you may rent for exploring Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Kerobokan, Nusa Dua, and so on.

5. Exceptional work ethos

The high work ethos both team and individual will satisfy you during renting the bike. There is no reason to doubt it because it applies a high standard of service.

6. Enjoy discounts and Promotion

Our service provides some promotions and discounts like one day renting at IDR40K for a minimum of 3 days. There is Special Service in International Ngurah Rai Bali

Enjoy Special Service in International Ngurah Rai Bali

Motorbike rental seminyak

The existence of a motorbike rental Seminyak service in the International Airport of Ngurah Rai
will bring numerous advantages. Truthfully, the service does not only in this airport but also
others in Kuta, Legian, and so on. On the other hand, plenty of benefits are ready to welcome
you such as below:

• Enjoy the Seminyak soon without wasting time

By booking via on line for picking up to the airport, you have one step ahead to save your time. You merely need 5 minutes to the agent to send your bike from the office. Afterward, you can use it directly wherever you want to like hotels, lodgings, restaurants, tourist destinations, and others.

Imagine if you must find a taxi to deliver you to the destination! Of course, it does not only wastes time but also wastes money. On the other hand, using a motorbike in Bali including Seminyak and other cities is very suitable. It is because Bali is the big city and island with a high traffic jam. Meanwhile, the motorbike can penetrate traffic jams easily.

• The quality of the motorbike is the same as the head office

Our service keeps offering the same price and unit, condition, and facilities. You may choose both the scooter and non-scooter unit anytime. We always provide it and our units are under 10 years of launching. So, you can feel trendy and safe.

• It is safer from accident and others

Our service does not only provide units in premium condition. However, it follows some facilities like masker, 2 helmets in SNI (National Standard of Indonesia), raincoats, and the documents.

• You keep getting many discounts and promotion

The promotion of 3 days renting with IDR40K per day still applies for over-the-counter.

• Easy to reserve

Lastly, the customer service at the airport is similar to other stands or offices. The requirements for tenants are easy to meet. You quite show your image of a flight ticket, driving license (SIM C in Indonesia), and ID card. Once more, the staff may take your picture as documentation of the agent.

Terms and Conditions during utilizing our Rental

Seminyak scooter rental

This Bali Seminyak scooter rental applies for the terms and condition during you use our service. It relates to the regulation of the calculation and how you broke or loss our unit. Well, these are the detailed explanation for the terms and conditions:

1. 1 x 24 hours service

00.00 Bali time is the time to start a calculation and it will end at midnight or midnight. The most important thing is we use 1 x 24 hours of customer service. It means you keep paying one day full for the first day although you start to rent at 8 am.

2. You cannot determine the free delivery cost

We are the real authorization to determine when we will give a free delivery cost and which area?

3. What happens when tenants lose or swap the motor and accessories?

The tenant must respond to pay for the loss or swapping item. We display IDR100K for the helmet while other items can contact our service. We serve your complaint or problem for 24 hours.

4. Tire leaking and breaking

If your bike gets a flat tire or breaks down you should find the closest repair shop from your accident. All fees for the repair are your responsibility.

5. Responsible to change and face with the law

During joining our service, you do not allow us to act negligent or wrong because you must be in charge fully. We determine how much you must reimburse damage costs, lose motorcycles, and spare parts. The objective is to avoid the existence of an overpricing charge from irresponsible parties. If you deny change we will not hesitate to bring this case to the law.

Thank you for reading a bike rental Seminyak. We wish you get the best service from our agent and explore Seminyak until satisfying. Good luck!

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