5 Interesting Activities on Nusa Lembongan must be Scheduled!

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Interesting activities on Nusa Lembongan will be a worth topic to discuss. Why not, a few tourists consider at Lembongan Island as their tourist destination. Most people only schedule their trips to Kuta or Sanur. However, tourism on Nusa Lembongan seems to be much more interesting if you know it.

Holiday Activities on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a group of small islands around Bali besides Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. Its name is not as well known as the other two small islands. However, the natural beauty of Nusa Lembongan is no less beautiful than Nusa Penida or Ceningan.

If you have never even come, here are some interesting activities on Nusa Lembongan you can do. To go to the places, you can rent a motorcycle.

1. Enjoy the Sunset and Waves at Devils Tear Cliffs

Just hearing the name might make you curious about how interesting the devil tear cliff is. This steep cliff near Dream Beach has an icon, namely a water blow. It is a burst of waves on the edge of the cliff.

The best time to visit this cliff is during high tide. Usually occurs in the afternoon. This is a golden time where you can see the waves crashing into the rocks while enjoying the sunset on the western horizon.

2. Dive into sea of Nusa Lembongan

One day is not enough if you want to enjoy the underwater world of Nusa Lembongan. Although the area is not large enough, the underwater world offers beauty that cannot be compared. You will find beautiful and charming coral reefs and marine life.

3. Exploring the Mangrove Forest

This idea may sound familiar but it will be different if you do it. The Mangrove Forest is the heart of Bali where seaweed cultivation is practiced. The mangrove forests on this island are in a well-maintained condition so that they are very worthy of being used as a tourist attraction.

4. Surfing

The beach on Nusa Lembongan has quite big waves and challenges surfers in the world. For the most part, these visitors do come to ride the waves with their surfboards.

For those of you who don’t have surfing skills, you don’t need to worry. There are several surfing institutions or courses complete with a guide who will teach you to be proficient.

5. Going Around the Island

Nusa Lembongan has indeed become a tourist destination, but it is still not as popular as other locations. For this reason, this island is still not too crowded with visitors.

The advantage, the air and atmosphere on this island is still quite beautiful, calm and fresh because it is far from the crowds. It is suitable for those of you who like to vacation around in unspoiled places.

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Those are some interesting activities on Nusa Lembongan that you can schedule for your next vacation. Even though it is not as busy as other tourist attractions in Bali, Nusa Lembongan remains a dream destination because of many of the things above.

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