Singaraja Chinese Temple

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Singaraja Chinese Temple is a Chinese temple which also known as “Ling Gwan Kiong”. This chinese temple Bali is located in the old city of Singaraja and is near to the Burelung gate.

This “Ling Gwan Kiong” temple, which is a symbol of acculturation of 3 religions, has a very charming appearance. Your eyes will be anesthetized.

You can rent a motorcycle in Bali to go to this place.

Ling Gwan Kiong Chinese Temple

Singaraja Chinese Temple is one of the Sanjiao temples or temples of the three teachings or religions. Three different religions are accommodated in one place, namely Taoism, Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism. Basically, the three cores of this teaching are the same, namely about respecting the path, dharma and nature.

This temple, which is located quite close to the old port, has a name with quite a deep meaning. Ling Gwan Kiong namely Ling means soul, Gwan means source or origin and Kiong means palace. Historically, this temple was built to honor Tan Hu Cin Jin, a local Chinese Indonesian god because of his supernatural powers.

This temple or pagoda is dominated by red, which is the lucky color for Chinese citizens. For those of you who like to travel to religious places, this temple should be considered as a tourist destination to be visited.

The Beautiful Temple

There are many things that you can enjoy here, apart from its impressive history, of course. At this shrine, you will find live turtles walking freely in the pools and some even on the floor.

Beside that, you will also be amazed to see the golden Buddha statue and the beautiful murals of the gods painted on the walls. No wonder the visitors were amazed to see it.

Even though it’s not in the holiday season, this temple is still visited by many people around or outside the city. Most visit because they really want to worship at this temple. Others visit to celebrate religious days or the spring festival.

It’s not difficult to find this place if you intend to visit it. The location is in the north of Bali, namely on the Erlangga Singaraja road, Buleleng district. If you depart from Denpasar, it is only 2.5 km away and can be reached by motorbike.

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Once satisfied visiting the Singaraja Chinese Temple Bali, if you rent a motorbike, you can continue your trip to Lovina beach. The distance can be reached in just 15 minutes. In addition, there are many more tourist sites that you can visit around the temple.

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