Bali Bike Rental Without License: Easiest Bali Scooter Rental

rent bike bali without license

All people must wish to travel or spend their holidays in Bali. If you want, you could use our Bali bike rental without license to have exciting adventures without spending a lot of money.

There are some beautiful places and destinations that you could explore in Bali by bike such as Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, etc. Plus, it is also possible for you to experience crossing rice fields and landscapes by riding a bike.

Go anywhere you want anytime without waiting with our rent scooter Bali without license service. We offer you the best scooters in any models without license at affordable prices.

Why Use Our Bali Bike Rental Without License?

Rent scooter bali without license

There are several people are renting out bikes or scooters for tourists but our bike rental must be the most recommended one. By using our Bali bike rental without license service, you will get some advantages, such as:

1. Easy to book

To use our service, you do not need to visit our place. You could text us or contact us by WhatsApp. You just need to add our phone number and book any bike or scooter in any models you like. Our services will be available for 24 hours. Feel free to call us anytime you need it.

2. Easy document, without a license

You could rent scooter Bali without license easily if you choose our service. You just need to guarantee us to return the bikes after the rental hour has finished. For this, you could use an identity card, passport, or other legal documents for agreement. Do not worry, we will not misuse your document. We will give it back once you visit our place.

3. Free delivery

Once you have booked our rental bike, we could deliver it to any place including the hotel, near the airport, etc. for free. We will not ask for any additional fees or charges. You might even get a promo for a special event on certain bikes or scooter models. You could check the information here, on our page site.

4. Well-maintained bikes

We always do a routine check on all of our bikes. We service all the damaged parts, get rid of old oil, fuel, or petroleum, etc. Besides, we also test the bikes’ performance regularly. Therefore, you will not find our bikes suddenly stop riding since they all are well-maintained.

5. Trusted

Dewa Motor, our bike rental business, has started this rental service for a long time ago. We have so many customers both from inside and outside the country. Therefore, you could trust our bike rental service.

6. Explanation

Every bike must have different ways to ride; there are some with or without gear. Therefore, we will explain how to ride the motorcycle model you booked from us. We will give clear, understandable information to you. Feel free to ask any questions to us. We will surely do our best to answer it.

7. Competitive rental price

With just Rp. 50.000 or USD 5 per day, you could rent our bike. There is a variety of rental costs; it will depend on the scooter or bikes’ model. Our service offers you a competitive rental price. You might compare us or check other rental services if you want online.

8. Practical

In Bali, without a bike, you should wait for a bus in a halt or order Go-Jek or bike to ride you to any places you want. Yet, it must be expensive because you need to order twice, to go to your destination and to get back to your hotel. Plus, you need to wait for a long time. Therefore, it is best to rent a bike in Dewa Motor. By renting our bike, you might save your money and time. You could enjoy any destinations in Bali anytime you want.

9. Complete driving safety

We offer you SNI standard helmet and two raincoats, these are for your driving safety. When the rain suddenly pours heavenly, you could still ride your scooter after wearing a raincoat.

Various Scooter Models in Our Bike Rental Service

Bali bike rental without license

Our Bali bike rental without license service offers several different bike models including scooters, bikes, and motorbikes. Today, we are going to focus more on scooter models. What are they? Let’s check it out for further information in the following details below!

1. Yamaha

Yamaha becomes one of Scooter brand that is very popular among people because it offers powerful riding performance. Most of the Yamaha scooters will rein in between 100 and 200 horsepower. With a three-wheeler and light machine, it must be easy to ride Yamaha scooters, whether you are men or women.

Yamaha prices more expensive rather than any scooter models but it is worth riding. Yamaha models available in our bike rental service are Mio, Lexi, Fino, Nmax and Xride.

2. Piaggio

Piaggio company has started its business since 1884, manufacturing locomotives, vans, carriages, trucks, and bikes including Vespa and scooters. Almost similar to Yamaha, Piaggio also offers powerful scooters; it has 4,500 to 5,000 rpm.

These kinds of bikes are popular and easily sold out. Dewa Motor offers two kinds of Piaggio; Piaggio Vespa Primavera and Piaggio Vespa S. They are less expensive compared to Yamaha.

3. Honda

Honda becomes the last bike scooter options available in our rental service. This brand might rival both Yamaha and Piaggio in a global market. It is cheaper than those two choices but still comfortable for commuting. Its design is also stylish and lighter.

Even so, it might not be as powerful as Yamaha or Piaggio but still recommended for you who wants to rent an affordable scooter. Finally, Honda might be the best bike option for girls. Some kinds of Honda scooters available in our bike rental service are Vario, PCX, Beat and Scoopy.

If you wish to rent a bike but forget your international license, let you use our Bali bike rental without license Dewa Motor service. We will give you the best service experience ever with an easy process and less risk. Let you contact us now, and book your bike soon!

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